Lucifer: Tom Ellis Slams Trolls for 'Bullying' Him and His Wife

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Tom Ellis has took to social media to tell Lucifer trolls to stop "bullying" him and his wife. 

He hit out at "Lucifans" who were giving him and his wife online abuse, telling them to "back the f--k off."

Ellis, who is married to Meaghan Oppenheimer, noted that their comments are not welcome, and that they do not "accept bullies."

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"Just taking a sec out of spending time with my beautiful family to kindly ask anyone trolling me or my wife and claiming to be a #lucifan to back the f*** off," he tweeted. 

"You are not welcome and never will be. We don’t accept bullies. Laters."

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Tom did not explain any of the comments he received, but fans of the actor and the show were quick to shower him with messages of support. 

"I don’t know what happened to this fandom, it’s so sad," said a fan, adding:

"I looked at other fandoms and never thought it would happen to us. There was always so much love and respect. So heartbreaking for everyone."

"We appreciate you so much and I’m so sorry if rude fans are causing you issues. Just keep ignoring them and living your best," added another. 

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Said another fan, "Tom, I’m very sorry that some people have been so rude to you and your family. I really don’t understand them. And you are absolutely Luciright…they aren’t true Lucifans."

It's unclear what triggered the supposed fans to go after Ellis and his wife, bullying in any shape or form is unacceptable. 

Ellis has been the lead of Lucifer since it started as a FOX series, and it is heading into its fifth season after being saved by Netflix after its original network canceled it. 

The fifth season is set to premiere August 21 on Netflix, and the streamer has already renewed it for a sixth -- and final -- season.

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Fans have a lot of the show to look forward to. 

We'll keep you up to speed on if Tom sheds more light on what was happening. 

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