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Cassie is making chocolate something. There is a chocolate exhibition coming to Middleton.

There is a new chief administrator at the hospital.

Abigail joins Donovan at Priscilla's property. She was supposed to wait behind. They're under an arch, and a rock almost falls on their heads. That is why we broke up, Donovan says.

Joy hopes George can make a stand for something passed down from her mother.

Great Grandma Laurel's cookies are on the menu at Grey House. There are even truth chocolates in the cookbook, which piques Joy's interest.

Eunice Merriwick made truth chocolates when she wanted to know about Thomas' love and the truth will set you free, Cassie says.

Kenny Cooper is the chocolate king coming into town for the chocolate exhibition. His father got invited to the white house to make chocolates for the president and first lady. Big shoes to fill.

Adam is eating chocolate croissants for breakfast. He feels lucky to be here and wants to make the most of it. He wants to do more.

Donovan, Adam, and Sam all together at the Bistro counter? Man friends!

Donna is Joy's partner and arrives at Grey House with papers that she's dissolving the business.

Sam meets his new boss. He's a basketball player. Grant Collins is his name. Grant knows Sam for his record. He thinks he can do better than best. He's a businessman. Sam was going to ask for a new device at the next board meeting, but Grant made its inclusion a part of his hiring.

George's bowling team might have to play blind if they can't find a fourth for Ralph, who hurt a tendon. In walks Martha. She's a former champion with a complicated relationship with the sport.

Jason arrives at the flower shop. He's an old friend of Abigail's. They made a pact the day they graduated. He pulls a flower and asks her to marry him. Uh oh! Three days ago, they both lost their significant others.

Joy and Donna were schoolmates from ninth grade. Cassie says Donna should tell Joy the truth, which makes her face fall, only to say "the truth about marshmallows."

Abigail once made Jason chocolates. Fifteen years later, he's revisiting the pact.

Cassie wanders by knowing Jason, her old friend from College.

Grant the hospital administrator is everything he seemed from the onset. Business-oriented and bowling over Sam's authority.

When Kenny and Joy talk chocolate, it seems like he's having success issues. His face falls when Joy says she won't argue with success in response to his statement that he won't argue with family tradition.

Cassie is disappointed that Joy made the truth chocolates.

Martha shows George her Bowling wall of fame. Martha got taken asunder with her quest for the perfect score. George laughs at her. She just forgot that bowling was supposed to be fun. He challenges her to prove she's fun tonight on lane 7.

Cassie worries about Jason's residual feelings for Abigail.

Adam wants to go on a mission. He feels like he's being called. Stephanie worries that he'll leave her. She knows that he needs to do that, though. And he wants her to go with him. She tries to get him to sitck around Middleton to do good works here.

Cassie and Sam talk about Sam, his toes getting stepped on, and learning to listen. When she tosses him a basketball, a lightbulb goes off over his head.

Kenny tries to photograph the cookbook, but when the pictures won't develop, he rips a page out of the book. Just then, Cassie wants to share. He wouldn't want to take it, Kenny says. Cassie wonders if he's sure about that or if he'll do something he regrets.

Stephanie finds Adam on the basketball court. Stephanie score!

Stephanie doesn't want to go with Adam. She has too much going on in Middleton. Sam might not be coming back.

Donna finds Joy in the kitchen with the truth chocolates. She's signed the papers. Joy stops her from eating the chocolate. Donna finally comes clean about Mrs. Peters. She lied. They spent five years building a reputation and crashed it just like that.

Cassie lays it on thick with Kenny, reminding him of the huge shoes he has to fill.

Bowling night with the boys!

And it's trivia night, too. For three boys who don't like to lose, the game is on!

Jason arrives at the flower shop with an homage to Abigail's favorite 80s movie.

Mount Cleverest is up for the final round, and they have to pick from three categories. When Adam screams the wrong answer, the right answer is dove, and the dovecote on Priscilla's property could be connected to the curse. People are cheering on Martha who is on track to finally break her own curse. When she sees that, her confidence wanes. George urges her to give it a go. It's just her and the ball.

How she can bowl with that scarf is mind-boggling. She has a false start, and the lanes lose electricity. Robbed again!

Donna shows Joy some papers, and Joy rips them up asking her if she wants a job.

Donovan and Sam find nothing. Until the walk clear of the building and spot the weather vane. It's a dove!

Martha chats with Cassie. The pressure is untenable. She's overcome.

Abigail gives Jason a truth chocolate, and he realizes he doesn't want to marry her either.

Once on the lanes again, Martha realizes it's not the same without the pressure or the fans.

Everyone begins eating the truth chocolates. Kenny says it's no Cooper's, but it's close.

Kenny takes the podium, and the truth begins to come out. The kind doesn't grow his throne.

Grant doesn't think the math adds up with Sam's ideas and tells Sam to stay out of his way.

Donna is on board to help Joy finish the mansion in three weeks.

Stephanie and Adam profess their love for each other and say goodbye.

Martha finally has on appropriate dress, still with a more size-appropriate scarf, and she parts the fans to achieve her perfect score.

The last pin gives dramatic pause, and while Cassie is right behind her, Cassie assures George it was all Martha.

The look on Martha's face was perfection as was her game.

Donovan walks in on Cassie and Sam kissing. He's cracked the code. The message is, "Hidden in plain sight." Nobody has a clue what it means.

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Grant: Dr. Radford. You know Dr. Jacobson.
Shane: Dr. Radford. Good to see you again.
Sam: Shane. What brings you back to Hillcrest?
Grant: I did. Dr. Jacobson's our new orthopedic surgeon.
Sam: Is that right.
Shane: I'm the guy that gets to put Hillcrest's new robotic arm to use.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson practically invented the XR system. We're lucky to get 'im.
Sam: Hmpf.

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Jason: We made a pact back in college.
Abigail: That if we were still single 15 years later, we'd get married!