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Much like fans across the globe, we're having trouble accepting that America Ferrera won't be a series regular on the upcoming sixth season of Superstore. 

Not only will this impact Amy's onscreen romance with Jonah, a love story that has been integral to the show since its pilot, but it will also drastically change the NBC sitcom we've come to adore. 

Preparation - Tall - Superstore Season 5 Episode 21

Superstore is an ensemble with an incredible cast, but Amy Sosa, the Cloud 9 employee who wanted more than the life she was living, has always been the protagonist the series is built around. 

So, what is Superstore without Amy? It has the potential to be good, in a new way, but it's impossible for it to remain the same.

To honor such an incredible character, we decided to look back on some of Amy Sosa's best moments throughout the series. 

When Amy Becomes Store Manager

amy 2

It's what she deserves. Out of all the Cloud 9 employees, Amy is the only one qualified to actually run the store. Sorry, Glenn, but Amy had to spend most of her time cleaning up your messes. 

After years of doing the most and getting the least, Amy was finally rewarded for her hard work. Her means of obtaining the job did include some blackmail, but when the system is corrupt, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Amy's walk of pride as she pushes through the double doors with the biggest smile on her face had our hearts ready to explode out of our chests. 

When Amy Sets The Record Straight About Feminism

amy 8

A common misconception when it comes to feminism is that feminists believe women should be superior to men.

Because of this, Cheyenne comments that she's not a feminist, as she thinks men and women should be equal. Amy isn't having any of it, and she lets Cheyenne know that feminism is about equality. 

When Jonah tries to convince Amy to help her appease the men in the store, she shouts that making men feel better "isn't her job."

When Amy Runs Over Laurie

amy 1

In Amy's defense, it was an accident. But, did anyone really like Laurie in the first place?

It was time for Amy to get a raise, and after everything she's been through, she deserved it. So, Jonah convinced her to talk to Laurie in person at the golf course. 

However, Amy isn't the most skilled golf cart driver, and she ends up hitting Laurie and sends her tumbling. Amy doesn't let that stop her, and she asked for more money while Laurie was being tended to by a paramedic. 

She didn't get the raise, but we give her an A for effort. 

When Cramy Comes Out to Party


If you don't love Crazy Amy, you might be crazy, yourself. 

To prove that she can be fun, Amy refers to herself as "Cramy" and goes wild. With Cheyenne and Dina in tow, she drives an electric cart to see her ex and ends up stealing their Christmas decorations. 

Can we petition for Cramy to make a cameo before Ferrera exits the show?

When Amy Hides Mateo From ICE

amy 12

The lengths that Amy was willing to go to to help Mateo are often overlooked by viewers. 

By hiding an undocumented immigrant, Amy is putting her entire career and future with the company in jeopardy. She doesn't have a college degree, and this could be her one and only shot to make it in the big leagues. 

Regardless, Amy does the right thing and attempts to get Mateo to safety. When that fails, Amy helps start a union with Jonah, to fight for Mateo and to take a stand against the corporation. 

When Amy Boycotts Cloud 9

amy 3

Fighting against a massive corporation is no easy feat, but for Amy, it was worth it to stand up for what she believed in. 

When Glenn is fired for giving Cheyenne maternity leave, Amy puts it all on the line and stages a walkout. Even after corporate agrees to hire Glenn back, Amy takes the opportunity to fight for better pay and benefits for all the Cloud 9 employees. 

With Jonah by her side, Amy calls for customers to boycott the store and support the worker's strike. Things didn't go quite how they had hoped, but Amy can accept a cease-fire, with a plan to pick the fight back up in the future. 

When Amy Gets Protective of Jonah

amy 4

Amy has always been protective when it comes to the people she loves. Therefore, Jonah's brother using a family lunch as an excuse to insult him, had Amy fuming. 

Jonah wanted to take the high road, but Amy couldn't help but jump to her boyfriend's defense. It's a good thing Jonah was there to talk her down, or Amy might've ended up performing brain surgery on Josh with a butter knife. 

With a character who gets picked on as much as Jonah does, we love that he has Amy to stand up for him. 

When Amy Lets Loose at Sandra's Wedding

amy 5

To be clear, Amy wasn't able to let loose until the episodes final moments. She was too busy taking care of everyone else and helping Dina stop Carol from throwing Sandra's cat out the window. 

It wasn't your average wedding, to say the least. 

After the catastrophe was avoided, Amy downed some shots and got her party on. It was great to see her take a break from saving the day, and have some well-deserved fun with her friends. 

When Amy Goes Into Labor 

amy labor

Amy Sosa is a champ for a lot of reasons, but this is probably one of the most insane things Superstore has ever put her through. 

While Dina is reaping the benefits of being higher up on the corporate ladder, Amy is sent to a different kind of clinic to have her baby. Not only was the place in horrible shape, but she was forced to give birth with a dead body next to her.

Amy made it through, as she always does, and we admire her all the more for it. 

When Amy and Jonah Inadvertently Kiss

amy 15

How do two people accidentally kiss? It seems impossible, but that's what makes this moment so incredible. 

To prove that they don't have feelings for each other, Amy and Jonah openly mock themselves and joke that their lips are "like magnets." Funnily enough, they prove themselves right when they make kissing noises, and their lips end up in the right place, at the wrong time. 

It's been years, and we're still wondering HOW???

When @Cloud9AmyD Is Born

amy 7

Do you want batteries? Amy's got loads of these. And some frozen peas for some Vitamin C.

On one of the funniest Amy episodes yet, Amy creates an Instagram account to prove to Jonah that she can make a viral video. Singing "self-check yourself before you wreck yourself" didn't get her quite as many views as she wanted, but she did end up going viral by the end of the day. 

Although, the credit goes to the rats swarming the kitchen in the background of her rap video.

When Amy Goes Off on Glenn

amy 10

This is one of the most iconic and unforgettable scenes in Superstore history. 

Being forced to return to work directly after she gives birth, Amy isn't in the best of moods. Glenn, being Glenn, tries to make things better by gifting Amy some bath bombs. But, surprisingly, bath bombs aren't the secret to solving all of Amy's problems. 

Finally reaching her breaking point, Amy goes off on Glenn, once and for all, and left viewers in complete shock. 

When Amy Makes a "Sex Stream" With Jonah

amy 14

Amy and Jonah's accidental sex tape is undoubtedly the biggest shocker on the series.

Fans had been waiting years for the two to act on their feelings finally, and we could never have guessed that this is how it would all go down. Unaware that there's a camera streaming their activities to all the Cloud 9 stores across the nation, Amy and Jonah have sex in the photo lab.

It was still a great scene, but knowing your co-workers and millions of others saw what should have been a private moment, takes some of the romance out of it. 

It's your turn, Superstore fans!

What are your favorite Amy Sosa moments? Will you miss her when she makes the move to California?

Hit the comments section below and let us know! 

And don't forget that you can watch Superstore online, right here at TV Fanatic. 

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