Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3 Review: The Big Rick

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With time ticking away, the reality of the situation is becoming more and more clear for everyone involved. 

Both Jenny and Cassie have managed to keep it together thus far, but as they learned new information on Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3, they began to realize things were potentially much worse than they may have thought initially. 

And they now seem ready to put their differences aside for the greater good, with a plan to start looking at the biggest question mark of all; Rick Legarski.

On a Mission - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

Cassie's intuition about Rick has been spot-on from the get-go, and now that they know Cody never made it to the Church of Glory and Transcendence, they have greater reason to question Rick and hopefully lead them to some answers about Cody.

Considering it hasn't even been forty-eight hours since the girls were kidnapped and Cody was killed, Cassie and Jenny have been holding up well, but each of them had their own quiet moments of realization that things were starting to feel dire.

Both women do an excellent job of trying to compartmentalize their feelings, but that only works for so long. They both love a man who's missing, and in their heart of hearts, they know this is much bigger than Cody willingly going off the grid.

And all roads lead back to Rick, who's just barely keeping it together himself.

The Plan - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

Rick's got issues a home, with a wife who basically has both feet out the door, and a more significant problem with the girls locked away in the trailer.

While Big Sky Season 1 Episode 2 was slower and more methodical, this installment was more upbeat and infinitely more entertaining.

Grace is slowly becoming the star of the show. Her smarts, feisty attitude, and courage will have a lot to do with the girls eventually getting out of that trailer. All three women are strong in their own right, but Grace is the fighter, and she fought like hell to get out of that drainage ditch.

It feels way too early for the girls to be rescued, just because that's not typically how a show like this plays out. But it was still shocking to see Grace get so close, and then Rick ultimately show up and just murder ANOTHER person in cold-blood.

Looking In - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

Rick is a serious sociopath. And Ronald is, of course as well.

The difference between the two men is Ronald lets his emotions dictate his actions. Someone raises their voice to him, and he can't even stop the temper tantrum that comes next.

Rick is the thinker and the brains. He's thinking four steps ahead and covering his tracks better than Ronald could ever dream about doing. Rick is thinking about the future, while Ronald is just trying to survive from moment to moment.

Ronald: You got her?
Rick: Ronald, not to overstate the obvious, but you kidnapped the wrong girls.

But both men are guilty of underestimating those around them. They are messing with the wrong women on both fronts. Getting Cassie and Jenny on the same team is going to mean big trouble for the men. And we already know those three women in the trailer are survivors who will do everything in their power to keep one another safe.

Jenny at Home - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

The character moments continue to out-shine on this show, and quite possibly the best moment of the series thus far occurred between Danielle and Jerrie. (Just to be clear, it was pointed out in the comments and confirmed by the show that Michelle's real name is Jerrie.)

Danielle and Jerrie have an honest and raw conversation about Jerrie's past and her families' reaction to her being transgender. To this point, Danielle has come across as pretty shallow and vapid, but she comes to Jerrie trying to understand. And it's a beautiful moment between the two.

Danielle: Are you not scared? Of all the hatred out there.
Jerrie: Life is dangerous. I mean, look. Look at us here.

These women were forced into this unimaginable situation, and although they need to lean on each other, they're also trying to learn from one another.

Danielle's learning a lot about herself, the kind of person she is, and hopefully the kind of person she can be after this experience.

Looking Out - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

Even in the year 2020, we're hard-pressed to see nonbinary and transgender characters on our television screens. And it's a damn shame. Jesse James Keitel is doing beautiful work in her portrayal of Jerrie and continues to be such a bright light on a show that can be so dark at times.

I'll continue to marvel at the scenes, including the three women, because they are the best moments each week.

The show is still finding its footing, but it feels like a change is coming.

Jenny and Cassie have yet to work together without anger since the Cody affair came to light. But if they can genuinely put those differences aside, the show swings away from soap opera territory and towards straighter mystery/thriller territory.

Pulling Up - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

And that's going to feel like a show much closer to what was advertised.

Odds and Ends

  • Denise is still creeping around. We're due for at least one or two more big shocks this season. And I'll bet big money one of them involves her.
  • Helen is growing more and more suspicious of Ronald, but the bigger question is, why now? The man has lived with you for how many years, and NOW you realize something is off?
  • No Ryan Phillippe sightings here! But Cody has not been forgotten. His son knows something is drastically wrong, even if Jenny and Cassie aren't ready to fully it yet.
Visiting the Church - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3
  • What's in the taser Ronald uses? These girls can never get the upper-hand on him, and it's getting to be a bit ridiculous.
  • The cult church was so creepy it's hard to even put into words. But there's a 100% probability it comes back into play at some point, right?

Alright, guys, that's all I got! What did you guys think about this hour?

Rick in the Wild - Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3

Did you think Grace was going to actually find help?

Are you excited to see Jenny and Cassie team up?

What have been some of your favorite moments of the series thus far?

Leave your comments down below and remember you can watch Big Sky online anytime via TV Fanatic!

The Big Rick Review

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Big Sky Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Jerrie: You've got some sister.
Danielle: Tell me about it. I got the looks. She got everything else.

Ronald: What's gotten into you?
Helen: I have a nose for things. And I don't like the stink.