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  • Billie throws Nic a baby shower.
  • Devon and Leela have pre-work coffees daily. Devon notices Cain and Rose at the coffee shop and leaves. He tells Leela that he knows how Cain is and is concerned about Rose. 
  • On their way back to the hospital, they see a raging fire at an apartment building and go to help.
  • A man, Doug, rescues a woman's son, Ty, out of the burning building and Devon checks him out. They rush him to the hospital.
  • Carol is doing better and responding well to treatment.
  • Jake and Greg spend time with Sammie. Her English is coming along well,and she also loves Bell.
  • They're trying to make it official so they can adopt her.
  • Marshall and Kyle show up early at the baby shower, and Billie gives them busy work.
  • Cain brings Rose into the hospital when her legs start hurting her after they take a walk through the park. Devon asks Conrad to take care of Rose, he needs some space. Conrad inquires about that, but Devon isn't ready to talk about it yet. 
  • AJ warns Leela not to get too attached to Doug, their patient. They have to do surgery because he has a rib that's lodged in his aorta. The broken rib is stopping him from bleeding out, and that's the only way he made it to the hospital alive in the first place. 
  • Billie is getting a lot of text messages that seem to be rattling her. 
  • Test show Sammie has kidney and liver failure and her long-term prospects aren't looking good.
  • Rose's scans show she isn't having a Sickle Cell Crisis. Devon confides in Conrad that he feels protective of Rose around Cain who is problematic at best. 
  • After Nic finds messages on Billie's phone, Billie tells Nic that after her rape she got pregnant and had the baby. She gave it up for adoption. Her son wants to meet her now that he's 18. 
  • Rose's scans show no signs of sickle cell. She's cured.
  • Doug dies. Devon comforts Leela after it happens. 
  • They have the baby shower. Billie gives them a sentimental gift of pictures with their moms. Billie is still dodging texts from her birth child. 
  • Nic goes into labor. 
The Resident
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The Resident Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

AJ: Dr. Davies, Surgery 101: Never let patients get into your heart.
Leela: Don't worry about me. I'm all about self-control.
AJ: That's good to know.

Devon: Hey, Conrad. Can I talk to you for a second? I need you to cover her for me.
Conrad: She's your patient.
Devon: I know, I- I just need to take a minute.
Conrad: OK, you want to talk about it?
Devon: Not yet.
Conrad: OK. Do what you gotta do.