The Resident Round Table: Was Nic Properly Honored and Given the Best Sendoff?

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It's the end of an era on The Resident with Nic's tragic death.

Nevertheless, The Resident Season 5 Episode 3 was a beautiful swan song for the character, as we learned some of what happened to her, saw her loved ones fight for her and then send her off.

Join Carissa Pavlica, Meaghan Frey, and Laura Nowak as they discuss the hour.

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Do you think The Resident successfully honored Nic and gave her character a proper, emotional sendoff?

Carissa: Yes, but it didn't pack the emotional punch it would have if we hadn't known that Emily VanCamp was leaving the show. I wish they'd allow us to discover these things during air. Nothing is a secret anymore. So, it could have been better. But, Nic was honored, and the end felt earned.

Meaghan: I'm with Carissa. If we hadn't known that Emily VanCamp was going to be leaving the show then this episode would have been such a sucker punch. By knowing in advance we were allowed to emotionally prepare. I kind of hate that surprises are so rare on network television now.

Laura: I thought it was one of the better sendoffs. Nic Nevin was honored well.

It would’ve had more of an emotional punch had we not known. Part of me feels like we were literally waiting for this since it was announced Emily was leaving. Part of me was glad I had time to emotionally prepare, while the other part agrees the suspense would have been more effective.

What was your emotional breaking point during this installment?

Carissa: It was the final walk down the halls and Nic's organs being taken away to save lives. GiGi won't remember it, but she was there for her mom's greatest gift to those she so proudly served. And yes, the music made all the difference. There's no substitute for the perfect song.

Meaghan: It started with Kyle's breakdown. I was doing fine before that moment, and then I started to lose it and didn't stop until the credits rolled.

Nothing prepared me for the moment that the cast lined the halls to honor Nic one final time, though. The second that the cover of "Iris" started playing, I was a blubbering mess. It should be illegal to use that song in TV shows or movies!

Tracks of His Tears - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

Laura: I agree that “Iris” always gets me going. It’s one of my favorite songs for a reason. I also started crying the minute Devon and Conrad tried to tell Kyle the truth and didn’t stop until the end.

Were there any performances in particular that stood out to you during the hour?

Carissa: Of course, Matt Czuchry was a standout. Singing his praises never gets old. He's very good at what he does, which means we could feel what Conrad was feeling. That's how it should be done.

Meaghan: Matt Czuchry was the star of the episode, but we all knew he would be. Watching him try to charge the helipad while they tried to restrain him was such a powerful moment.

Conrad Keeps it Together - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

Another that really stuck out to me was Jane Leeves. Kit struggling with the reality of the situation throughout the episode felt so raw and real. Jane is always great as Kit, but she was exceptional during this episode.

Laura: I hope Matt Czuchry gets an Emmy for this episode. This was some of his best work, watching him play the fine line between doctor and husband.

I’m not a huge fan of Billie, but I really appreciated Jessica Lucas’s performance as a neurosurgeon who had to work on a close friend and keep it together.

What are your thoughts on Kyle blaming Conrad? Do you think this is something the series will explore for the remainder of the season?

Carissa: It was natural, and we knew it was coming. Losing two daughters in such a short time is a living nightmare.

Men of Nic's Life -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

But he's wrong when he said they were all he had. He has GiGi now. She's a physical manifestation of the daughter he loved and just as important as she was.

He needs to help keep both of his girls alive in GiGi's eyes. Conrad was too shocked to remind Kyle of that, but Kyle will see the light.

Meaghan: It was inevitable. Kyle has dealt with so much loss. Nic was his rock, and losing her is going to have a huge impact on his life. It was easier for him to lash out than really feel that pain.

It also doesn't help that it was difficult for Kyle to comprehend what was happening. Kyle doesn't come from the medical world.

Kyle Cries-tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

While everyone else could understand what was happening from a medical standpoint, all he saw was his daughter looking perfectly fine and everyone saying there's nothing they could do to help her.

I think that this is going to be a huge part of Conrad's arc this season.

As Carissa said, not only is Kyle Nic's father, he is GiGi's grandfather. Conrad will want Kyle to be part of her life, and you know Conrad -- he isn't one to give up without a fight.

Laura: While I originally thought it was harsh -- it’s understandable that Kyle is going through the stages of grief. I feel for him losing two daughters so close together. I pray he doesn’t become suicidal again and that his granddaughter brings him some comfort.

What are your theories as to what caused the mysterious accident?

Carissa: It doesn't matter. Conrad will go down that road and worry over it, but I hope that the story will show how meaningless it can be to try to solve a problem that can't be fixed. Nic is gone, and nothing will ever bring her back. Conrad needs to recenter and move forward.

Meaghan: I've got nothing, and I agree that it doesn't really matter. I agree with Carissa that he will most likely throw himself into figuring out what happened, but it will only be so that he doesn't have to cope with the loss of Nic. Eventually, he will reach his breaking point.

Laura: I’ve got nothing. I’m sure as both have said, Conrad will search since he needs answers to move on, but I’m unsure if there are any.

A Familiar Face -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

Is there anything that you would change about the hour or something you wanted to see?

Carissa: I just wish we never knew that Emily was leaving. That would have made all the difference.

Meaghan: Not knowing about Emily's departure would have made a HUGE difference, so I definitely agree with that.

This is also small and super nitpicky, but I wish we would have gotten a clip for Kit, Bell, and AJ -- maybe one involving Mina -- too. It threw me off after watching Kit be so emotionally impacted throughout the episode and then give her a moment at that point.

Heavy is the head -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

Laura: I wish Mina could’ve returned for this episode. Her friendship with Nic was precious, almost like sisters. I would’ve liked to see her reaction.

What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Carissa: The final minutes as mentioned above. Those scenes always get to me because I know how hard it is to say goodbye.

Meaghan: There were so many incredible moments in this episode. The final walk was absolutely incredible and definitely had the most emotional impact.

Conrad's Hearbreaking Discovery -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

A very close second goes to Conrad and Kit talking about Nic's organs being donated. You could feel both of them let go in that moment, stop putting on a brave face, and really accept that Nic was actually gone.

Laura: The honor walk, for sure. I also loved the heart-to-heart Bell had with Conrad. It really showed how much their relationship has changed and how much he cares about him.

If necessary, is there anything else you'd love to mention that wasn't covered already with the questions?

Carissa: YES!! That rubbery head that they made of Emily VanCamp for those scenes was freaky! She even had eyes!!

Desperate Measures  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

When they pulled open her lids, there wasn't any life there. You couldn't have done that with Emily on the table. And I wondered if they had someone's real head inside the mattress. LOL

Meaghan: OMG, that head was so creepy! The way they managed to get her profile so spot on freaked me out.

Was I the only one who was not having it with the Billie and Nic best friend narrative during this episode?

In the world of The Resident -- at least that we have been privy to -- that has been Mina. It was hard for me not to compare how Mina would have handled the situation versus how Billie did.

Tearful Billie - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 3

I hate that because of Mina's departure, we aren't going to get to see her reaction to Nic's death.

Laura: I also can’t believe how creepily realistic that doll was to Emily.

Meaghan, I’m totally bummed we didn’t get Mina at all since they were so close.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Let us know below!

The Resident airs Tuesdays on FOX.

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