Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9 Review: The Loft

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Any time a lot of the cast gets together and shares a storyline, magic happens.

There's no exception to Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9 that featured just about every major player except Donovan.

And since he and Abigail are broken up to save their relationship, and he lives in another town, that was perfectly natural.

Girls Trip - Good Witch

Sam's got his hands full with the new administrator. When he initially canceled the trip with Cassie, I worried about his confidence, but that wasn't necessary.

Sam: Hey. I was just on my way to see how things are going.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson's putting on a clinic.
Sam: Glad to hear it.
Grant: Are you?
Sam: You know what the difference is between you and me? I put the patients and this hospital ahead of everything else.
Grant: I'd be careful Dr. Radford. You're awfully close to the line.
Sam: [gets paged] Excuse me. But apparently, I'm needed in Dr. Jacobson's surgery.

Sam stayed behind not because he's worried about his job, although Grant hasn't made things easy, but because he didn't trust Dr. Jacobson to take on a robotic arm surgery without being nearby.

Forced Out - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

That turned out to be the right decision. Without his presence, a man would have had to undergo two surgical procedures instead of one.

Jacobson has learned to rely too heavily on robotics that he's no longer a capable surgeon in his own right. That's highly problematic.

Unfortunately, Grant continued to double down on his unlikability, even going so far as to say Sam's honesty was toeing the line of insubordination. It seems to me that the chief of surgery should be on the same plane as chief of administration, but Grant sure likes to imagine himself omnipotent.

He got the metaphorical pie to the face when Jacobson failed to complete his surgery without Sam's guidance, and he looked even worse for suggesting that the surgery get scrapped until the arm could be fixed. The guy doesn't belong in a hospital.

Happy Cassie - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Still, Sam never gives up on anyone, and by the end of the hour, they'd had another game of basketball, and Grant almost apologized for his awful behavior. But if there's one thing we know about our "villains" in Middleton, they take a long time to learn a lesson.

Will Grant really turn over a new leaf after the surgical fiasco? Only time will tell, my friends.

But all was well in the end with Sam's inability to accompany Cassie to Chicago because his lovely wife made it a girls' trip, instead.

It was also quite fortuitous given the death of Cassie's friend and mentor, Olympia. It wasn't going to be easy to concentrate on romance when her heart was heavy with grief. Plus, Cassie had some lessons to teach her friends.

Donna the Troublestarter - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

It's amazing how introducing new people can upend things, but Grant's arrival in Middleton isn't the only one causing problems.

If Joy has forgiven her friend and partner, Donna, for her past transgressions regarding their business, she's not willing to cut her friend any slack.

Abigail: We should make a toast.
Donna: We should wait for Joy.
Abigail: I meant when she gets back.
Donna: I'm sure that's what you meant.
Abigail: Joy was right about you.
Donna: What'd she say?
Abigail: That you're an acquired taste.
Donna: That's funny.
Abigail: What is?
Donna: She said the same thing about you.

Donna's behavior doesn't warrant any slack, either. Despite the blowout with Joy over making promises she cannot keep, she still managed to allude such a promise with Martha. Donna doesn't know Martha. She doesn't have to use the word promise for Martha to hear the promise.

Since the wallpaper to stay on schedule was in Chicago, it makes sense that Joy would snap up the opportunity to go to Chicago. In addition, she's part of the bookclub the ladies have recently created.

Joy at the Wall - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

But it didn't make a lot of sense for Donna to go, as well. She wasn't needed other than to continue causing trouble and keep Abigail on edge.

Abigail was spitfire when she first arrived in Middleton, so it's no surprise that Donna rubs her the wrong way. Their similarities could be why Joy enjoys both of their company so much, too.

Cassie: You know why you're upset with Donna, right?
Abigail: Yeah. She's pushy; she's rude.
Cassie: And you think she's trying to take Joy away.
Abigail: I know she's trying to take Joy away.
Cassie: And that bothers you.
Abigail: Doesn't it bother you?
Cassie: It would bother me if Joy had a job opportunity she wanted, and we didn't support her.

Donna's piggish behavior grabbing treats at the book club meeting, a club to which she doesn't belong, didn't earn her any points, nor did calling first room at the loft when they arrived. Girl's gotta learn some manners.

Martha and Stephanie are also part of the club and were just the right targets for another squabble during the trip. Martha considers herself so busy that she couldn't get past page 54 of the book they were supposed to have completed for the club discussion, something that rubbed Stephanie the wrong way.

The Request  - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Stephanie has three jobs, and she managed to read the whole book so that their time together could be well spent. Stephanie is also struggling with the imminent departure of the man she loves.

Because, yes, Adam is still kicking around the idea of going on a mission. He's incredibly torn about what to do, but it's still very much on his agenda.

I'll have some more insight into Adam's thought process here when I post a delightful interview I had with Scott Cavalheiro. That should be on Tuesday morning. We had a great discussion about Adam's faith and where he's at with that and his relationships, especially with Stephanie and Sam.

On Good Witch Season 6 Episode 8, Adam couldn't stop thinking about Stephanie. He was even trying to guide trivia questions down the path of romance.

The List - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Grant surprised Adam by being very accomodating with his mission. He could go, no problem, but with an open-ended trip like that, he wouldn't necessarily have a job when he returned. In fact, it was unlikely.

Sam: I'm sensing you're having second thoughts.
Adam: Yeah. I'm up to fourth and fifth thoughts.

But that chat with Grant also made Adam dig inward to why he wants to go on the mission and why he wants to stay. The only cons on paper were about leaving Stephanie, but even as he discussed it with Sam, he realized how much he'd miss him, too.

Stephanie: So your church is on a mission to find you a mission.
Adam: Exactly.
Stephanie: Hopefully, it's mission impossible to find one.

Stephanie's reaction to Adam's mission is heartbreaking. She's trying to put on a brave face, but in her hearts, she's hoping that Adam decides to stay in Middleton to do his good works.

So, Stephanie needed time away from Middleton to clear her head as much as everyone else.

Reveal Your Meal - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

It's too bad that getting away didn't drain the tension. Cassie, grieving, had to rein in everyone so they'd realize how much they mean to each other.

But first, Cassie shared her pain with everyone else who knew her friend, Olympia. And it was lovely that Abigail and Joy accompanied her for support because it was important to Cassie that they understand, through Olympia's friends, why her friend meant so much to her.

The first day I met Olympia, she said something I've never forgotten. That there's nothing a good cup of tea can't fix.


While they were doing that, Stephanie and Martha had a hilarious side adventure trying to find a famous chef's secret pop up restaurant.

So much of that story made me laugh. The odds were terrible that those two women would the pop-up information immediately upon their arrival in Chicago, also land two eggs, and successfully navigate their way to the pop-up rendevous. But, there they were.

What did Martha Write? - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Their failure to attain tickets gave them more to gripe about with each other, but that was just another opportunity for Cassie's meddling to work.

Even while suffering the loss of a great friend, Cassie still saw through all of her friends' turmoil. So she did what she does best -- showed them how they could better appreciate each other.

Martha: Oh. That's stunning!
Cassie: Just like all of you. We each have a beauty inside. It's important to take the time to recognize it.

 It was a book club weekend, so it was entirely appropriate that Cassie gave each of her friends a journal. It was in those journals they would share their thoughts about the others in the room.

Olympia sent a gift to Cassie after her death. What looked like a rock was beauty-filled as inside was what appeared to be amethyst crystals. Everyone was stunned.

Stephanie with an Artifact - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Cassie's wish was for each of them to see the beauty inside the others. It worked, of course, and that gave them all plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the evening with harping.

Enjoying company and tasty treats was going well when Sam and Adam showed up to join them. Adam couldn't live with the news that he'd gotten a mission assignment without sharing it with Stephanie.

It seems like an awkward way to ruin her good time, but with everyone at hand, it was easier for Stephanie to digest.

Speaking of digestion, Joy's lost luggage had been switched with the famous chef, so they got the invitation of a lifetime to sit at his table, enjoying a fusion of air and earth.

Toasting Cousins - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Anybody who watches chefs at work (or who has ever eaten at an expensive restaurant), knows that under those silver platters was not going to be a sumptuous dinner of gargantuan portions. It's not the Cheesecake Factory!

Watching the looks on everybody's faces as they revealed the meal was quite entertaining, but my heart was captured as Sam and Cassie shared a romantic stroll eating their hot dogs, and Stephanie and Adam shared a chat over deep dish pizza.

Sometimes, the best things in life are those you already know that you cherish. You don't have to look far and wide for bigger and better things when you have what you love within reach.

Just like Cassie wanted her friends to recognize the value in those around them, they all had to do the same with comfort that is often inexpensive and within reach.

The Popup - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

We're down to one episode for the season, you guys. Our time together always goes so fast!

What do you think will come of the finale?

Will Adam go on his mission? Will Stephanie drop everything and accompany him?

Will Joy leave Middleton once again to partner with Donna on projects around the world?

Joy Considers - Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9

Will Abigail and Donovan break the curse so they can continue their relationship unencumbered by the past?

Where will everyone end up as the season draws to a close?

Be sure to watch Good Witch online if you missed the episode, and join us below in the comments to chat about "The Loft" and what to expect of the finale!

The Loft Review

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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Sam: Hey. I was just on my way to see how things are going.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson's putting on a clinic.
Sam: Glad to hear it.
Grant: Are you?
Sam: You know what the difference is between you and me? I put the patients and this hospital ahead of everything else.
Grant: I'd be careful Dr. Radford. You're awfully close to the line.
Sam: [gets paged] Excuse me. But apparently, I'm needed in Dr. Jacobson's surgery.

Stephanie: So your church is on a mission to find you a mission.
Adam: Exactly.
Stephanie: Hopefully, it's mission impossible to find one.