Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8 Review: The Chocolates

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Kenny the Chocolate King made his way to Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8.

Isn't it great when Kristian Bruun turns up on our favorite shows? A scene-stealer on Orphan Black, he's got a lot to offer any show.

And it was his presence that introduced the Good Witch theme.

Cassie Encourages Martha - Good Witch

Every festival -- and there are a lot of them in Middleton -- is a ripe opportunity for Cassie so share her wisdom with her family, friends, and guests.

As if chocolate wasn't good enough, uncovering Grandma Laurel's recipes and the Merriwick truth chocolates, especially, was tantalizing and delicious.

Abigail Preps for Chocolate Fest - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

It's no surprise that Joy found the idea behind truth chocolates too good to pass by. After all, her old friend and partner, Donna, arrived at Grey House with some unexpected news -- she was dissolving their partnership.

There was bad blood brewing between them, and their business wasn't the only thing falling apart.

Friends for many years, Donna was holding back information from Joy that could salvage their friendship even if their business wouldn't make it through.

Joy came so close to feeding her friend the chocolates, but Cassie's words were ringing in her head when she pulled the chocolate out of Donna's hand before she had a chance to taste it.

Joy Finds the Recipe - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

It was a good thing, too, because just as Cassie predicted, people just need time to tell the truth. It's not always about tricking them into doing the right thing.

With Donna in need of a job and the two mending their relationship, Donna signed on to work with Joy on the mansion project. Since we're nearing the end of the season, I wonder if that means Donna will return to Middleton for Good Witch Season 7 (unannounced, but I'm hopeful).

It wasn't printed in our interview with Sarah Power, but she was so impressed with Elise Bowman that she hopes she returns so that she can share scenes with her. Her exact words were that "she's really talented and fun."

And Joy needs part of her old life, such that it was, to infuse with her new world in Middleton. What better way to get new characters on the show than through those already in town? It's a win/win.

Devious Joy - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

The Chocolate King was also in need of some help. Kenny was having a lot of trouble walking in his father's shoes, and instead of working harder to achieve greatness, he was willing to take the easy way out.

Cassie has a much larger heart than I do because if that rat had destroyed a piece of my heritage the way that he mutilated that family cookbook, I wouldn't have cared to show him the light.

And that's why I don't have powers!

Cassie knows that with great power comes great responsibility, and she never misses an opportunity to be worthy of her gifts.

The Chocolate King - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Cassie also worked with Sam, who was rather gobsmacked at the new Chief Administrator at the hospital.

It's such a shame because when Sam first met Grant, he thought highly of him. Grant had done his homework on Sam and even made it a stipulation of accepting the job that Hillcrest purchase the XR surgical system, something Sam had been advocating to get.

Between that and Grant's obvious love for basketball, it was admiration at first sight for Sam.

But that quickly disappeared when Grant decided his keen business sense would rule over what's best for the staff, and that included Sam.

Cassie Smiles - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Sam is the Chief of Surgery, so he should have final approval over all hires, but in hiring Shane Jacobson, Grant rolled right over Sam's authority, entirely dismissing his opinion.

Since Sam had history with Shane, he knew that the man was not a fit for the Hillcrest culture. By Grant's answer, it seems that's a culture he's eager to change.

Cassie urged Sam to talk straight with Grant, but even when he did that in a place far removed from the clinical atmosphere the hospital floor provided, Sam didn't get far.

Telling Sam to stay out of his way did nothing to ease their tension, and there's no way that Sam can back down.

He's interested in the patients and the employees, and the only way patients will get the appropriate care at Hillcrest is if employees are appreciated and heard. If Grant is starting at the top by insulting the Hillcrest staff, what will it mean to those without Sam's clout?

Now is the time that the conversation is going to get a little bristly. Hallmark isn't known for its inclusiveness.

And while I appreciate any inroads to inclusivity, Grant's introduction almost immediately painted him as a bad guy. I know relatively little about the black experience, but it doesn't take a scientist to determine that might not have been the best decision.

Most likely, the plans for Grant are similar to Dottie Davenport. She was, as Marc Bendavid called her, a spicy addition to the cast. She was painted as a foe for Martha and an obstacle between Abigail and Donovan.

Under the Arch - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Given time, though, she's come to see that things with Donovan and Abigail are pretty sweet, and she's championing them and supporting Abigail.

Still, she's not a minority fighting for space within the Hallmark landscape, so she could afford to be spicy.

I'm looking forward to a new family of color moving to Middleton. Maybe Grant's family will be the one, but right now, he's at odds with our favorite doctor, and that's unfortunate.

Speaking of Abigail and Donovan, they're still trying to keep their distance from each other, but it's not easy. They're in love, and outside forces are keeping them apart.

The Curse Lashes Out - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Even when they agree on something, such as Donovan visiting the property for clues while Abigail remained behind, she pushed the limits. It's what she does.

What we don't need is for either of them to get hurt and for Donovan to blame it on Abigail for not following the rules set by the curse.

He wasn't pleased when the stone fell from the sky. He wants answers, sure, but he wants to get them safely. He even said it to Sam. All he wants is to have a real date with Abigail without worrying the sky was going to fall.

Before that happens, though, Abigail has to take the curse as seriously as Donovan. She was a bit distracted during "The Chocolates" by an old college roommate professing his love.

College Friend Jason - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Who saw that coming? Will Jason's proposal be a precursor what happens when the curse is over? Maybe it was an indication that a real engagement is on the horizon.

Or maybe Jason's visit was an indication that Donovan isn't the right man for Abigail. Because let's face it, Abigail was happier and more carefree with Jason than she's ever been with Donovan. When was the last time she laughed with delight?

She has a lot of memories with Jason that bring back easier and less frustrating times. And has anyone else ever had a pact like the one Abigail had with Jason? I did, and thinking about it always makes me smile.

Although Abigail stood beside Cassie's recommendation that using truth chocolates wasn't a good idea, they worked quite well with Jason.

Jason Pops the Question - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

The last thing she wanted to do was make him feel bad, so by eating a chocolate, he was able to see past his recent breakup to realize he was grasping at the past to assuage his pain. He didn't really want to marry Abigail.

But it was good timing for both of them. They both had three painful days of breakup that revisiting their friendship cured.

Martha's arc was nothing but fun, and while she worked past the fear she associated with bowling because of her quest for the 300-game, we got to watch the great Catherine Disher as we've never seen her.

Watching her pick up a ball and bowl in full dress replete with a long, flowing signature scarf was dazzling. And, frankly, I feared for her safety. It seems like a safety concern wearing one of those scarves around a ball return! It is like a chapter of Final Destination waiting to happen.

The Crowd Applauds - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

So when she embraced and conquered her apprehension over the game by unretiring her old bowling shirt with its size-appropriate neckerchief, well, I was delighted.

And that story also allowed Sam, Adam, and Donovan to get together. The male friendships on Good Witch Season 6 are the best and too long coming.

Mount Cleverest didn't win the trivia contest, but the clue that came only after Adam bombed the game offered more hope for Donovan to solve the curse.

The next time he visited Priscilla's property, Sam was at his side. Sam loves that stuff, and Donovan needs the support. After discovering the dove on the weather vane, Donovan had what he needed to solve the latest clue, "hidden in plain sight." But nobody knows what it means.

Out with the Boys - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Adam's behavior during the trivia contest proved that his mind is on love. He wanted love songs, and his boggled answer was another reference to love.

That makes his decision to leave town to go on a mission somewhat baffling.

Faced with a brush with death, it makes sense that he'd want to delve more fully into his faith so that others can find the comfort they need during their troubled times in the same way he did.

But that wasn't the only thing that pulled him through his operation. Without Stephanie and their newly professed love, Adam might have given up. Her love helped clarify his faith.

Agibail Welcomes a Friend - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8

Right now, he's not seeing what he can do in Middleton to help, but Stephanie sure tried to pursuade him to stick around.

She's not seeking outside motivation for her happiness. She has everything she needs right in Middleton from the Bistro to her friends to the food truck and, she thought, Adam.

I don't know about you, but I sure hope Adam sees the light Middleton provides and changes his decision to leave, especially since he wasn't entirely sure that he'd return. Unacceptable!

OK, Goodies, if you need to watch Good Witch online, do it so that you can join the conversation about all things The Chocolates.

The Chocolates Review

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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Grant: Dr. Radford. You know Dr. Jacobson.
Shane: Dr. Radford. Good to see you again.
Sam: Shane. What brings you back to Hillcrest?
Grant: I did. Dr. Jacobson's our new orthopedic surgeon.
Sam: Is that right.
Shane: I'm the guy that gets to put Hillcrest's new robotic arm to use.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson practically invented the XR system. We're lucky to get 'im.
Sam: Hmpf.

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Jason: We made a pact back in college.
Abigail: That if we were still single 15 years later, we'd get married!