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Cassie is gardening in the sunroom. She's planting tulips.

Cassie knows that their Chicago trip is off. Dr. Jacobson is doing the first hip replacement with the new robotic arm, and Sam wants to be there.

Since it's too late to cancel, Sam says whoever wants the room can use it. Cassie has ideas!

Donna visits Abigail's flower shop. That's when they discover they're both family to Joy, even if Donna isn't a blood relative.

Donna is a bit full of herself and says that when she and Joy will be leaving Middleton together when their job is done.

Adam and Stephanie chat about his mission. The mission's pastor wondered if Adam had anywhere in particular he wanted to serve. He thinks he'll end up wherever he's supposed to.

She hopes it's impossible so he'll stay. Adam gets maudlin for a moment. He's really going to do this. Stephanie supports him even if he doesn't seem to want to be supported.

Donna is late to the project, and Joy is very unhappy about it. She begins to question their new arrangement as she remembers what it was like to work with Donna.

The ladies have created a book club. Martha only read to page 52, but book club is tomorrow.

Abigail tells Joy that she doesn't appreciate Donna's style.

Cassie orders a Tinsdale on Toast.

There is a lot of friction in that room.

Dr. Jacobson remembers the first time he ever stood in front of Sam. Grant wanders up and makes things awkward. Sam hopes Jacobson will be better than OK without him.

Martha isn't too bothered by Donna's rather brusque style and even uses the finger gun and blows away the smoke.

Cassie gets a package from Olympia. It's a rock.

Grant grills Adam. Given his mission doesn't have an end date, Grant says he'll be firing himself.

Cassie's friend died. What she sent was arranged for her after her death.

Joy is ready for work and walks in on Donna eating muffins with Cassie. She's in her sweats, and that doesn't make Joy happy.

Everything is going on in Chicago. That's where Martha's wallpaper is stuck and where Cassie's friend lived.

Abigail is not good and takes it out on Stephanie. Stephanie is kind of in the same boat now, so they can commiserate together.

Donna tells Martha they will be done with the project today, and Martha shares the Merriwick magic chat with Donna.

Jacobson can't do the surgery when the robotic arm breaks, so Sam has to talk him through it.

At book club, Donna embarrasses Joy in front of her family by piling up a plate full of treats.

There is so much tension all over this episode!

Cassie decides they need to laugh, so it's off to Chicago they go.

There's a big chef in town, and Stephanie and Martha rush off to get an egg to take to a specific address so they can score tickets.

Adam shares his pros and cons for the mission.

Another con? Not having Sam to talk to. Sam tells Adam to follow his heart, and he can't go wrong.

Donna ridiculously calls the first room, and Joy calls her out on it. Cassie calls for wine.

Even Cassie looks troubled.

Stephanie and Martha don't score tickets to the popup.

Abigail and Donna spit fiery words at one another while Cassie looks on awkwardly.

The fight is on between Abigail and Donna to gain Joy's favor.

Cassie has to do something.

Grant and Sam chat over hoops. Grant kind of apologizes to Sam by admitting his lack of humility and inexperience. Sam still isn't letting him off the hook.

Cassie visits a hot dog vendor that she and her friend frequented. Olympia liked them with curry.

Cassie takes Joy and Abigail to see Marguerite. It's Olympia's memorial.

Olympia was a Connelly.

Stephanie and Martha but heads over the chef.

By the time the ladies all get back to the room, they're all snarky. Cassie has a bit of a workshop for the ladies to write one line about the beauty they see in each other.

Adam gets the call to go on his mission. Sam suggests they join the ladies so that they can tell Stephanie in person.

Cassie sends Stephanie to the door where she finds Adam and Sam.

Adam's going to South America.

Donna and Joy make up, and Joy discovers that she has Chef Byrd's bag.

They have casts for everyone to go to the pop-up restaurant.

They get the smallest little eggy thing and a carrot as their delectable meal.

A sumptuous union of water and earth is nothing compared to the sumptuous union of sausage and peppers.

Adam and Stephanie are out for deep dish pizza. Their first pizza together was him wooing.

Cassie and Sam catch up together and eat hot dogs.

Good Witch
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Good Witch Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Sam: Hey. I was just on my way to see how things are going.
Grant: Dr. Jacobson's putting on a clinic.
Sam: Glad to hear it.
Grant: Are you?
Sam: You know what the difference is between you and me? I put the patients and this hospital ahead of everything else.
Grant: I'd be careful Dr. Radford. You're awfully close to the line.
Sam: [gets paged] Excuse me. But apparently, I'm needed in Dr. Jacobson's surgery.

Stephanie: So your church is on a mission to find you a mission.
Adam: Exactly.
Stephanie: Hopefully, it's mission impossible to find one.