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Ah, the morning after.

In Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7, Lucifer and Chloe finally sleep together after years of pent up sexual tension.

It seems hell has finally frozen over.

Deckerstar Morning After - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Lucifer: Are you cold?
Chloe: Cold? No, why?
Lucifer: Odd, given that Hell was supposed to freeze over.
Chloe: Right, ‘cause I said that I wouldn’t have sex with you until Hell… yes, yes, you think you’re very funny.

However, there is a weird and unexpected side effect to this.

Just joking around about breakfast, Chloe asks Lucifer what he desires, to which he replies sex four to six more times. Initially, Chloe just blows it off as a joke, but Lucifer realizes she indeed has his powers.

Naturally, Lucifer runs straight to Linda, as she is the expert on all his problems.

They explore the possibility that he may have passed his powers onto everyone he's ever slept with. Luckily, that doesn't seem to be the case. Could you imagine the chaos?

Linda Testing Mojo - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Chloe isn't that concerned with it, herself, outside of how much it upsets Lucifer.

She goes to a crime scene and quickly tells Ella she and Lucifer finally slept together.

Ella: OMG! I was so ready to have my Deckerstar dreams crushed again.
Chloe: Why?
Ella: Because it’s been one bummer after another with you two. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Ella is us. We are Ella.

Ella is ecstatic to say the least. She, like every other Deckerstar shipper out there, was ready for yet another disappointment when it comes to those two. She's not wrong in trying to brace herself, either.

OMG Ella - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Since season one, there were so many moments when we thought Chloe and Lucifer were going to get together. Then something would happen to pump the brakes: a fake marriage, a devil face, a demon army, something.

So, needless to say, we are just as happy as Ella to see those two finally put their issues aside and make things official.

Ella, too, seems to have found someone.

She and Pete are so adorable. They even geek out over Star Trek together, and our cheeks hurt from the cuteness of it all.

Ella Star Trek Love - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Amenadiel is also so very cute as he realizes Charlie has pretty much taken over his whole life. Maze doesn't find it as adorable.

Maze: Building more stuff for Charlie? How much does that kid need? I had two rocks when I was growing up. One sharp, one not. Take the sharp one and try and stab things. Take the dull one, try to make it sharp.
Amenadiel: That, um, that explains a lot.

When Amenadiel muses over what he did with his time before Charlie, Maze decides to take things into her hands. Bringing him to Lux and giving him his old robe, Maze decides to remind him who he was before the baby.

Soon they engage in a fight to get the blood pumping, just like old times.

Also like old times, this was something like foreplay as they start to kiss.

Maze and Amenadiel Back in Time - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Maze, though, quickly breaks away. This was never really about helping Amenadiel, but herself.

Later, Amenadiel correctly intuits Maze's behavior is about her mother. The abandonment issue aside, Maze's concern now is turning out like Lilith. Lilith died alone in a sad apartment. Is that Maze's future?

Everyone’s rejected me, Amenadiel. But I was the one who rejected you. So, I thought maybe that was a mistake. Maybe… maybe only an angel could love a soulless demon.


Amenadiel does what he does best and makes her feel better. A human and an angel had a baby. The devil fell in love. Who's to say a demon can't find a soul and love?

Speaking of the devil, where has he been with Maze lately?

Maze Disappointed - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Lucifer admittedly is very self-centered, but has been doing better with his relationships lately. Except with Maze.

Maze and Lucifer have had practically no screen time together, other than her fighting him when he returned from hell. I would have at least expected her to take her Lilith anger out on him. And she has not talked to Chloe once about her boning Lucifer. Surely, that's a conversation Maze would jump to have.

Despite him trying to keep his promise to Lilith, Maze would most likely be angry at him for not telling her. Perhaps this is why she's been keeping her distance from Lucifer.

Ultimately, Maze has felt rejected by both Lucifer and Chloe. Maybe their happiness will only cause her pain right now. Either way, we need those three to mend their friendships ASAP.

Lucifer, Chloe, and Ella at the Scene Season 5 Episode 7

Lucifer and Chloe have been spending more time with Ella and Dan lately. Although Dan called in sick to the last crime scene.

Seeing Lucifer's devil face really shook Dan to his core. 

Linda was afraid and hid. Her husband sought out to kill him and save her from his influence. Chloe left the country and conspired with a priest to kill him. 

Dan experienced a little bit of all of this, but with an added effect.

Dan at Charlotte's Grave - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Now I’ve seen something. Something that proves just how important it is to get it right. To be good. And the good news is I’m pretty sure this means you’re in heaven, just like Amenadiel said. But the bad news is I don’t think I’m gonna be joining you. I’m terrified, Charlotte.


Dan goes to Charlotte's grave and opens up to her about what he's going through. The realization that Lucifer is really the devil makes him stop to think what else is real out there.

He has clearly been thinking about Amenadiel's role in all of this, as he gathered Amenadiel's assertion that Charlotte was in Heaven must be true. But now that he knows Heaven is real, that made him accept Hell is, too.

Dan is overcome with a guilt over his past. Is it only his part in Perry Smith's death that haunts him? Or is it a culmination of events over his past that condemn him? Surely, if Charlotte was able to find redemption he can, too.

He soon finds a way to do that.

Archangel Michael - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

The archangel Michael arrives right as Dan is praying for some sign and preys on Dan's fear, as is his habit.

My twin brother hates me because I am his opposite. The good to his bad.


Knowing Dan's fear of being in Hell for all eternity is at an all-time high, Michael plays on that and tells Dan how he can receive redemption. 

That night, Dan shows up at Lucifer's penthouse with a gun and shoots to kill.

It's not clear if Michael shared with Dan that Chloe's presence would make the assassination attempt work or if he just acted in a crazed state.

Gun-toting Dan - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

You can't really blame Dan for his actions in this moment. He just found out The Devil (and everything that comes along with that) is real. And as he prayed for a sign, he received one in the shape of Michael in the flesh.

There was no way he could have known about Michael's vendetta against Lucifer. All conventional knowledge states Lucifer is the evil to Michael's good. Even non-believers know this. Why would Dan question it when he's seen proof they both exist?

So, what will they do next?

There's no way they will kill Lucifer right now. Maybe Chloe will hurry and leave, allowing Lucifer to heal from the wounds. Or maybe he will actually die, only to be brought back to life like in Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13.

Subdued Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7

Over to you, Fanatics!

What do you think will happen to Lucifer? Will Dan come around?

What do you want to see happen in the last episode of Season 8A? Will God himself show up and put an end to this sibling rivalry?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think!

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Ella: OMG! I was so ready to have my Deckerstar dreams crushed again.
Chloe: Why?
Ella: Because it’s been one bummer after another with you two. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Lucifer: Are you cold?
Chloe: Cold? No, why?
Lucifer: Odd, given that Hell was supposed to freeze over.
Chloe: Right, ‘cause I said that I wouldn’t have sex with you until Hell… yes, yes, you think you’re very funny.