NCIS Season 18 Episode 15 Review: Blown Away

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It's early yet, but I vote yes.

Jessica Knight, a potential new NCIS agent, was trotted out on NCIS Season 18 Episode 15.

Why? Why not? Mark Harmon's status for NCIS Season 19 hasn't been nailed down yet. A reduced presence by Gibbs has to be compensated for with another team member, someone further down the food chain who has some of Gibbs' traits.

Members Are Killed -- Tall - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

Katrina Law, who portrays Jessica, has played some kick-ass characters in the past, including Nyssa al Ghul on Arrow and Quinn Lui on Hawaii Five-0.

She's also appeared in several Hallmark holiday movies, but we shouldn't hold that against her. Hasn't everybody?

High-Tech Armor - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

Jessica was instantly given a sad back story. A member of NCIS's Regional Enforcement Action Capabilities Training team (think military SWAT), she served as the squad's negotiator on a mission that went sideways.

Knight had done her job, getting a suspect about to be arrested for weapons dealing to free his pregnant wife, who he was holding hostage.

As her team flooded in to arrest the suspect, Jessica stepped into another room then the house exploded. Shortly later, Torres was digging her out, the only member of her squad still alive.

Well, her Gibbsian supervisory agent was still alive as well. It was almost like he knew something was about to happen. Maybe we should have read into that sooner. 

Searching Explosion Site - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

This meant Knight was an instant orphan looking for a new home. You can always depend on NCIS not to be too subtle.

But that's what keeps bringing us back -- that family feeling.

So who is Jessica? She is a female gifted with the worst qualities of Gibbs and Torres. She's contrary, rule-bending, aggressive, and argumentative.

She's what Torres would be if he hadn't been on double-secret probation since arriving at NCIS.

Looking for Clues - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

That was most evident when she and Torres went to bring in the bombing suspect, Soren. After hinting broadly that she wanted to go after Soren first, she went ahead and did it, breaking into Soren's trailer before Torres reached the front door.

The ever-sage Jimmy Palmer, taking over that part of Ducky's role as well, saw her pain and talked with her openly about survivor's guilt. He gave her some perspective that she badly needed.

As for the case itself, Kessler, the armor manufacturer, was the obvious suspect. He was just too cooperative with McGee when revealing proprietary details.

To add to Knight's pain, of course, Dalton, the sole remaining member of her team, was the one who arranged for the bombing, even if he picked someone who couldn't follow directions.

Lone Survivor - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

How much of her persona was her normal M.O., and how much was her working off adrenaline and grief? We'll find out more during her next appearance on NCIS Season 18 Episode 16, the season finale.

That will be a true test of how she operates, now that she's gotten justice for her slain teammates.

And, although Vance was likely humoring her because of her situation, Knight was able to hold her ground against him, something none of the regulars, except the departed Jack and, of course, Gibbs, have been able to do.

A little Gibbs might be just what Jessica needs, assuming that he returns sooner rather than later, which is no sure thing.

Director at Service - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

There is another reason that Jessica may be added to the team. There's something afoot with Bishop.

Her covert hobby may be about to come to the fore, as Odette is scheduled to appear in the season finale. Might there be a need for a second female field agent as a result?

Ellie's seeking a meeting with Gibbs was unusual, to say the least. The pointed questions she was asking him almost appeared like she was seeking some closure.

And Nick has to know what Bishop's been up to, right?

Gibbs at Funeral - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

Gibbs found himself a new hobby. That persistent Marcie has turned him into a private investigator, seemingly against his will.

Oh, well, Lucy's gone now, so he needs something to fill his time until Vance caves. Maybe after the dog killer is convicted, Gibbs will get some clemency for being right before the fact.

Marcie, also baffled by Gibbs' boat in the basement, got under his skin by denigrating his investigative skills.

While he's free to investigate whatever he wants as an unlicensed detective, Marcie is violating an unwritten rule of journalism by getting personally involved in a story.

A Quiet Moment - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

In no time whatsoever, Gibbs got details about Hannah's case to which Marcie didn't have access.

And the way they fed off each other to determine they were dealing with a serial killer was enjoyable. Now how long enough they clash with real law enforcement?

What's most interesting is watching a real-life husband and wife not yet develop any romantic spark. They're content to work together platonically on a case.

Apparently, one of Pam Dawber's agreements before taking the role is that that would remain so. It's a welcome change of pace to see Gibbs working with a woman of his age with no romantic entanglement on the horizon.

Sifting the Evidence - NCIS Season 18 Episode 15

To revisit the adventures of "L. Jethro Gibbs, Gentleman of Leisure," watch NCIS online.

How did you like Jessica?

Would you like for her to become a regular member of the team?

Do you expect Gibbs to make his triumphant return this season or next?

Comment below.

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