The Boys Showrunner Responds to Negative Fan Reviews

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If you're a fan of The Boys, then there's a good chance you were thrown for a loop when The Boys Season 2 launched. 

The Amazon Prime series opted for a weekly rollout this year, with three episodes launching on week one, followed by new episodes weekly. 

Fans have been largely unimpressed because The Boys Season 1 dropped all episodes at once, and given that there is less TV around than there was a few months ago, fans are looking for more content. 

Meeting Stormfront - The Boys

In response to the weekly episodes, fans have review-bombed the series, offering up a lot of one-star reviews to vent their frustration. 

Eric Kripke responded to the fans in a creative way ... with an edited clip of the series, featuring Homelander sifting through the reviews, and he's not impressed. 

Smiling For the Crowd - The Boys Season 2 Episode 1

"Homelander has... feelings... about the 1 star reviews. (NEW EP TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT)," Kripke wrote on Twitter.

Kripke previously addressed the rollout plan in an interview with Collider, and noted that it was not a decision from Amazon. 

"The airing schedule came actually when we were pretty close to being done – probably 3/4ths of the way through post-production," he said.

"For the record, it didn't come from Amazon. It came from the producers… we're the ones who pitched them.

Knows Him Too Well - The Boys Season 2 Episode 4

"A lot of people over there were actually reluctant because it was a new idea, or they don't do it that often. We really wanted it and Amazon ended up agreeing that they'd give it a try."

Kripke explained that airing all episodes in airing all the episodes in one go, "it becomes a sugar rush of a binge," which makes sense. 

Many shows that drop all episodes at once are only remembered for a few weeks before fading out until the next season comes out. 

"I think a little anticipation for the fans is healthy," he added. 

Annie is Unhappy - The Boys Season 2 Episode 4

The Boys streams new episodes Thursdays on Amazon. 

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