The Resident Round Table: Cade's Shocking Past and The Potential Rise of Conrad & Cade!

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We got to the bottom of Cade's mysterious background!

We learned why Cade is the way that she is on The Resident Season 5 Episode 15, and they also confirmed that there is some interest between her and Conrad. Elsewhere, Devon and Leela may have issues on their hands.

Join Laura Nowak, Meaghan Frey, and Leora W. to discuss it all.

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What are your thoughts on Cade's background coming to light? How do you think it will play out for the rest of the season?

Laura: I was surprised by Cade's background. It made sense that she felt like someone was always watching her. I don't know how it will play out. It may depend if we get more details on the people pretending to be Conrad and writing scripts under his name.

Meaghan: I didn't see that one coming!

I guess it makes sense given how secretive she has been about her background. It almost feels a little over the top for the world of The Resident.

Now that we know she is in hiding, I'm sure that the people she is hiding from are going to come out of the woodwork, and Conrad will have to save her from them.

Cade Checks Scripts -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Leora: I like it.

It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, though it is in a similar vein. I'm excited about what they can explore now that we know she's kind of a secret agent.

I am concerned that it's going to be more about how this prevents her and Conrad from getting together than it is about her and her secret agent doctor person life, which I'm not really down for.

Her as Conrad's love interest was fine (even if he keeps treating her paternalistically) and her as an in-hiding under-cover doctor/FBI agent is awesome, but putting those two things together seems like unnecessary drama.

Do you think Cade will stick to her guns about not getting involved with Conrad? Are you surprised that he expressed his interest in her?

Laura: I'm not surprised that they like each other. They both admire and appreciate people who are fierce and fearless. I think Cade will stick to her decision until she's sure she won't put others at risk.

Meaghan: Obviously, the chemistry was there, but I was surprised that Conrad just laid it out there like that without more build-up.

I think that Cade is going to do her best, but Conrad will chip away at her resolve until she gives in.

I mean, could you blame her? If Conrad Hawkins looked at me the way he was looking at her in that car, I would be puddy!

Headed to the FBI  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Leora: I hope she does, not in a will-they-won't-they sort of way, but just in a "they won't sort of way. Honestly, after this episode, I'm rooting for Billie. Or just single dad Conrad for a while. Both are better than the alternative.

And yeah, it did seem out of the blue. They haven't known each other that long, and they haven't interacted that much. There hasn't been enough for that kind of intense scene, especially with Conrad acting all entitled.

And he's saying he didn't push before, and he respected her privacy, but that is not true. He was totally pushy. I don't like the side of him Cade brings out. It's annoying.

And I don't want her whole storyline to be about how they want to be together but can't be. She's worth more than that.

What do you think Bell has planned to shake up the apathetic medical board he's now on?

Laura: I think Bell has more heart and ethics than anyone on that board. I'm glad he went to talk to that patient. I hope he will actually make them hear patients' complaints and pay grievances.

Meaghan: It's crazy because once upon a time, Bell would have been right in line with the rest of the medical board. Watching how far Bell has come over the years never fails to make me proud.

I assume Bell will continue to do an investigation on his own, and then once he has a mountain of evidence against the doctor that would be impossible to ignore, he will present it to the board.

First Day, New Job -tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Leora: Honestly, I haven't a clue. It's such a hard situation, and a part of me wonders if he's just trying to help these people feel heard even though he knows he can't help them.

But that would give them false hope, and he's better than that, so … I don't know. I guess he has a plan. No clue what it is. Curious and excited to find out.

On a scale of 1-10, how nerve-wracking was Devon's first medical trial patient case?

Laura: a 10. I felt so bad for them and Devon, but they wanted to see if it would work. Part of me thinks Devon is still better at patient care. He's so good with them.

Devon's Future -tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Meaghan: 10! As much as I hoped it would work out, it felt like it could go either way. Aside from the fact that I want Devon's trial to succeed, his patient was also just so likable, and I didn't want to watch him go out like that.

While I agree with Laura that he is excellent at patient care, I think this will make him a more well-rounded doctor.

Leora: 10! I was terrified. I was so sure he was going to die. That seemed like what they were building up to.

The more we got to know him, the more it seemed like he was a goner.

Bro Hugging -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

And with Bell's storyline being about people trying to sue doctors, and the wife going after Devon, how likable the patient was, how much was riding on the trial, it all seemed set up to implode. I'm glad they didn't go that route.

Do you think Leela and Devon are on borrowed time? How do you feel about the latest developments in their relationship, and what do you anticipate moving forward?

Laura: The two of them have such different life goals. I don't see them lasting much longer.

Leela was trying to compromise by offering to freeze some eggs for later, but Devon didn't look happy.

I also didn't like how Padma acted like Devon had no say in whether Leela donated her eggs to her or not. While it was Leela's choice, Devon should get a voice since they may have a family someday.

Leela, Shining Star -tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Meaghan: Unfortunately, yes. I love Devon and Leela, but it is clear that their priorities aren't in line anymore. They are at two different places in their lives; Leela's number one priority right now is her career, and Devon is starting to see the bigger picture of his life.

Of course, as Leela becomes more settled in her career, things could change, but Devon has to figure out if it is worth taking a risk and waiting. Her not wanting children is a valid choice, but Devon also shouldn't have to give up what he wants.

Leora: I agree with The Resident Season 5 Episode 15 Review: surprisingly, they haven't addressed this in the past four or five years of dating and living together.

I hope it isn't the end for them, but few couples overcome the one-wants-kids, one-doesn't issue, because it's unfair to ask either person to compromise and can lead to a lot of resentment.

Leela Runs the Call -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

I'm glad she wants to freeze her eggs because that means she's open to having kids someday, which is more than I expected.

I don't think the sister having her kid is a good idea, though, and I don't like that storyline, regardless of the discussion it led to. I do hope they make it through, though. I may be in the minority, but I like them as a couple, especially after all of Devon's relationship fails.

What was your favorite moment from the hour? Do you have anything else to address?

Laura: I loved seeing AJ and his mom eating freshly baked muffins in the kitchen. She's doing so much better now. I always love seeing GiGi. She's so cute with both Conrad and AJ.

Clinical Trial Patient -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 15

Meaghan: The scene with AJ and his mom was incredible! AJ needed to see his mom thriving in order to feel like they made the right choice switching her to palliative care, and he got just that.

Leora: I loved when Conrad said he had a girl in his life, and Gigi just goes "Me!" because she knows.

I also liked/hated every moment with Devon's patient because he was just an awesome guy, and I hope we haven't seen the last of him.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below.

The Resident returns March. 29 on FOX.

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