The Flash Season 7 Episode 6 Review: The One With The Nineties

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We have now met all of the different Forces -- Still, Sage, and Strength -- thanks to two members of Team Flash and their blast to the past.

The Flash Season 7 Episode 6 pulled a page out of DC's Legends of Tomorrow's book by sending Cisco and Chester on a wacky adventure in the nineties. And that is probably the biggest compliment I could give the show.

The hour was equal parts fun and sentimental. Plus, it allowed one of The Flash's newest additions to grow as a character and cement a place in all of our hearts.

Chester - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

There's no denying that Chester was the star of "The One With The Nineties" as he and Cisco navigated the time travel predicament they found themselves in.

From the beginning, it was clear that Chester had a rocky past that we were going to find out about as the episode progressed. And we knew it was linked to his parents since he previously mentioned living with his Grandma at a young age.

Cisco: I think we just time-traveled.
Chester: Really? So, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1998?

As it turned out, Chester's father hadn't always been there for him, thanks to his job. And, heartbreakingly so, he died in a car accident when Chester was young.

What made it even more painful was that he died on December 5th, 1998, and Chester and Cisco were sent back to December 4th.

However, through all this heartbreak, the audience learned so much more about who Chester is and where he came from.

Seventies - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

Chester has always been an intriguing character from the moment he was introduced on The Flash Season 6. But we knew next to nothing about him until this episode.

Ever since Brandon McKnight got bumped up to series regular status, we have been waiting to find out more about his character. And what could be more perfect than forcing Chester to confront his past?

He has trauma and hurt, just like the rest of Team Flash. And like a good number of them, that stems from the death of a parent.

Chester's flawed relationship with his father was obviously a sore spot for him, but he never realized how much his father actually cared for him.

Frost - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

Somehow The Flash managed to make a scene between a father, who we had never met before, and a son, who is fairly new to the show, a poignant scene that will likely be remembered for a while.

It's something that we have seen many times before. A person travels back in time and comes face-to-face with someone they care about, who has no idea who they are.

But the show added in little details that made it completely their own.

Chester: Do you do this kind of thing a lot for him?
Quincy: Everything I do is for him. He's the reason I get out of bed in the morning.
Chester: But don't you ever resent having to work so hard 24/7?
Quincy: I'm the boy's father. And Chester's worth any sacrifice I have to make. Besides, when it comes to him, I don't believe in quitting.
Chester: So you don't care about your work more than your son? You care about your work because of him.
Quincy: I'm just a man trying to do the right thing. Make my son proud.

The best part about that scene was Chester finding out that his father left things in the trash for him to find. It struck an emotional cord because we had just seen Chester digging through the trash to find parts he needed.

Everything that Chester had done or said on the hour was leading up to this moment between him and his father. And the payoff was a beautiful scene that will be a driving force for Chester's character as the show progresses.

Cisco - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

Besides shining a light on Chester, the episode also showed off the greatness that is Cisco and Chester's friendship.

We have been teased with their buddy-buddy behavior throughout The Flash Season 7, but it was nice for the show to take the time to focus on the depth of their relationship.

Cisco and Chester: Team Chesco's on the case!
Cisco: Let's get it!
Iris: Separated at birth.

All of their jokes aside, even though they are hilarious with one another, Cisco and Chester have developed a beautiful friendship in a short period of time. Which made Cisco just the person to have by Chester's side as he dealt with his father.

They play off one another so well and have a certain chemistry that comes naturally for some characters.

The friendships between all the Team Flash members are the show's backbones, and we are happy to see another one blossoming so nicely.

Joe West - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

On the plot side of the hour, the final Force was introduced, and this one might be more powerful than the rest. Although, they all individually seem to be capable of defeating Team Flash on their own.

Deon, AKA the Still Force, was, funnily enough, just trying to relive his youth when he was rewinding time.

He could stop you in your tracks anytime, anywhere. That's his power. It's like he's the opposite of the Speed Force. He's the Still Force. Which I guess would make Fuerza the Strength Force. And that would make Psych the Sage Force.


He definitely appears to be the tamest of the Forces in terms of evil plans, but he's just getting started.

As Barry stated, the Still Force is only now figuring out the full scope of his powers. And when someone comes into great power, it's only a matter of time before they are corrupted.

Healing - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

Things may not be what they seem, though.

Right now, it's cut and clear to Team Flash that the Forces outside of the Speed Force are evil and the enemy. But does anyone else have the feeling that the Speed Force isn't one hundred percent truthful?

A lot of what the characters know about these other Forces comes from her mouth, and I am not sure that we can trust her completely.

But what could she be hiding? We know that she does care for Barry if her regret of taking the form of his mother is any proof, so she can't have ill intent if she is lying.

All I know is that something about her story of the other Forces attacking her doesn't quite add up. And we are going to find out why soon.

Iris West - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

Even if there have been seeds of doubt planted about the Speed Force's intentions, it was still sweet to see her bond with Iris.

Both of them are significant figures in Barry's life, and though it was a small part of the hour, their building relationship was a highlight.

But as the show continues, it's clear that Barry will be a bit uncomfortable with Iris becoming more friendly with the Speed Force.

Speed Force: I never took into account how much his mother's death might still weigh on him. What have I done? I'll change my appearance. Appear in my true form to all of you from now on as lightning because I can't keep hurting him like this.
Iris: You're not causing him pain. You're giving him a gift.
Speed Force: How?
Iris: It's like how his blanket reminds him of his mom. And that memory gives him comfort and peace, it's the same thing with you.
Speed Force: So, I'm not a painful reminder?
Iris: No, not at all. You are a happy one. I may be his lightning rod, but you are his lightning.
Speed Force: Thank you.

Nora Allen's death has been the defining moment of Barry's life, and it has to be strange to see the Speed Force take on her form.

There are so many conflicting feelings that are soon to arise, and it will be interesting to see how Barry's relationship with the Speed Force -- and with Iris -- develops as she continues to heal.

Barry - The Flash Season 7 Episode 6

What did you think, The Flash Fanatics?

Do you love Chester -- AKA John Boyega? What do you make of the Still Force? What is the Speed Force hiding?

And has the show forgotten about Iris' PTSD from her time in the Mirrorverse?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

The One With The Nineties Review

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The Flash Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Cisco and Chester: Team Chesco's on the case!
Cisco: Let's get it!
Iris: Separated at birth.

Iris: Do you remember what happened?
Speed Force: Only some of it. When I was reborn, I was surrounded by light and love. Then came the pain. I could feel these Forces of Nature were like me, only evil.