The Resident Round Table: CoNic Baby, Underwhelming Billie, and Die Hard Devon & Leela Shipping

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It's a go on the CoNic baby!

By the end of The Resident Season 4 Episode 13, Nic was in labor, but only after a baby shower that saw Billie getting personal, Devon and Leela getting too close to patients, and much more.

Join Carissa Pavlica, Lizzy Buczak, Meaghan Frey, and Jasmine Blu as they discuss the hour.

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The CoNic Baby is coming. React!

Carissa: I loved the shower and how their dads were so eager to participate and help. They've come sooo far, and I couldn't be more thrilled that Nic and Conrad will have two doting grandaddies around to share their joy.

And how awesome was it that they honored their moms, as well? So many things about this pregnancy have been plagued with manufactured drama, so I hope we see an easy, joyful birth. They've earned it.

Lizzy: Echoing what Carissa said, I hope they have an easy birth because after all that they’ve been through during this pregnancy, they deserve it.

It’s the perfect way to end the season. We’ve followed their love story since day one, so I’m excited to see Nic and Conrad become parents.

Meaghan: I swear if anything happens to that baby, I will be rioting. These two deserve happiness after everything we have been through -- so do us viewers.

If this truly does end up being the last season, they cannot leave us on a low like something happening to the baby or a cliffhanger where the baby's fate is in the air.

Also, I just in this very moment realized that if they cancel the show, we will never get to see Conrad be a father. I just cannot accept that fact.

Jasmine: Marshall and Kyle were so stinking cute and made me laugh. They stole the hour for me, and I wish we had more of them. Ugh, I don't want to think about not getting to see CoNic parent. But, yeah, I hope they have a healthy, happy birth.

What do you make of Devon's attachment to Rose and jealousy of Cain? Are you surprised Rose's clinical trial with Bio South was a success?

Carissa: I don't think he's jealous as much as protective of a patient he was moving heaven and earth to save. It felt natural.

He knows Cain, and the idea of him plaguing (word of the day!) Rose's life didn't sit well.

Hell, we get it. I'm shocked her success came so quickly, but given the past trials, it's a win that we and Chastain needed, and it's what I expected.

Confident Devon-Tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 12

Lizzy: I’m with Carissa on this one as well! Devon really invested himself in Rose’s case. He wanted her to make the most of her second chance, and in his mind, giving Cain the time of day wasn’t it.

I can’t blame him. Cain had some empathetic moments with Rose, but he’s been nothing but a selfish, ego-driven pain in the behind to his colleagues. Therefore, Devon’s reaction was natural!

As for her outcome, Rose has been through hell and back. I didn’t think they’d focus so much on her character if she wasn’t going to take home the W.

Meaghan: I agree with Carissa and Lizzy. I got worried for a split second that Devon had feelings for her-- and I was going to throw a fit over him falling for another patient -- but it quickly became clear what was going on.

Cain is toxic, and he is worried that Rose get sucked into that and end up hurt. However, Rose is a big girl and very capable of deciding for herself.

Treating Rose  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

I'm not necessarily surprised, but I am relieved. As I said when they introduced the storyline, the show needed to portray big pharma in a more positive light given our current times.

Jasmine: I thought it was interesting that for a bit, it seemed as if Devon's interactions with Rose, Billie, and Leela were enough to spark romance discussions, so I thought Devon's platonic affection for Rose was refreshing.

I appreciated how the series addressed his attachment -- it did feel like some jealousy to me, and he admitted as much, but it wasn't a romantic type, and it was protectiveness, too.

I assumed the worst with Rose, so even though it seemed to work fast and all of that, I'm glad she's better.

What are your thoughts or predictions about Billie's biological son wanting to meet her?

Carissa: I wish I cared, but I don't. I'm really not even interested in predicting it. She hasn't won me over.

And, frankly, I would have rather she wasn't raped. It IS possible to give up your child or have an abortion without the TV tragedy that always must be involved.

But we have the story now. Will it play out before the end of the season if The Resident isn't renewed?

Billie's Secret - tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Lizzy: I was slightly bothered by his approach. First of all, how did he get her cell phone number? And why was he so pushy?

I can understand a child wanting to meet his mother, but the texts were borderline harassment. I wasn’t a fan of a storyline pushing someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Though I think once Billie sees Nic with her baby, she’ll have a change of heart and agree to meet her son. Whether we see that play out on screen, we’ll see. I’m fine with it going either way.

Meaghan: Did anyone REALLY need The Resident to give Billie a big story arc that has nothing to do with the other characters? I'm sorry, but I just really don't care about her character at all.

Glowing Mom  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

I have gotten past the point of disliking her, which is nice, but I'm certainly not at the point where I want to see her onscreen alone.

Also, are there no such things as real closed adoptions in TV land? I can understand a child's curiosity about their biological parents once they find out they are adopted; however, more protections should be in place for the parents who genuinely don't want that contact.

Jasmine: Thank goodness, I was wondering if I was alone in my general apathy to Billie. If I searched high and low, I wouldn't find a damn to give. I felt awful for feeling that way, given the nature of the storyline, but she's rubbed me the wrong way since they shoehorned in, and I haven't vibed with her since.

I also agree about the tragic reason for giving up her son. It's almost as if there's a fear of a woman looking "bad" if she simply gave up a kid because she didn't want it.

Billie the Right Hand  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 10

The kid bypassing whatever was in place that made it a private adoption genuinely disturbed me. To echo Lizzy, it wasn't "borderline harassment;" it WAS harassment, and nothing about his behavior was okay. The entire storyline both irked and disturbed me.

AJ's mother appeared to be on the mend, but how do you feel about this misleading storyline?

Carissa: I missed something, so I didn't understand it all. Did AJ fake the results to give her a better end-of-life journey? I thought it looked like things were quite dire, but then AJ gave her the all-clear, and I knew I missed something, but I didn't know what it was, ergo missing it.

Lizzy: It was too good to be true. The episode was heavy on happy moments, so I was waiting for the other foot to drop. Considering that she was in stage 4, I think it’s more realistic that her health will decline. I don’t want to see AJ suffer anymore, but it doesn’t look too good based on the promos.

Carol's Good News - tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Meaghan: If AJ's mom was going to die quickly I wish it had been before Mina left. He is going to need her. Without her to help him stay sane after that loss, I foresee him going to a dark place.

Jasmine: Yeah, outside of Billie, I didn't care for this one either. You guys know how much I LOVE the Raptor, but I haven't connected well with this storyline either, and I just want them to leave my guy alone!

Are you invested in the potential Devon and Leela romantic arc?

Carissa: Dammit, I am! They're very cute together, and the actors have a natural chemistry that makes it impossible not to root for them. They're far easier to enjoy than Cain and Rose.

Coffee Dates  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Lizzy: You know it. I’m like the rest of the staff at Chastain — I just want to see Devon happy. And Devon and Leela have great chemistry. I didn’t think I’d be so fond of her character when they first introduced her, but she’s growing on me.

Meaghan: OMG YES!!! This is the perfect relationship for Devon, and I only wish we had managed to get it earlier in the show.

Jasmine: Leela had me from the second she stepped off the bus all wide-eyed, and I've fallen deeper in love with her with each passing moment.

I am complete and utter Devon and Leela trash right now. I'm steering the hell out of this ship! They and Kitbell are basically the 'ships that have my whole heart.

Getting Attached - tall  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

I LOVE Devon and Leela's chemistry, and it delights me that they've FINALLY gotten Devon's love life right. Also, as the resident Devon fangirl, I'm loving this Devon love.

Are you happy that Bell finally has the family he craved with Jake, Greg, and little Sammie?

Carissa: How could you not be happy for Bell? Bruce Greenwood nails Bell's expressions when Bell is feeling soft. I love it.

Lizzy: It’s adorable. I’m here for all the Grandpa Bell moments. And it’s further proof of how far Bell has come since the premiere.

Excited Grandpa  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Meaghan: I am so happy that Bell is finally getting something good. It has been a long road to redemption, and he deserves a family.

Jasmine: I totally agree about Greenwood; he's amazing. I love soft Bell. Grandpa Bell made me smile in delight. The grandfather energy of this hour had me tickled. I'm so happy for Bell and his family. Protect them at all costs!

What would you like to see in the finale?

Carissa: The only thing that I must see during the finale is a "we'll be back next season" at the end. Otherwise, that baby better be born so the episode and season can end on a high.

Expecting Parents - tall  - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Lizzy: What Carissa said… haha. I want another season so I can enjoy Baby Conic, Bell’s new family, and all the new relationships that are forming.

Meaghan: I'm on Team tell us it is renewed, please!!!

I'm hoping that with its precarious position they planned the season finale as a potential series one just in case. I need every character in a good place, so if we never see them again, we can at least know they'll be okay.

Jasmine: Yeah, I'm going to need that renewal now. I'm still reeling from the Prodigal Son cancelation. I can't take more stress. ANSWER US!

Rose's News - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Do you have any other observations you'd like to share or a favorite scene?

Carissa: I hate this question. LOL, I'll revisit after the other kids have had a chance to weigh in with thoughts because I always forget something being the early bird.

Lizzy: Romantic future aside, I really enjoyed Devon comforting Leela after she lost her first patient.

Despite all the advice about not getting emotionally attached to patients, they all know how hard it is, so it was really moving that he just sat there with her. Sometimes, being there is the best thing you can do for someone.

Leela and Devon on the Scene - tall - The Resident Season 4 Episode 13

Meaghan: That was a great scene, Lizzy! I

have been absolutely loving the growth in their relationship through this season, so any moment between them is a win in my book!

Jasmine: As long as you still love ME, then it's all good, Carissa! LOL!

It's been Manish Dayal's season. From the devastating arc of losing his father and grieving, to his renewed devotion to his patients, to this entire relationship with Leela, the man has put forth his best performances on the series to date, and I've loved every second of him.

It's incredible how well they've done with this Devon and Leela dynamic. I find them utterly captivating. Their scene after the death was such a quiet, intimate, vulnerable moment for both of them. I loved the parallels to Devon's first day on the job when he lost his patient.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree or disagree with us? Hit the comments below!

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The Resident Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

AJ: Dr. Davies, Surgery 101: Never let patients get into your heart.
Leela: Don't worry about me. I'm all about self-control.
AJ: That's good to know.

Devon: Hey, Conrad. Can I talk to you for a second? I need you to cover her for me.
Conrad: She's your patient.
Devon: I know, I- I just need to take a minute.
Conrad: OK, you want to talk about it?
Devon: Not yet.
Conrad: OK. Do what you gotta do.