Nurses Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Risky Behaviour

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Kabir is the worst. Actually, Dr. Hamilton is the worst, but Kabir is a close second. Grace finally ended her affair on Nurses Season 1 Episode 6, and I couldn't be happier! It's about time, really.

TV shows have a way of numbing us to less than okay relationships. We appreciate the nuances of morally ambiguous relationships, our shipper goggles excusing bad behavior.

We knew Grace's boyfriend was engaged to someone else. That's not a good sign for their relationship. He might not be the best guy. But we liked Grace, and she was doing it too, and we've excused worse in fiction before.

Kabir Trusts Dr. Hamilton - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Grace: You know, your life plan will always revolve around you, because I'm just a moving piece in it, but that's okay, because for me, I guess, I was using you too to survive.
Kabir: Survive what? What are you talking about?
Grace: But that isn't working anymore, so it's time to try something else.
Kabir: Grace-
Grace: Kabir, we're done. You keep making your plans, and I'm gonna make some new ones of my own.

We didn't know the backstory, the unique circumstances. Being a fan of Raymond Ablack from his Degrassi days, I was open to giving this 'ship the benefit of the doubt.

However, now that we've seen Kabir's reaction to Grace's hints about Dr. Hamilton, we can safely say he is an ass! He claims to favor "Me Too," but he clearly cares more about his career than whoever Dr. Hamilton has raped.

Based on what Linda told Grace, she wasn't the first and likely won't be the last. Dr. Hamilton is a powerful man who takes advantage of his position and rapes nurses regularly.

He's likely been accused before, and Kabir was the magic man who made it go away.

Grace and Kabir Have Dinner - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Grace: Hey, um, are these rumors about him true?
Kabir: What rumors? what did you hear?
Grace: Well, nothing specific, just some nurses at The General have been saying some things about him being inappropriate.
Kabir: God. God. You scared me. I thought maybe something serious had happened.
Grace: What, you don't think that's serious?
Kabir: Of course, it's serious, if it were true. You know I'm all about the "Me Too" stuff, you know that, it's just, it's not really the case here.
Grace: How can you be so sure?
Kabir: Because I've spent enough time with the guy to know. He's a powerful man at the top of his game, and with it being so zeitgeist, crabs are bound to crawl out of the woodwork.

He tried to get Grace to name her sources so that he could fire them before they started trouble! Imagine if she had told him it was her. would he stand by her? Considering he can't even be loyal to his own fiance, I'm guessing not.

Thankfully, Grace realized he was using her and admitted she was using him too. She's done what she had to to survive since her assault. Now, she's going to do something else.

Hopefully, that something else will stop Hamilton once and for all. The dude needs to fry!

Again, he is a powerful man, and without any power or allies, Grace's odds aren't great. Linda told her as much. That doesn't mean she shouldn't try, though. She's let fear and trauma hold her back for too long.

Linda From The General - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Grace: You remember that day at The General when you saw me in the OR crying by myself? Do you know why I was crying?
Linda: Grace, this isn't a path you want to go down; It's a dead-end. It never turns out well for the nurses.
Grace: For the nurses?
Linda: No one ever wins against him.

Of course, she could just mean she's going to find other ways to cope. Evan is clearly interested in her. They have chemistry, and he seems like a good guy.

As much as I'd ship it, though, another relationship, even a healthier one, isn't what Grace needs right now.

She needs to go to that mental health woman at the hospital and report what happened. It is a shame Kabir is such an ass, though. He would have made a good ally in this fight.

While Grace tries to figure out how to deal with her boss, who took advantage of his position as her superior, Dr. Vanessa Banks is trying to avoid the situation with Keon.

Dr. Banks Sets Boundaries - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Dr. Banks: What happened between us the other day, it can't happen again.
Keon: Okay.
Dr. Banks: Not at work.
Keon: So what about other places?
Dr. Banks: Keon, I like you a lot. Don't get smug about it. There is a power dynamic between us that we, that I need to address.
Keon: I don't mind you being incharge, if that's what you're asking.
Dr. Banks: Well, I do. In the delivery room, I have to be, but not in a relationship. It's gotta be 50-50.
Keon: Cool. So we can just take turns being boss in the bedroom.
Dr. Banks: I am a single mother with a busy practice. I don't have time-
Keon: You sure got a lot of excuses though.
Dr. Banks: Keon, we're in very different places in our lives, and you need to ask yourself if you're going to be okay with what I have the capacity to give.

It was clear from the beginning that something was there between Keon and Dr. Banks, and that steamy makeout session on Nurses Season 1 Episode 5 confirmed it.

However, Dr. Banks is concerned because she is above Keon at the hospital. She's in a position of power, and she's concerned about how that dynamic could affect their relationship and their jobs.

Keon acted like she was just running scared, making many excuses, but she makes an excellent point. She doesn't want to take advantage of him. She doesn't want to be like Dr. Hamilton.

The whole thing would be a mess with HR, but Keon is clearly consenting to this relationship. He likes Dr. Banks and wants to be with her.

That doesn't make it any less complicated, and it could all blow up at any time, but until then, we get some fun, sexy scenes with the two.

Naz Comforts Dev - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Dev: He loves life. He lives it fast and loose. We had a million conversations about him slowing down, but, uh, I could never get through.
Naz: I know what you mean.
Dev: Look, I ... you look so much like ...
Naz: Nazneen Khan, film star Aaliyah Khan's daughter?
Dev: Yeah, that's right. Wow, oh, okay, um, I was madly in love with you.
Naz: Why did you fall out of love?
Dev: Just distance. You disappeared completely. What happened?
Naz: I, um, I was basically you a few years ago. My twin brother, Amir, who also loved to party, he wrapped his car around a pole.
Dev: Oh, my god, I am so sorry.
Naz: There were a million recovery attempts. The never-ending roller-coaster of the Amir show. And then when the show ended, I needed a fresh start. And now here I am, with one half of me missing.
Dev: He would be proud of you.

Naz had a bit of romance as well. That wasn't the most interesting part of her plotline, though. As she bonded with her patient Veer and his cousin Dev, we learned more about her background.

We knew Naz's mother was a Bollywood celebrity and that Naz herself had a lavish life back home because of it. However, we did not know that she was a Bollywood celebrity herself.

Naz was a Bollywood child star. She had a catchphrase and everything! In retrospect, it makes sense. With a successful actress for a mother, Naz pursuing fame as well is not super surprising.

She's smart and charming, not to mention a legacy, so her success isn't surprising either.

Naz Blames Herself - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Veer: Wait! Oh wow! You're ... are you Nazneen? Are you Nazneen Khan? Ha-ha! I got it. Bollywood child star Nazneen Khan. Holy shit! My cousin Dev was in love with you.
Naz: If there's nothing more -
Veer: Of course there's more. You gotta do your catchphrase, the warrior dressed as the baby cow.
Naz: No. Now sit up straight.
Veer: Please, please, please. Yo, Dev and I watched all your movies. You, you didn't help me with the pain. The least you can do, is anesthetize me with your talent. The coast is clear.
Naz: Moo-moo, I love you!

Her patient, Veer, was such a fanboy. It was adorable. Naz clearly felt so awkward when asked to relive this part of her past, but she's a good nurse, so she indulged him.

He kept saying that his cousin was basically in love with her growing up, which is also adorable. That combined with his cousin being in med school?

It wouldn't be too surprising for those two to become something, especially since the episode began with Naz bemoaning how she struggled to meet someone.

However, what bonded them most wasn't Naz's time as his celebrity crush or the fact that they are both in medicine. It was the fact that they both know what it's like to love someone with a substance abuse problem.

Dev Worries about Veer - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Naz: My patient cracked his collarbone and is in significant pain.
Sinead: So ask a doctor to write you an order.
Naz: That's the thing. I'm worried he might also be a drug seeker. Should I still ask for narcotics?
Sinead: Go with your gut. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.
Naz: I didn't ask about ... ducks. Is that a yes or a no?
Red: Yeah, that, that's a firm no.

Naz's twin brother died in a car wreck, likely caused by his being drunk and/or high. He had a problem, and nothing was done about it.

We finally know what led Naz to leave behind the Bollywood life and become a nurse. It's a tragic backstory, but it helps us understand her character more.

Veer could still wake up, of course, which would be a catharsis for Naz. She couldn't save her brother, but she can save others like him.

If he wakes up, it means more Dev, which would be great! He and Naz are adorable together, or at least, they have the potential to be.

Naz Talks About Her Brother - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Dev: At every party, he was always the one buying everyone trays of shots. Always wanted to go to the next club, the next bar, keep the party going.
Naz: Well, when someone's in that mode, there's nothing you can do to stop them.
Dev: No, I knew he had a problem. I should have pushed harder for him to get help.
Naz: He was drunk when he came in earlier. I gave him a pamphlet, and I discharged him
Dev: Hey, hey, it's not your fault
Naz: Right back at you.

While Naz was reliving her past, Wolf was dealing with the problems of the present. He's working himself so hard because he needs money to afford his meds. Sadly, even in Canada, the healthcare system can screw people over.

It is not safe to work in healthcare when you are dead on your feet. Frankly, Wolf should have known better. It probably felt to him like he didn't have a choice. Almost getting a man killed acted as a wake-up call, though.

He works in healthcare, and while he's not a doctor, do no harm likely still applies. Wolf is the sweetest puppy, and he would never want to hurt anyone. But he needs his meds.

It looks like a Wolf's gotta do, what a Wolf's gotta do, and right now, a Wolf feels like he's gotta do something illegal. He's going to sell drugs on the black market.

Again, I get it. His back is up against a wall. He feels like he doesn't have a choice, and that's probably true. The healthcare system failed him. He has no other way to get his meds, which he needs, without endangering people.

Wolf Tries To Save Edward - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

Wolf: I'm not sharp today.
Edward: You got like the thousand-yard stare. Did you know that they coined that term during the Second World War and it's a symptom of battlefield exhaustion and stress?
Wolf: Except I am not on a battlefield.
Edward: Oh yeah? don't kid yourself.
Wolf: I guess I've been burning the candle on both ends. Running into financial difficulties.
Edward: Yeah. I mean, well, I think there's only one finacial difficulty: no money.
Wolf: That would be the one!

However, he's going to get caught. What he's doing is illegal, and he doesn't have the prestige of Dr. Hamilton or someone like Kabir on his side. Ironically, if he did, he probably wouldn't need to do this in the first place.

What kind of world do we live in, where puppies like Wolf have to break the law and likely get the book thrown at them, just to survive, and dicks like Dr. Hamilton get to stick their dicks wherever they want without anyone saying bub?

Hopefully, Wolf makes it out of this, healthy, not in jail, and without losing his job or license.

Over to you, Fanatic. What did you think of Kabir's behavior? What do you think Grace will do next? Do you hope to see Dev again? And how do we protect Wolf?

Grace Advises Mr. Adem - Nurses Season 1 Episode 6

So, being exhausted, overworked, stressed, that's just part of the human condition. And all that matters in the end is how you choose to manage that stress. And how you handle it can either make you a hero or desperate.


Let us know in the comments, and remember, you can watch Nurses online right here via TV Fanatic.

Nurses airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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