The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5 Review: Don't Turn Away

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We're almost at the end.

We have just one (!!!) episode left after The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5, and the series has started putting the final pieces in place.

Jane, Kat, and Sutton's lives are on the upswing from romantic relationships to new job opportunities.

Jane and Jacqueline long - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

First up, there's Jane, who's inexplicably been made the new editor-in-chief at Scarlet.

Yes, Jacqueline decided to extend her vacation permanently and name Jane as her successor.

Jacqueline: Scarlet has been my baby for a really long time now, and as with all children, we raise them knowing someday they will fly with somebody else. After my trip I am officially retiring from Scarlet magazine. Ian and I are starting a new chapter. We’ve always wanted to work together, so we felt like this was the right time.
Jane: But Jacqueline, I mean, Scarlet is you.
Jacqueline: But it won’t be forever. Jane, I want you to take the reins as editor-in-chief.
Jane: What? Me?
Jacqueline: Do you accept?
Jane: Yes, yes, I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life. Wow.
Jacqueline: You’re gonna be great.
Jane: Yeah because of you.

All Jane did was shadow Jacqueline for less than a week and handle a meeting on her own before Jacqueline decided to hand the reins over to the young writer.

It's completely baffling why Jacqueline would trust someone with as little managerial experience as Jane with running such a massive publication.

Jane overwhelmed - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

Jane doesn't even have her potential success as interim editor-in-chief to showcase her leadership capabilities because Jacqueline decided to bypass that crucial trial period after Jane handled one meeting by herself.

I understand this decision from a storytelling perspective as Jane being named the editor-in-chief at Scarlet bookends her professional journey nicely, but the same effect could be achieved with a flashforward.

Why not have the series jump forward five, 10, 15 years into the future during the final few minutes?

And there, we would see Jane becoming Scarlet's editor-in-chief after years of experience and a proven track record at the publication.

Jacqueline vacation - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

That would be a satisfying ending and plausible as Jane's promotion down the line would have felt believable.

One of the things we love about Jacqueline is her inherent trust and faith in her employees, but this move feels idiotic on her part.

Jacqueline: I have this gut that [Kat] is going to be asset to the future of Scarlet.
Oliver: Those three are going to run this place one day.
Jacqueline: Yeah, they are. It’s actually a strange feeling.
Oliver: What is?
Jacqueline: Well, Jane is ready. I want her to be ready. I spent years getting her ready, and she is now, and I don’t know. maybe, there’s a part of me is ready too.
Oliver: What are you saying?
Jacqueline: Maybe my vacation with Ian isn't a vacation. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new chapter together.

It's as if she doesn't care about Scarlet's legacy anymore now that she and Ian are off to start a new chapter.

If she did, she'd leave someone with more editorial and managerial experience in charge or look for an outside candidate to fill the role.

Jane biggest challenge - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

At the very least, she should stay on in some capacity while Jane gets acclimated to being the new Jacqueline.

Jane did an admirable job in juggling everything so far and dealing with whatever came her way, but there's so much more to being an editor-in-chief than multitasking.

There are budgets and endless meetings, along with conversations with legal, advertisers, board members, and employees, and Jane has virtually no experience in any of these areas.

The publication would probably be better hiring someone with a business background to fill Jacqueline's position, as at least they could handle the day-to-day operations of running Scarlet.

Jacqueline talk - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

It's a lot for Jacqueline to throw at Jane, and despite her repeated insistence, we all know Jane is nowhere near ready.

Of course, this being a television show, Jane will rise to the challenge and succeed, not letting any obstacle -- of which there will be plenty -- get in her way.

Ian: Honey, you chose Jane to cover you on our trip for a reason.
Jacqueline: I know, but what if she needs my help?
Ian: If she’s ever going to learn how to be editor-in-chief, she’s got to do it alone. We deserve this. So does Jane.

Don't get me wrong; Jane has the potential to be a fantastic editor-in-chief someday, someone who could rival Jacqueline.

However, today is not that day. 

Sutton danger - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Then there's Sutton, who made substantial progress in therapy, but all of that could be undone by the return of Richard.

Before Sutton and Richard's second meet-up, Sutton was in a much better place.

She signed the divorce papers, got to the root of why she drinks, and poured out the remaining -- albeit expensive -- alcohol in her apartment.

It was great to see Sutton make such breakthroughs and strides as she began her journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Richard calls - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

She still had a lot of work ahead of her, but this was the best we've seen Sutton since her separation from Richard.

However, all of that hard work could go out the window following her hookup with Richard.

Sutton: When I saw you the other day, you seemed really happy, and I want you to be happy, like I really do, but it also made me feel kind of bad, you know? That we, that I, I don’t know. That maybe you’re happier without me. That probably sounds really pathetic.
Richard: No, it doesn’t, but I’m glad you said something. I seemed happy because I had just gotten off the phone with an adoption agency, and I decided to start the process.
Sutton: Wow.
Richard: Yeah, it’s really early, and there are interviews and character references and so many things I don’t know about yet.
Sutton: That’s really great.
Richard: Sutton, I will never ever think that what we had was anything but incredible. I love you, and I will always love you. And every day still sucks.
Sutton: It sucks so bad.
Richard: I miss you.
Sutton: I miss you too.

The 'shipper in me was ecstatic they got hot and heavy, but the reviewer in me wonders what this all means for the ex-marrieds.

Getting over Richard nearly broke Sutton, and if she has to go through that heartbreak again, I'm not sure what state we'd find her in.

Suttard Hug - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 15

And despite Suttard still being in love, nothing has changed: Richard still wants children, and Sutton doesn't.

The main reason they got divorced would still be an issue if they were to get back together, especially since Richard started the adoption process.

So unless one of them magically changes their mind, a long-term reconciliation doesn't seem likely.

However, that's what could happen, as the clock is ticking.

Sutton overwhelmed - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

The writers only have one episode to wrap things up, so they could choose a Suttard happy ending over all else.

That would appease some fans, but it would also undermine the entire storyline from the past season and a half, making the maybe-baby drama wholly unnecessary and pointless.

Sutton: He was happier than I expected. I was expecting him to be devasted.
Therapist: The fact that he wasn’t…
Sutton: It made me sad.
Therapist: There is no judgment here.
Sutton: Seeing him happy reminded me how I felt as a kid.
Therapist: With your mom?
Sutton: My dad actually. He left when I was young, and I just remember when he would come back, he had this whole other life. I didn’t think about it until right now, but I feel like… it made me feel like I wasn’t enough, that my dad was happier somewhere else. Is it weird that my husband is bringing up old stuff with my dad?
Therapist: Not at all.
Sutton: Well, you said no judgment so I’ll just say it: I really wish that I could have a shot of tequila right now.
Therapist: Why?
Sutton: So that I wouldn’t have to feel the pain, the fear of not being enough, all of it.
Therapist: So you drink to stop yourself from feeling the things that hurt the most.
Sutton: I guess so.
Therapist: And now that you know why you drink, the real work begins.

It would only be thrown in to cause conflict and then get magically resolved in a way that made no sense at the 11th hour to ensure a happy ending.

At this point, it's hard to say what I'd rather see happen -- a Suttard reconciliation that makes no sense or a confident single Sutton ready to take on the world -- but the best we could probably hope for is that the writers leave the Suttard reconciliation open-ended.

Richard and Sutton hug - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Open-ended endings can be annoying and a bit of a cop-out, but leaving the door open for Sutton and Richard to find their way back together in the future may be the best option.

That way, them getting back together wouldn't feel rushed or forced, and with enough time, something between them could change.

Sutton could decide she wants children or realizes she still wants to be with Richard after adopting a child, or Richard could decide he would be willing to wait for a few years.

Then, it wouldn't feel like either of them was compromising on their beliefs, as beliefs can change.

It may not be the ending we all wanted, but it may be the best we're going to get.

Kat struggle - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Lastly, there's Kat, who found a way to take Don't Turn Away to the next level, and unsurprisingly, that way ended up with Kat coming back to Scarlet.

And unlike Jane's promotion, bringing Don't Turn Away under the Scarlet umbrella makes sense.

Kat: I took the Scarlet offer.
Adena: Oh my god, so Don’t Turn Away…
Kat: Is now under the Scarlet umbrella. Six million followers, and our budget is insane.
Adena: Kat, this is amazing. What made you change your mind?
Kat: Well, you were right. I was afraid if I committed to Scarlet, I’d lose control, so I went in there, laid out all the things I needed to make sure that didn’t happen, and Jacqueline said ‘yes’ to all of it.
Adena: Can you just think about all the people you’re going to be able to help now.
Kat: All the people we’re gonna help.

As Jane told the advertiser, there are more verticals at Scarlet than ever, so why shouldn't one of them be Don't Turn Away?

Scarlet will be a perfect fit for Don't Turn Away, and it's where Kat belongs.

Adena talking - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Kat's resistance and anti-Scarlet attitude were a little confusing at first, but after some guarantees from Jacqueline, Kat hopped back on the Scarlet bandwagon.

Her hesitancy was understandable, but Kat knows Jacqueline as a person and a boss, so she should have realized Jacqueline wouldn't stifle her creativity or message in any way.

The real reason for Kat's uncertainty, though, had nothing to do with Kat, Jacqueline, or Don't Turn Away.

All of this was just a way for the writers to create "conflict" where Adena forced Kat to re-examine things, and in doing so, Kat would remember just how much better she is when Adena's around.

Kadena - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5

Was it a somewhat convoluted way to get the pair back together? Maybe a little. Do we care? Not in the slightest.

Kadena's reconciliation feels the most organic, natural, and earned of everything that happened throughout this installment.

I never would have gotten this far without you. I’m always better with you.


The writers laid the groundwork for the former lovers getting back together on The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 3, and as soon Kat and Adena saw each other again, their chemistry was palpable.

It's been a while since they've dated, but both have grown and matured. They bring out the best in each other and would do almost anything for the other.

Kadena is the epitome of OTP, and if any couple deserves to be endgame, it's them.

Andrew talk - The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 4

Some stray thoughts: 

  • The series did an admirable job of depicting a therapy session. It's very rarely someone lying on a couch, getting Freudian-style advice. It's usually a back-and-forth conversation where the therapist listens and doesn't judge. So kudos for an accurate depiction.

  • If Jacqueline answers to Safford's board, then wouldn't she need them to sign off on her appointing Jane as the new editor-in-chief? And even if Jacqueline doesn't have doubts, the board surely would, right?

So what did you think, The Bold Type Fanatics?

Do we buy Jane's promotion?

Will Sutton and Richard end up together?

How happy are you about Kadena?

Don't forget to hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. Finally, remember you can watch The Bold Type online at TV Fanatic if you missed the penultimate episode.

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The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Adena: You’re gonna take [Jacqueline] up on that, aren’t you?
Kat: I think she was just saying that to be nice.
Adena: No, Kat, she wasn’t just being nice. She was being Jacqueline, and Jacqueline knows a lot about building a magazine.
Kat: OK, I’ll talk to her.

Therapist: So what brings you here today?
Sutton: Well, a friend of mine noticed I’ve been drinking a lot, and my mom’s an alcoholic. I’m sorry. I wasn’t expecting that. So I guess I’m just trying to get ahead of a potential problem.
Therapist: That’s very brave of you to do that.
Sutton: I’ve actually been doing really great. I love my job and my friends are amazing. I am getting divorced, but I’ve been through all the stages -- anger, sadness, denial. I threw a divorce party, which was actually really helpful.
Therapist: But you’re drinking too much.
Sutton: A couple of glasses a day. I mean who doesn’t have the occasional wild night, am I right?
Therapist: I’m not as concerned as how much you drink as what drives you to drink.
Sutton: ‘Cause it’s fun. I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it.