What to Watch: Filthy Rich, A Wilderness of Error, Enola Holmes

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There are a lot of new movies and series dropping this week.

Watch what you can early because by the time the week is over, you'll be exhausted from watching. And, oh yeah, I guess the Emmys are airing a Zoom presentation. As if awards shows weren't boring enough. 

Find out what we recommend below!

WTW Sept 19

Saturday, September 19

8/7c Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate (Lifetime)

A woman signs on to be the surrogate for a wealthy couple who is unable to conceive. Little does she know, she's in serious danger living under the same roof as the dark and twisted Hollywood star.

9/8c Follow Me to Daisy Hills (Hallmark)

A young woman is determined to save her family's general store, and her quest reignites sparks between her and an ex-flame.

When Jo realizes that her family's general store in Daisy Hills is losing money, her father Duke calls in a favor to help.

Duke's help is Jo's ex-boyfriend, Blake, former Daisy Hills native.

Sunday, September 20

8/7c The Emmys (ABC)

Uh, is anyone going to watch an awards presentation on Zoom? Good on you. We'll report the winners. That's good enough.

8/7c 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? (TLC)

Larissa reveals her new look after her plastic surgery. Meanwhile, after a disrespectful speech during the wedding reception, Andrei has had enough and confronts his meddlesome, drunk brother and law from hell.

Colt works up the nerve to tell his mom to back off, and days after her wedding, Angela faces a tragedy.

8/7c Big Brother (CBS)

The new HOH is revealed, and they make their nominations. With one side of the house steamrolling through the other, and the majority alliance crumbling at the seams, can we FINALLY expect some big moves? Doubtful, but we'll see.

9/8c Lovecraft Country (HBO)

After a few fleeting appearances, the story of the wartime romance between Atticus and Ji-Ah is unveiled in flashback.

9/8c Love Island (CBS)

The love saga continues as these attractive young islanders flirt, fight, and risk being dumped or going home just to find love.

9/8c The Real Housewives of Potomac (Bravo)

With more scandalous rumors and photos circulating about his extracurricular activities, Ashley finally confronts her husband, Michael. Gizelle wants to celebrate her literary award with a wine tasting, but drama ensues.

Monday, September 21

8/7c L.A.'s Finest (FOX)

A former DEA agent, Syd, from Miami takes a brand new job with LAPD and is partnered up with a mom, Nancy, quickly becoming a dynamic duo and force to be reckoned with.

9/8c Filthy Rich (FOX)

The Monreaux family are wealthy elites sitting atop of a Christian network dynasty. That dynasty just may crumble when patriarch, Eugene, suddenly dies.

His wife, Margaret, discovers he sired three children who come to collect their portion of the will.

Kim Cattrall stars in this unadulterated, soapy, fun show, and the first episode packs quite a punch!

And our own soap extraorinaire, Jasmine, will be reviewing the series, so get on board from the beginning!

Tuesday, September 22

Jay Sebring....Cutting To The Truth (VOD)

A film by Anthony DiMaria, Jay Sebring....Cutting To The Truth is an illuminating portrait of Sebring, the long-forgotten artist, designer, and entrepreneur who created a billion-dollar hair & beauty industry and defined iconic Hollywood styles for men.

The documentary traces Sebring’s life from his humble Michigan roots to his meteoric rise as a groundbreaking trendsetter, and further examines the facts leading up to the fateful night on Cielo Drive and the endless media reports on the murders that followed.

This seems like a great addition to this year's offerings on Manson by focusing on one of the victims, a man who deserves the accolades that have gone unmentioned for too long.

8/7c Dancing with the Stars (ABC)

Dance season has kicked off with a new host, new judges, new choreographers and of course, new stars. After a successful premiere, frontrunners have emerged, and the contestants have the task of learning all-new dances.

8/7c America's Got Talent (NBC)

The top 10 acts perform for the final time at Universal Studios in their fight to win the million dollar grand prize.

10:30 p.m. Kal Penn Approves This Message (Freeform)

This new show is hosted, executive produced and created by Penn, who as you know was a staffer during the Obama administration.

The show is a smart, irreverent unscripted comedy that will cover topics ranging from voting basics to voter empowerment, and the economy to climate change.

The format is anchored by comedic field pieces as well as a sit-down interview with Kal and a featured guest.

10/9c Manhunt: Deadly Games (CBS)

Inspired by actual events, this true crime anthology series takes a deep dive into the dark, twisted minds of terrorists and follows the brave souls who hunt them down.

We covered the Manhunt: Unibomber here at TV Fanatic, but this segment was formerly only found on Spectrum cable. Now, on CBS, everyone can watch.

This new installment of the acclaimed series chronicles one of the largest and most complex manhunts on U.S. soil — the search for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park Bomber — and the media firestorm that consumed the life of Richard Jewell in its wake.

With their legacies on the line and divisions within communities stoked, investigators must choose what is most important to defend—their reputations or the truth.

Wednesday, September 23

Enola Holmes (Netflix)

Here's the star-studded film you've been waiting to see!

While searching for her missing mother, intrepid teen Enola Holmes uses her sleuthing skills to outsmart big brother Sherlock and help a runaway lord.

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, and Sam Claflin, we're sure this one will be a lot of fun!

8/7c Married at First Sight (Lifetime)

The couples are reaching the midway point of the process, and it's varying degrees of issues for each pair. Some of the experts finally step in to dig into intimacy and sex issues that the couples are facing.

It's coming to light that some of these couples aren't going to make it. With Karen closed off to physical intimacy and affection, Henry and Christina nowhere near on stable ground, and Brett and Olivia nowhere near on the same page.

9/8c America's Got Talent (NBC)

The winner of the grand prize is announced in an exciting finale. Only one act will win, but it's been a life-changing experience for the top 10.

9/8c MTV'S Ghosted: Love Gone Missing (MTV)

The Bachelorette's Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills track down another person who mysteriously and abruptly ghosted a client, and seek answers and the truth as to why they did it.

Thursday, September 24

The Murders at White House Farm (HBO Max)

An infamous true crime story. Over thirty years ago, three generations of one family were murdered at their isolated farm.

Initial evidence pointed the finger at the daughter of the family who had a history of mental illness, however one detective refused to accept this and delved deeper into the investigation. His determination uncovered new evidence that shed suspicion on another family member.

This is a dramatized true crime story based on extensive research, interviews, and published accounts, looking at the mystery behind what happened that fateful day.

Freddie Fox, Stephen Graham, Mark Addy, Gemma Whelan, Alexa Davies, and Mark Stanley star.

Star Trek: Lower Decks (CBS All Access)

The Lower Decks Beta Shift has a strange alien encounter when they are forced to testify about a series of seemingly unrelated events. What will they reveal? What is the purpose of the interrogation? Who is really listening? Tap into our review to find out!

10/9c Star Trek: Discovery (CBS)

Too cheap to follow Star Trek where no man had gone before aka CBS All Access? Well goody for you, CBS is in dire need of content, and they're airing the first season on broadcast.

We have no idea how it will air or if anything that aired on the streamer will be cut for broadcast, but we do know that we'll be reposting our reviews for you. So, now is your time, Trekkies who didn't pay for streaming!! Here's a look.

Friday, September 25

Tehran (Apple TV+)

A new espionage thriller from “Fauda” writer Moshe Zonder that tells the thrilling story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places her and everyone around her in dire jeopardy.

Tamar is a Mossad hacker-agent who infiltrates Tehran under a false identity to help destroy Iran's nuclear reactor.

But when her mission fails and she's trapped in a new life, Tamar must plan an operation that will place everyone dear to her in jeopardy.

Utopia (Amazon Prime)

When the conspiracy in the elusive comic Utopia is real, a group of young fans come together to embark on a high-stakes twisted adventure to use what they uncover to save themselves, each other, and ultimately humanity.

This is an American verison of a series that previously aired in the UK with the same name. And, well, this one doesn't hold up to the original -- at all.

If you can find the other, I highly recommned it. This? Well, it's a good cast. That's all I can say about it.

8/7c A Wildnerness of Error (FX)

You know this story. It's been examined in detail for years, but FX aims to uncover some new information, and guess what! They do.

From Emmy® Award winning producer Marc Smerling, Emmy Award winning studio Blumhouse and UCP, comes a five-part documentary series, A Wilderness of Error, based on the best-selling book by filmmaker and author Errol Morris who also appears in the series.

When Army surgeon Jeffrey MacDonald is sent to prison for killing his family, a storm of swirling narratives challenges our very ability to find the truth all the while overshadowing a chilling possibility: MacDonald may be an innocent man.

If you're a fan of true crime, this is one you won't want to miss. It suggests a take on the murders that I've never seen, and even if I'm not a true believer from what I've seen so far, the filmmakers make a compelling argument that everything we thought we knew was not how it happened, and our truth was muddied with the fictional accounts that proliferated the case.

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