Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review: Big Kahuna

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Well, that certainly took a turn.

The ladies got tricked again, this time by an FBI agent masquerading as a hot tub connoisseur. But it wasn't one of them who took the fall on Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2

While Beth was ready to step forward and take the heat, the authorities came for Dean instead. A twist Beth most certainly didn't see coming.

Patient Stan - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Since Good Girls began, the men have always been on the outside. And they were really only brought in when the ladies were forced to tell them SOMETHING when the police started poking around.

Dean has been particularly clueless about everything, mainly because Beth has always told him what she felt like he needed to know. Keeping him away was rooted primarily in not implicating him, but it's Beth. There's always going to be a part of her who feels like the most competent person in the room.

Soon though, the FBI will realize that Dean doesn't know anything about the business. Or so it would seem.

Is there a universe in which Dean takes the wrap for Beth? It's not like he can sell her out because he doesn't have enough information. But he could just admit guilt and take the fall for whatever they try to pin on him.

Compromising Position - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

That's probably not going to happen, but it's a possibility.

Dean's redemption tour has been an up and down affair since Good Girls Season 1, but perhaps in retrospect, it would have been beneficial to get Dean's help. Beth has managed to make things work, but barely.

And Dean's arrest is just one minor concern for Beth right now, with the Rio threat still looming around as well.

There hasn't been nearly enough Rio through the first two hours of the season, and as usual, we still have such little insight into what he's thinking or what his long-term plans may be.

Making A Deal - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

The early episode fake-out wasn't a shock, but it sounds like the police aren't going to just take his alibi and drop it. And the connection between the bullets and other killings means that the heat is going to stay squarely on Rio's shoulders for a long while.

Even if the cops have the gun with Beth's fingerprints, will they believe she's some queenpin involved in a bunch of drug-related killings?

Killing Rio should probably take a backseat at the moment because it doesn't accomplish a whole hell of a lot.

Beth seems to be struggling a bit with her morality when it's convenient to do so. She's made a lot of ghastly decisions, but at this point, she can't change the past. There is no coming back from many of the things she's done, and the main goal should be self-preservation and protecting her family.

A Favor - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

And the same goes for all the ladies. The line is wherever you need to place it to keep the people that you love safe. That was why they got into the mess they're in, and it's how they have to play things moving forward.

So far into the season, Ruby and Annie have both had their primary plots revolve around family issues, while Beth has taken on the bulk of the "business" storylines. Not sure why that's a choice they're making this season because the best parts of the series are usually when the three are working in tandem.

That's not to say it hasn't been nice to check in with Stan and the kids because Stan and Ruby are forever the MVP couple of the series.

Good Girls loves to bring people back randomly, as we got both Carly and Jenny, JT, and Chris/Kevin back for some reason.

Mid-day Meeting - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

JT is lovely and is always welcome, but Carl and Jenny? Not so much.

It was funny that Ruby and Stan were so convinced they were there to bleed them dry when it ended up being the opposite, but how were they supposed to know that? Things have been rocky between the two couples, but they seemed to have formed a natural bond with Sara.

They don't seem to have anyone in the world anymore. And their connection to Sara, and by proxy the rest of the Hill's is sweet. Not telling them that Sara's kidney wasn't from their daughter was the right thing to do at that moment. And extending a tentative hand to them was the right move.

You make fun of everyone, but no one's life's a bigger joke than yours.

Ben [to Annie]

Annie and Ben are big-time struggling right now, and part of it is just teenage angst. While another part of it is Annie's obliviousness to the way she comes across.

Ruby Listens - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

There's a reason Ben keeps her at arms-length when it comes to things involving his school or his friends because Annie's first response to everything is sarcasm. She jokes about literally everything, and sometimes they land, and sometimes they don't.

So, to avoid Annie's jokes that are borderline judgmental, Ben has chosen to just keeps things to herself. He's changing, and he's growing, but Annie has failed to recognize that change, partly because she's always wrapped up in her own drama.

And while the wealth disparity between Annie and Gregg has always been there, it sometimes doesn't manifest as much for children until you reach a certain age.

Annie tries, she does. She's a good mom, in the sense that Ben would never doubt her love for him. She would do anything for him, and she does what she can to give him a good life, but she has a lot of faults.

And while going to therapy was a step in the right direction, we also know her inappropriate relationship with Dr. Cohen has overshadowed the actual therapy work.

Every season, it feels like Annie is that much closer to getting things together, but she's just unable to get there. She and Ben need to have an honest discussion because Annie doesn't seem to recognize just how off-putting she can be at times.

They're long overdue for a nice, honest conversation about the evolution of their mother and child relationship.

Odds and Ends

  • How many times are these people going to get duped by the authorities? It's almost laughable at this point. For as bright as Beth is, sometimes she really drops the ball. Some crazy big hot tub brand wants to team up with them and see their books immediately? There were red flags all over.
Beth Is Hesitant - Good Girls
  • When I said I wanted more Mick, I wasn't aware we would see that much of him! But loving how the ladies see him as a pseudo ally at this point and try to work with him when they can.
  • Has Gregg gotten more likable lately? Or is that just me?
  • It's not like we weren't aware the hitman had some serious issues, but he seems to be all in on Beth. And he does not seem interested in doing what she says at all. Seeing how that dynamic plays out is going to be very interesting moving forward.

Another week down, and some huge developments! I'm curious to know how you guys see things with Dean playing out.

Stating Facts - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Review

Could he take the fall for Beth?

Is killing Rio still the right move overall?

Will the ladies finally stop trusting random people who show up and befriend them?

Drop a comment down below and watch Good Girls online now so you can join the conversation!

Big Kahuna Review

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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Beth: Maybe it's just dinner.
Annie: Sure.
Ruby: If they're serving vagina.

Ruby: Now, that's what you call a statement piece.
Annie: And I think we all know what it says.
Beth: What does it say?
Ruby: He wants more than dinner.
Beth: Ew.
Annie: It's the thought that counts.
Beth: Ew.