Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5 Review: The Kite

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The mystery deepens on Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5.

Joy's life changes forever, and danger has been forecast for the Merriwick cousins for a very long time.

While they deal with a lot of ambiguous information coming their way, everyone else in town is up to their usual shenanigans.

Martha's Trouble - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Can you begin sleepwalking (and sleep working) later in life?

On Good Witch Season 7 Episode 4, Martha was a little freaked out to learn that Tom hadn't been to a doctor in decades.

Well, Martha might want to get herself to a sleep clinic PRONTO!

People do some crazy things while sleeping, but sending emails and canceling tickets takes the cake. Surely, something is going on with Martha's health that's got her doing that kind of thing while she's supposed to be sleeping.

Surprise at the Willow View - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Tom was out of town, so it's possible he's known all along and ushers her back to bed when she starts on a late-night trek in her sleep.

The last place Martha looks for answers is in her own home, and this time, I don't blame her for that. It's hard to imagine the lack of control you'd be experiencing with this discovery. At the very least, it's unsafe.

Going full Godfather as she nailed "Stepho" the culprit because she refused to fix a ticket was so Martha. She even took her precious rose bushes out of the ground and into bed with her. Only Martha.

With Stephanie's dating life, the last thing she had time to do was take revenge on Martha.

Worried Now - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Stephanie and Sean went on a date, and it was not to her liking.

Stephanie is a classy woman who touts wine bars, cheese boards, and a glass of cabernet as the casual dates she enjoys.

Being younger than Stephanie and more in line with Sean's age, she nailed his idea of a casual date before he even got the chance to arrive, toting his PlayStation, root beer, and ribs.

Stephanie: You do realize we're on a date, right?
Sean: And you do realize that Lady Bethany isn't going to protect herself from the evil wizard, right?

Sean had a great time, but Stephanie was initially appalled that she had to suffer through her worst nightmare. As someone who sees benefits to both of their ideas of casual, I was glad that she got out of her own head for a bit and dove into the video and ribs.

Lady Bethany - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

I was surprised that she gave him an F on that date, though. That's a huge red flag. She should have graded him higher since, in the end, she enjoyed herself despite her expectations.

If anything spells doom for their relationship (if we can even call it that so early in the game), it's that grade.

She probably graded him the full F because she earned a C on her French quiz, but it was still disappointing. Why drag it out if she's already dissatisfied?

It was still rough going between Sam and Adam, but George had a plan for that.

Coincidence at the Leopard Lodge - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

George's mission of getting Sam out of his own head included taking him to the Leopard's Lodge, where Adam would just happen be hanging, as well.

Adam knew it would look odd since they'd never been there before to both show up at the same time, but there's safety in numbers, so he took Donovan along.

This was no off-the-cuff adventure, though, as George had planned for the trio to become full-fledged lodge members, including initiation challenges.

Donovan: I never thought of myself as a Leopard Lodge kind of guy, and I was right.
Adam: Well, I'm Leopard material!

That helped to keep Sam and Adam from their obvious discomfort with each other, but Donovan was like, what the heck am I doing here?

Benevolent Order Ping Pong - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

If Stephanie's idea of casual was different than Seans, Donovan's of hanging with the guys didn't include a lodge experience, let alone a series of trials that would enable him to make the relationship permanent.

George's fellow lodge leader compromised the initiation ritual tests with things like mopping the floor and fixing HVAC units, but it was the hot pepper challenge that tested Sam and Adam the most.

I'm taking you down this time.


If they're that eager to be the winner when it's so darned painful, it's easier to understand what happened on the basketball court. They're highly competitive, even with each other. That's not always beneficial to their health or their friendship.

Introducing Adam's high school classmate into the mix showed how easily a situation could go from a misunderstanding to something far more detrimental.

Paradise Peppers - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

The lodge set was very detailed, and now that the guys are members, I hope it finds them getting together more often there, Donovan included.

If he's interested in becoming Governor, having others in his corner will help him win the race. Everything I know of groups like the Leopard Lodge says that they'll back each other all the way.

The real meat of the hour came from the Merriwick cousins. If the purple pouches got the ball rolling on the mystery, the Middleton Exchange started an avalanche.

Everything from the glasses Abigail got from Stephanie to the runestones to the kite all point the Merriwicks to more details about what's in store.

Abigail Looks Concerned - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Most importantly, they found Joy's father!

Abigail: You can't remember. How can you definitively say that you are not her father?
Elliott: Because a father would never forget his daughter.

The poor guy has been lost all these years. Julia has portended that something wicked was coming that would put them in danger, and to protect Joy from losing both of them, she cast a spell that kept Phillip in the dark.

That plan, though, ensured that Joy thought her father abandoned them, and when her mom died at 17, she was all alone. Needless to say, what Julia did had some negative effects.

She should have had a way other than the runestone to wake Phillip out of his Elliott stupor. Sure, all's well that ends well, but the trauma Joy suffered shaped her forever.

Do You Have the Amulet - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Is knowing that her mother did it to protect her from pain enough? This is Good Witch, so it will be, but it's a valid question if you think about what's taken place critically.

Phillip never got to see his daughter grow up. He lost his identity for a very long time. Joy's own identity was wrapped up in his disappearance. It seems like Julia didn't think it through and didn't explain it well to Joy.

I spoke to Katherine Barrell, and she shared how she believes Joy will weather the storm. That interview will be up at 11 am on Monday, June 14!

Of course, everything with Julia and Phillip was a lot more involved, especially since Julia send Phillip away with something important for the future -- the amulet she gave him.

Beaming with Happiness - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

Whatever is coming down the pike for Cassie, Abigail, and Joy, it seems like it will be a life-changing event. They appear to be in grave danger, and the family spent decades working to protect them when the time arrived.

If the amulet is gone forever, how will that change their ability to protect themselves?

There was no way that Phillip could have known that urbanization would destroy the location he chose to bury it. But, if there's one thing I know about Good Witch, it's that they always find a way around to bring a happy ending.

Phillip: She said it was an important part of family history and it needed to be protected because one day it would protect all of you.
Abigail: Protect us from what?
Phillip: I don't know. I had to keep it safe. Your mother knew when you needed it, you'd know how to find it.

The land was razed, so it's possible (and probable) that the amulet is in someone else's hands. Whether that's a safe space or it fell into the wrong hands could be an interesting route to take with the story.

Snowy Day - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

All of this has given the cousins more reason to talk about their charmed life than ever before. They've all had vivid experiences with their intuition, from their first realization that they were special to how it impacted respecting their gifts later.

Since she arrived in Middleton, we've known Cassie as someone who leans hard on her gifts to help those around her. At first, it meant others were skeptical of her, but now we know why she never let anyone stop her and why she's so dedicated to following where her intuition leads.

Her first strong sense was the night before her parents were killed. She brushed it off, and they died. She was a child, and she lost everything because she doubted herself. At least, that's how she sees it.

She didn't know that her senses were unique and prophetizing. She was not to blame for her parents' deaths, but you can't explain that to a child, let alone one who discovers the truth behind what she feels.

Fly a Kite - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5

With the unknown looming in the future, Good Witch has been veering into the magical side of the show more than ever, and it's tinged with historical significance that is driving the story.

Joy: I always used to say, 'Guess what I'm going to dream about.' And he would say, 'Rainbow, wrapped around the moon.' When I woke up, he was gone.
Cassie: My dad used to tap me on the nose three times when he tucked me in, saying he loved me forever, for always, and until the cows come home.
Joy: My mom used to tell me that even though he left, we would always be a family. That's all she would ever say.

There is a theme about parents and children proliferating Good Witch Season 7, as well, which seems to be very important, so important that it's hard to believe that Cassie isn't more concerned about how it might affect Grace.

Phillip: That tree had been there for over a hundred years. I never thought...
Abigail: Magic of the movies.
Joy: Could take down the magic of the Merriwicks.

There is so much going on, and I'm eager to see what it all means.

Share your thoughts on "The Kite" down below, and if you missed it, you can watch Good Witch online to get up to speed!

The Kite Review

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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Donovan: I never thought of myself as a Leopard Lodge kind of guy, and I was right.
Adam: Well, I'm Leopard material!

You know, they're going to start calling us a power couple, if we're not careful.