Former Child Actor Scott Schwartz on the Feldman Fiasco: "I would love to see Mr. Feldman in a ring; I invite him to accept my challenge!"

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Here we are -- at last -- at Part 3 of TV Fanatic's exclusive feature interview with former child actor Scott Schwartz (The Toy, A Christmas Story).  Who knew this day would come? 

So for those not in the loop yet, this series regards first-hand knowledge of Corey Feldman's "friendship" with Corey Haim, the alleged "Hollywood industry pedophilia ring," Charlie Sheen, Feldman fighting with Haim's mom and dad, and much more.

If you aren't caught up, read Part 1 here. And read Part 2 here.

Corey Feldman Edge of Honor

This installment will delve into the reason Michael Jackson and Corey Feldman's friendship ended on 9/11 and experiences with Corey's house parties with his "angels." And afterward, we will print Mr. Corey Feldman's exclusive response to us -- and to Scott.

But first, we touch on why Feldman's been asking for money from his fans. "He's robbing his own fans," Scott Schwartz exclaims. "In 2017 or ’18, he did two GoFundMes that have made over $350,000. People donated money to him. Some of them got a CD signed, or a shirt, or whatever the hell it was.

"But they were donating money for him to make the documentary. But he also put in there, 'It's also for legal fees and for my security. It’s for my security that I have to have at all times.' Because people are 'after him.'

"I've spoken over the years to two or three different guys that worked for him at one time or another. You know what they both told me? They both told me the same thing: ‘No man, we didn't get paid by him. He told us it's an honor and a privilege to work with Corey Feldman, to be seen with Corey Feldman. He doesn't pay anything."

Holiday bonuses must look interesting when working, er, volunteering for Mr. Feldman. Could they hope for an autographed photo or 10? 

Corey Feldman long hair

But his staff isn't the only entity that has gotten upset with CF. On the early morning of 9/11 -- the most traumatic day of our generation in this country -- he got in a bit of a tiff with the King of Pop.

Yup, his close ties to Michael Jackson were dissolved that day, in case the 2974 tragic human deaths weren't enough to deal with on that particular day.

Scott Schwartz explains from the beginning: "Corey Feldman was with the Jacksons, all of them -- they flew a private jet from LA to New York. They were doing the Jacksons show or something --I think this is one of the comeback tours that they did, whatever.

"Everybody's back there and -- the morning of 9/11 -- everything happened in the morning, and they were all in the same hotel. They knocked on his door; no Feldman. They couldn't find him. Calling him on his cell phone, can’t find him. They said screw it; we got to leave.

"So Michael Jackson and the gang -- whoever it was -- they got on the plane, and they left Corey Feldman in New York because they couldn't find him.

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson and group

"Corey Feldman came back to the hotel or woke up, whatever it was. That part -- I don’t know for sure where the hell he was, but he wasn't where he was supposed to be so that he could get out of there with them.

"He started calling Michael Jackson, leaving threatening messages on his phone: ‘You better get my ass out of New York,’ and, ‘You're responsible for me being here,’ and all this shit. This is an adult talking now.

"And apparently, there were two or three messages that have been heard or spoken of, from another guy named Majestik, the Magnificent Magician Extraordinaire -- who was [Jackson's father] Joe Jackson's caretaker -- to Bob Feldman knowing the stories. And this is what led to Corey and Michael not being friends anymore.

"He could have been out cold in his room high as a kite. I have no idea. All I know is, he was left there because they had no choice. It was, 'Get on the plane because we're going to lock up the airport in 10 minutes; you got to go.

"And that was pretty much that was the end of the friendship.

Old Photo of Feldman and Michael Jackson

"Unfortunately, [Majestik] passed away several years ago."

Schwartz was also very friendly with Majestik as was Feldman, as the magician caretaker is the one who introduced him to Michael Jackson. Schwartz says, "I ended up going to the Jackson home on Hayvenhurst, the Hayvenhurst house where MJ did Thriller in the back in the recording studio.

"So, I've been in the house, I’ve been in the house many, many times, with Katherine and the other kids. Sometimes with Majestik, sometimes not. Katherine was very friendly to me. Open house."

The close proximity of the house to Richard Pryor's at the time -- just up the street -- was convenient for Schwartz to visit at both homes at the same time.

"So Majestik called me up," Schwartz recalls, "told me he was very ill. I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘I've got some form of cancer, and they’re telling me three months, six months, maybe.’

Majestik the Magnificent and Latoya Jackson

"He says, ‘Listen, I don’t have any food at the house; I need some money.’ He goes, ‘Our buddy Corey [Feldman] came by and saw me ten days ago. And I told him about the situation. [Feldman] said, ‘I don't have any cash with me; when I get home, I'll send you some money.’

"Now this was, again, one of his close friends. This is the guy who brought him to Michael Jackson, and all these other things, and he didn't send the guys ten cents. Couldn't put his hand in his pocket and go to the Western Union, MoneyGram, and send him any money.

"And Majestik is telling me this on the phone, I’m like, ‘You got to be kidding me.’ He said, ‘Nope, didn’t send me a dime.’"

Schwartz was able to help Majestik out a bit. Majestik called him to thank him, and then again when he had been released from the hospital. Majestik passed about six weeks later.

"I knew I was donating the money," Scott confirms. "I was giving the money away. But it was to a guy who was friendly with me; I was friendly with him for many, many, many, years.

Majestik the Magnificent

"Sometimes you're a mensch -- as they say in Yiddish -- and you do the right thing. And I did that, and he didn't. There is a trail behind [Feldman] of people, girls -- the angels. Oh my God, how could we forget the angels?"

Oh, we weren't about to forget the angels -- Corey's angels!

Scott Schwartz remembers when a couple of them spoke out to the media about their horrendous treatment and abuse as part of the "Corey's Angels" outfit -- though CF stated to Hollywood Reporter that they don't have to sleep with him. (Can't make this stuff up, folks.)

"These young girls that come --  that are there in Southern California -- they’re musicians, and somehow they hook up with him at a show or whatever it is, and he gets them to move into his home, and he pays the rent, and he feeds them.

"But they have to walk around in lingerie, and they have rules they have to follow. If he would like for one of them to join him and his wife, so be it. This is not coming for me; this is coming from several of the girls who left the house. They have told the stories of what the hell is going on.

Corey Feldman hands

"Right now, he can't do anything because of what we’re in the middle of, but I would say it would probably take him a week or two to find two other girls -- one plays bass, one plays keyboard, or whatever.

"Replace whoever he needs to replace because he’s Corey Feldman! I mean, let’s see, Prince had Sheila E and Apollonia. And Corey Feldman has who? Nobody, OK.

In 2015, Corey Feldman and his wife did an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap with Tommy Davidson of In Living Color and Black Dynamite fame -- you can listen to an interview with Davidson about the episode here.

Scott Schwartz on the episode: "The wives swap houses. And Tommy Davidson’s wife showed up at Corey Feldman’s, and he gave her a list of the rules!

"And she's like, ‘I'm not dressing in lingerie, that's not going to happen.’ I think she actually put a robe on or something like that. He wanted her to wear angel wings and some bullshit; she’s like, ‘No.’ And then Feldman’s girl went over to Tommy Davidson's house, and he was out."

Corey Feldman's band

"And she thought it would be so nice if she got on his dining room countertop -- naked -- and put sushi on her body. And pieces of sushi, she put in specific places so that TV could cover [it].

"Now, again that could have been scripted, of course. But it’s still there. It just shows the mentality.

Corey describes the home he lived in with the angels as the Feldmansion and attempts to throw parties to rival those of Hugh Hefner.

Scott tells us, "He would have parties at this house -- whatever house he was renting.

"And he would invite people, ’Hey, why don’t ya’ come over to the house? There is a fee when you get to the door, and you can hang out with the girls, and then if you want to have private time in the bedroom, there's a fee for that, and if you want to go into a cabana with some champagne with the girls, there's a fee for that.

Corey Feldman and more angels

"Now, I was never invited to one of them, but one of the other former child stars that I'm very good friends with -- he happened to get an invite. He said he didn't know what it was: ‘Hey Corey’s having a party.’

"He went over to the house the guy at the door tells him it’s $250 to get in. And he’s, like, ‘No, no, Corey invited me.’  [The doorman] goes, ‘Oh, he invites everybody, but everybody has to pay.’

"So finally -- he waited a couple of minutes, I guess or whatever, and one of Corey’s friends who knew this other guy said, ‘Hey, what’s going on?’ He says, ‘Would you go find Corey for me, please? I’m not paying $250 for a party I was invited to.’

"Corey actually let him in for free; but if he wanted to take a girl to the cabana, or to a bedroom, it was money."

So, one has to wonder: after exposing an alleged pedophilia ring of Hollywood elites, the next step in the process is to pimp out women and turn one's home into a brothel? Anything that can put a dollar bill in his pocket, he will do," Schwartz continues.

Corey Feldman birthday party

"He has called me -- not recently, but years ago -- he needed money for rent one time. I do autograph signings, so I got one together for him; put a few dollars in his pocket and helped him out when we were still semi-friendly, okay fine.

"And then there was a show in New Jersey that the promoter did not want him to attend, he wasn't going to pay for his expenses, nothing. [The promoter] actually was coming into New York to do Good Morning America for his book.

"And I talk the guy into it because Feldman says, ‘Listen I need child support money. Please help me. I need child support money.’ Well, again, I don't have an enormous love for this man -- the minute he said child support, now I feel sorry for his kid.

"Alright, fine, I'll try and help you out. And I did, and he made a really nice sum of money. You know, for the weekend. And after that, he didn't even get back to me or call me to say thank you.

"Because I'm just supposed to do it because he is Corey Feldman. He’s Prince, oh excuse me, I mean, Corey Feldman! That’s his mindset. He's an “icon of the time.” This guy is a never-ending saga of garbage."

Scott Schwartz

So who is getting behind CF during his current movement? 

Scott answers, "In the documentary [My Truth], there are five or six other people that speak throughout. Keith Coogan is in one little piece of it; he just says one little thing, and that's really it.

"But there's Feldman, his brother, his cousin, his manager guy or his old manager, Jamison Newlander [Lost Boys], Corey Feldman's wife. This is all people on Team Feldman. They're all on Team Feldman. There's nobody in this documentary on Corey Haim’s team.

"You’re seeing a one-way street. You’re standing in the middle of a one-way street, and you're getting hit with anti-Corey Haim, anti, anti-this, "Judy Haim is a bad mother," "[Haim] did this, and he did that." That’s what the first 40 minutes of this thing is. It's truly disgusting."

Having also grown up as a child star around the same time, Scott Schwartz says he knows what the key difference between him and Feldman is: "Listen ... I have said that everything to him is PR, PR, PR, 'feel sorry for me,' 'hire me,' whatever.

License to Drive promo - Coreys Haim and Feldman

"I am doing this interview with you, not for my own selfish reason.

"Number one is: I want to speak for my little brother Corey Haim -- that's number one. Number two is, I want to speak for Judy Haim. She is a mother that has never been able to grieve the loss of a son.

"And this man has brought her nothing but devastation, and a nonstop barrage of nonsense, for now, a decade -- for ten years! She's not been able to have a peace of mind and let her son rest in peace; that's number two.

"Then we go to Alphy and Charlie. Wrongly accused people, no question about it. Total nonsense and bullshit.

"And lastly is me because I can't stand what he's done to any of these people. None of them. And I'm not looking for somebody to hire me for a job because I did this interview or they feel sorry for me, no.

Corey Feldman white shirt

"You want to hire me for something; it's because I can bring something to the project you're doing. You're a fan, you love the work I did, great, I'm all in.

"But I don't want someone to say, ‘Oh, I read that article of Corey Feldman, you are a standup guy, and I want to give you a job.’ Am I going to say no? Probably not, but that's not what I'm looking for.

Critics and haters may say of Schwartz that he's only speaking out to pump up his own name in the limelight. So we want to know why the time to speak is now.

Scott answers, "Because it's the documentary, and it is another money-grab for him. The more people that watch this thing is the more money than he makes off of Corey Haim's name. And that's wrong.

"There's no money going to Judy from this thing. He's using Corey Haim’s name to make a living, to put food on his table, and that’s wrong.

Judy Haim 2

"But it's the time; it's time to lay down the hammer. It's time to stop the nonsense, the bullshit, the lying, the policing of people. His fans are people; I feel sorry for them that this guy has brainwashed them basically into how wonderful he is when he's garbage. He's a bad person.

If I could get the old gang together and say, "This is necessary, this is what we have to do," maybe some of them would come, maybe some of they wouldn’t, for different reasons, be it schedule or they don't live here, they don't want to be involved, whatever it is.

"I’ll tell you what: people will back what I say because they know I'm a solid person. I don't have a track record like his of 30 years of the drugs and the shit that he's pulled on people. 

Scott says he is comfortable with who he is and what he does, and "the people that know me know I am a straight-up, standup guy. I've never been a drug addict. I've never been an alcoholic -- that's not my thing. My memory is really good. My brain is still intact."

While drugs were definitely prevalent in Hollywood throughout his life, Schwartz says he was not one to indulge. "When I was around, there were no drugs because I didn't do them. 

Feldman white jacket talk show

"And people know I didn't do them. They knew their own clique. They knew they had their own little group of people who did whatever. I mean, somebody may have said to me, ‘Hey, you want to smoke a bowl?’ I’d be like, ‘No, I don't do that stuff.’ That would be it.

"But I wasn't a part of that click and that crew and the gang -- that was not me. I went to [comedian] Sam Kinison’s house and sat there with him, and he had a thing of coke on the table. And I looked at him, he looked at me, and he goes, ‘You don’t do that,’ and I said, ‘Of course not.’

"That’s the closest thing, pretty much, out of the extremely ordinary. I have done cocaine once in my life -- it is what it is. I was 19 years old; oh well. You know it's almost 32 years ago."

Another difference Schwartz draws on between he and Feldman is that Schwartz is aware of what his talents are and are not.

"I can tell you I am not a dancer," he assures us. "Never been a dancer. I have a nice voice. I can sing okay. Could I sing professionally? Probably not. I have a decent voice. Listening to [Feldman] is just -- it’s unbearable. It’s a horror show."

But there was an amusing incident when Schwartz and Feldman accompanied each other as guests on the Howard Stern radio show. "I was on Howard Stern with him in 1992," he recounts. "We went on Howard Stern together. I had hooked up an autograph signing in a couple of video stores, and I was going to be there, and he was going be in the area. 

Howard Stern in drag with Corey Feldman

"I had arranged it -- whatever -- and [Feldman] said, ‘Alright, we’ll get on Howard Stern -- he's my buddy.’ I said, ‘Okay, great."

"We go on Howard Stern together. We laughed and joked, whatever. [Feldman] wanted to play his new song, had to play his new song on the Howard Stern show.

"So Howard starts playing his song; he got about 15 seconds, 20 seconds in, and he stopped the tape. And he said, 'Is everybody even playing the same song?; this is horrible!' And that's it. He didn't play anything more. Howard wouldn't even go beyond that."

"If I was an embarrassment, and I know that I'm embarrassed, I’m not going to do something that I can't do. I'm not going to go on national television -- like he did -- because he truly believed that he can sing.

"Yeah, he can dance some; I'm not going to belittle his dancing, it is what it is. A lot of it's like Michael Jackson moves because that's what he's been doing since he was 15 years old. And his Angels have their wings and all of that behind them. That makes a lot of sense. It's just beyond words; you can't even describe how horrific this is."

Feldman short hair

"Why -- if he is such an amazing performer -- has he not been on Dancing with the Stars in 20 seasons, not been on The Masked Singer in four seasons. It’s because they don't want him, he can’t sing! Not him! A horror show!

"Listen, I get why people go to see him when they go to see him at his shows. It's not because he is performing, it’s because they are fans. They grew up with Lost Boys and License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream, and they’re fans.

"I get it. They want to meet the guy. I don't belittle him for that – it is what it is.

"But I feel sorry for them 'cause he makes them sit through an hour of his squelching, screeching shit voice.

Scott does still give credit where credit is due, though: "I give him kudos for the things that he's done, the movies. He was good in Goonies; he was good in Lost Boys, he's good in License to Drive. Okay, I don't belittle that part of it.

Corey Feldman at IT

"Are they going to put him in Gladiator?? I don't think so. He doesn't have those chops. See, that’s not him, can't do that. Corey Haim could have done that.

Schwartz is passionate about his stance on Corey Feldman so much so that his "focus has been dispelling the nonsense and the bullshit. I'm trying just to say the documentary is baloney; it's BS. It's more garbage.

"It's more spreading its feeling of nonsense and bullshit. Don't pay money, don't watch this crap, don't help him put food on his table when he's standing in front of you blatantly lying.

"This guy is just a bad guy, he really is. You know, what he’s done to the people that he knows his friends, his fans and all that crap it’s like, really?"

So, now what? Can Scott Schwartz stop Corey Feldman and save the world -- or at least the nation -- from the false arrogant pomposity he says is streaming so fluidly and consistently from Feldman's very being?

Young Corey Feldman

Wait, can it be?? Schwartz now publicly challenges Feldman to get in the ring with him!

Schwartz invites the man, saying, "I'm at the point where – while, I'm not a violent person; no guns, none of that stuff -- I would love to see Mr. Feldman in a ring -- be it a WWF style match, celebrity wrestling, whatever.

"I invite him to accept my challenge. Please come get some, because I will take ten years of Judy Haim in my head and having to listen to her cry and listen to her vent about her son’s loss, and about Feldman not shutting the hell up. Ten years of that is in my head. The other people that he has harmed along this journey, I will take all of their grief and pain and turn it into a can of whoop-ass.

"In a ring, yes. I don't want to box him. I don't want this celebrity boxing with a headpiece and gloves. Oh no. It's a full-on wrestling match. You want to come get some, come get some, 'cause I'm going to come get some!"

Oh no, he didn't!

Corey Feldman and Courtney Anne

Considering the press attention it would be sure to attract; maybe there's a chance Feldman might take him up on the invitation. But, would he show up? We can't help but wonder if the Wolf Pack might suddenly become the huge obstacle Feldman claims they are and disrupt a potential event from occurring.

Scott jokes with us of a possible headline regarding the event: “The Wolf pack rented all of the cars from Enterprise at the airport, and he couldn’t get a ride.”

After all, Feldman continues to report death threats made to him regularly. Schwartz contemplates the claims that Feldman "is in “isolation in another country” right now because he's getting death threats. Are you kidding me? Really?

"What happened to all of that money that people gave him for his security? Where did that go? What trip did he take that he didn't pay his security -- oh he doesn't pay security, I forgot. This is a banana. He's just a banana. He can't keep it straight, and it's baloney."

We will conclude our three-part series with an exclusive response from Corey Feldman in a fourth installment riding on the heels of this one. Be on the lookout for that very soon, and shoot us your thoughts on the "Feldman Fiasco" in the comments section below.

Kerr Lordygan is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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