The Resident Spoilers: Three-Year Time Jump, Gotham Star Checks In, & New Love Interests!

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We're still reeling from The Resident Season 5 Episode 5's shocking final moments.

If you watched The Resident online, you'll know that after a touching Dumb Supper ritual Conrad hosted with his colleagues and friends to honor Nic one final time, he went to check on baby Gigi.

Except, it wasn't the little Gigi we've seen and fallen in love with, but an older Gigi -- a toddler who is walking and talking now.

New Year, Who Dis? - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Yes, The Resident jumped ahead three years, and that's where the series will pick up from there.

The time jump blew fans away and garnered mixed reactions.

However, here at TV Fanatic, we're excited about how this hit medical drama can revitalize itself five years in and still keep us on our toes.

A time jump was a great way to move Conrad ahead further in his grief journey, so we didn't spend the entire season with Conrad fresh off of Nic's loss.

Haunted by Nic -tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 5

The Resident veterans Shaunette Renee Wilson and Emily VanCamp departed the series, and Morris Chestnut is rumored to have a reduced role, now that he's moved over to Our Kind of People.

We haven't seen or heard about him yet, however.

Jessica Lucas, Anuja Joshi, and Miles Fowler are all series regulars on the series now.

And According to TVLine, Gotham star Kaley Ronayne will recur this season as a badass ER doc named Cade, who is an adrenaline junkie and lives for the action and thrill.

Kayley Ronayne

Co-Showrunner Peter Elkoff told TVLine that Cade will be featured prominently in the second half of the season in a big, action-packed arc.

He describes her as strong, athletic, mysterious, guarded, a bit of a daredevil, and nothing like the other characters.

He teases that the audience will have really strong feelings about her.

Does that sound exciting or worrisome?

Getting Through Halloween - tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 5

With the teases that Conrad is now an eligible bachelor and may have at least three "romantic foils," could Cade be one of them?

Elkoff shared with TVLine that they wanted to do a time jump so the story wouldn't remain in such a dark place.

"We didn’t want to have Conrad grief-stricken for an entire season of television, you know? We did two episodes of how Conrad has dealt with those early stages of grief, and we decided, let’s put him past it. Let’s put him in a place where she’s still in everybody’s hearts and minds, but that he’s able to be a whole, happy person in pursuit of his life and the raising of his daughter and figuring out what matters."

Diagnosticians - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

They settled on three years ahead so it wouldn't be so daunting and people wouldn't have to look drastically different.

"Three years felt like, OK, everybody can look pretty much the same, slightly different hairstyle, different facial hair, perhaps. But nobody’s going to look drastically different, and it’s also a period of time that we can speak to, in passing, in terms of where they were for those three years and what happened. The changes don’t have to be so enormous that the audience would just be like, “What?!”

So far, fans shouldn't expect flashbacks to the three years missed. For now, they'll be settling on lines and references to the time in between.

As for the time jump and what this means for our favorite characters and their storylines?

Patient in Crisis  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Well, TV Insider caught up with co-runner Andrew Chapman to discuss what this means for the characters.

According to Chapman, we'll be getting a more mature version of the Conrad of seasons one and two, the renegade.

"Matt Czuchry plays Conrad [as] a different Conrad. He’s the Conrad of Season 1, a little bit of Season 2 before his and Nic’s relationship really got solidified. He’s a little bit more badass. He’s a little bit more of the renegade he used to be. It’s the Conrad we first fell in love with, not that we didn’t fall in love with his relationship with Nic — it was everything, it was the anchor of the show, but she’s gone. We have to find a new anchor."

However, Conrad will not be doing what we expect when the series returns after the World Series. Conrad is no longer working at Chastain. As a single father, he had to find better hours for the sake of Gigi.

So we'll see that Conrad is now a concierge doctor who works closely with Chastain at times when bringing in patients.

Casual but Classy - tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

But everyone will be vying for Conrad to return to Chastain. He misses the hospital, and they miss him, too.

Meanwhile, Devon is a full-blown attending, ER doc, and yes, diagnostician now. Chapman also shares with TV Insider that Devon will also be doing clinical trials of drugs and procedures. As Conrad's protege, he's Chastain's newest Conrad in his mentor and friend's absence.

Chapman teases that Devon and Leela are the central couple of the series these days, but there's no guarantee that they'll ride into the sunset together, either.

Leela is in her final year of residency, but she'll need to learn about work/life balance, a story that will come into play when her more carefree sister visits.

Sister, Sister  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Despite the teases in the promo, Bell and Kit are still together, so we can let out a collective sigh of relief over that.

Bell's redemption arc will continue, according to Chapman. He'll still be acknowledging his past errors, and he'll have to talk to Kit about them.

It sounds like it'll be a strong season for Bell, and he'll be featured prominently, especially as he and AJ vie for the same position of Chief of Surgery.

Vying for chief is only one thing that the Raptor will be doing this season. He has a full plate as he's written a book and become a bit of a celebrity.

New Gig - tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

He's still taking care of his mother who isn't cured, and it'll be an emotional ride for him.

The show will explore his romantic life as he gets back out there, and it'll have some surprising results. The opening moments of The Resident Season 5 Episode 6 will give us an idea of the romantic turn in AJ's life.

And he'll also still be mentoring Trevor.

As predicted, Trevor went to medical school, and AJ helped him out with that. Now, Trevor will be working at Chastain, too.

Trevor - Tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 2

And although he and Billie have settled into a more peaceful place with their relationship, it won't be without challenges, the two of them working under the same roof.

AJ will still be in the middle of that as well.

Also, for the Feldmoore fans, Chapman teases that the topic of children will be coming up for the pair, so that's something of which to look forward!

How are we feeling about all of these new changes?

Errant Professor  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Is there anything you're excited for? Are you dreading some of these changes? What do you think about the casting choices and new characters? 

Check out the promo below for your first look.

Hit the comments with all of your thoughts and reactions. 

The Resident returns November 2 with an all-new episode. 

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