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  • Conrad speeds following the trauma helictopter to the hospital to get to Nic and meet her at he hospita. 
  • Conrad races through the hospital with all of his riend wondering what happened and everyone gets alerts. 
  • One of the transport medics is former military and reminds Conrad to watch the monitors which start blaring. AJ had to hold Conrad back from going to Nic.
  • Bell reminds them that they'll have to interfere with Conrad trying to take over everthing.
  • Nic hasn't done anythnig meaningful since the paramedics  brought her which doesn't bode well.
  • Devon is barely recovered but rushes to see Nic. He sees the scans and like the others know it doesn't look good but Conrad is in denial about that. 
  • Gabe, a long haul COVID surivvor is back at the hospital with breathing issues. 
  • Bell levels with Conrad when he challenges what Billie says and doesn't want to give anyone space. 
  • AJ tells Mrs. Sandoval that Gabe will have to go back on ventilation and get a trachestomy. 
  • Conrad pulls up the case of the worst TBI he ever saw to figure out how to save Nic.  He tells Devon he wants him to be honest with him. 
  • Bell checks in on Billie emotinally to see how she is and to check on Nic's progress. Billie wants to put Nic in a coma. 
  • Conrad gets emotional and doesn't want to her her go under, but Billie reminds him that she's Nic's best friend and she'll do whatever she has to and asked what would Nick say. 
  • Mrs. Sandoval talks to Conrad and tells him how much Nic matters to her. 
  • Bell brings in Santina, a next of life person. Kit refuses. But Bell wants Kit to consider it and treat Nic like he would other patients. 
  • Gabe doesn't want to be intubated even though he's getting worse and dying.
  • Kit warns Kyle of how severe things are for Nic when he arrives to the hosptal. 
  • Nic's brain is herniating. Billie tells Conrad that she can't reverse the injury. 
  • Kyle is still in denial about everything. 
  • Devon volunteeres to do the final test on Nic to declare her braindead and Jessica and Hundley are there to help him. 
  • Kyle does't handle the news well that Nic is braindead. He tells Conrad that he failed her and that he'll never forgive him.
  • Kit talks to Conrad, and they come in to take Nic's organs. 
  • Gabe gets a trachial transplant. 
  • Conrad takes Gigi to see Nic.
  • They take Nic to the transplant room and everyone have flashes of her. They send Nic's organs off. 
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