Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2 Review: His And Hers; The Heartbreak Hotel

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Fantasy Island is proving to be a highly unique show. 

A lot of television shows - especially remakes like this - rehash old character tropes and predictable storylines.

This is what makes this current age of reusing intellectual property so hard to endure.

Daphne and Zev Make Up - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

But these first few episodes of Fantasy Island are beginning to prove that the show is going in a fresh new direction.

Watching this reboot feels different -- probably because the possibilities are endless on Fantasy Island.

Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2 is a particularly fun and revelatory episode for the series because of the new set of eclectic characters visiting the island.

Each character has the chance to delve deep and reveal something about themselves, showing how the island always reveals one's true self.

Daphne and Zev - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

Real-life partners Dave and Odette Annable play Daphne and Zev, a thrill-seeking couple whose marriage has reached a breaking point. 

Their chemistry and portrayal of the relationship are really interesting.

Zev and Daphne may both understand their issues, but the disconnect is very present in almost every interaction they have. 

It's almost enough to make you wonder if their relationship will even survive the island. 

Javier and Daphne - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

This is where the Annables' years-long relationship and acting chops really kick in. After sharing an apologetic kiss, the two lovebirds pull away and realize to their pure terror that they've switched bodies. 

Zev and Daphne are immediately overcome with these new sensations -- testosterone, tender boobs, male attention, jealousy, and newfound confidence.

They portrayed each other's mannerisms and attitudes in a way that only a couple that's been together for nearly a decade could do. 

Widow Brent Lee is also on the resort, and through him, we truly learn a lot more about the island. 

Brent Lee - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

Brent's ultimate fantasy was to sleep away the pain of losing his wife. He slept for 35 years on Fantasy Island and could barely stand to stay awake for the mandatory 48 hours.

Elena finally coaxed him into talking about his wife, and their conversation was finally enough to get him to leave the island for good.

However, I still have so many questions. How much did it cost to stay on Fantasy Island for 35 years? How did he keep from getting bedsores?

That conversation between Brent and Elena was surprisingly tender. 

He's Being Watched - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

It almost makes sense why Elena is so reserved.

Ruby referred to her as a "conduit" for the island. Guests come to Fantasy Island in the hopes of living out their ultimate desires, but they end up unpacking deep-seated issues.

She probably feels like there is no room on the island for her issues -- here, the customer always comes first. 

This also explains why she avoids Javier's heated gaze, although you could still cut through their tension with a knife. 

Fantasy Island gets just a bit bigger in this episode. But it also raises some questions about its magic.

At one point, Daphne (in Zev's body) foolishly started a fight she couldn't finish with a man the bartender later referred to as a "regular" of the bar.

If he was a regular, then that means he also lives on Fantasy Island. This raises questions about the nature of the island and how it affects the people who live there. Do people live outside of the resort? 

Also, what are the limitations to the island's magic? What are the rules here, if there are any? 

Ruby - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

This episode especially begins to sew the oats of Ruby and Elena's future on the island.

Despite there being new plots and characters in each episode, we can expect to see more long-term plotlines for the island employees.

Hopefully, there is more in store for the two leading ladies than just romantic interests. 

Fantasy Island generally has its cliche moments, but its characters are certainly a breath of fresh air.

Daphne Realizes Her Mistake - Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 2

The writers have proven that they are not afraid to get a little macabre (as seen in the island spit-roasting Christine's stepfather on Fantasy Island Season 1 Episode 1) or political. The characters are also multicultural, queer, and of varying ages. 

One moment that struck me, in particular, was the scene where Daphne (in Zev's body) goes on a rather political rant upon hearing that they were having a baby.

She finally found the courage to go up for the promotion she always wanted, but she knew a baby would get in the way of that.

She was only able to come to this decision to advocate for herself after experiencing the unfettered confidence that her husband's body could give her. 

It’s never 50/50. When a man and a woman each have demanding careers, it’s always the woman who’s got to give up just a little bit more. And once the woman gives that up she never gets it back.


An Amazing Adventure - Fantasy Island

Everything that was said at that moment seemed very genuine and realistic, and that can be chalked up to good acting and writing.

Unsurprisingly, everything works out for the young couple in the end. But watching them fight for each other was enjoyable.

The show's ability to go long on characters in the short span of an episode bodes well for its future. Fantasy Island has already had a wide range of guests, so I'm excited to see who visits next.

This is definitely a fun show that we look forward to tuning into every week. You can watch Fantasy Island online at TV Fanatic. 

His And Hers; The Heartbreak Hotel Review

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On Fantasy Island, you’ll find it’s best to meet people where they’re at without judgment.


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