Legacies Season 4 Episode 14 Review: The Only Way Out Is Through

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The hot topic of the hour was the gods -- how to wake them and how to beat them.

On Legacies Season 4 Episode 14, Lizzie and Aurora made a frighteningly good team, stepping in when the other faltered. Josie, who? 

The Super Squad and company, on the other hand, had a rocky start, to be expected when Hope thinks her team is a party of one, everyone else expendable. 

Cleo, Ethan, and Kaleb - Legacies (tall) Season 4 Episode 14

In her vivid dream, Hope was unfazed by the eerie setting reminiscent of the carnival from Season 4 Episode 11, yet her cool attitude was disturbed when her humanity told her it was getting stronger. 

Hope's humanity has become her greatest fear, while her negligence of it has become her greatest weakness. She has made a villain out of her humanity, muddying her ability to defeat the real threats: the gods. 

Hope's humanity: You need me.
Hope: Need you? The weak little girl who was manipulated by two different fake Landons and then couldn't bring herself to kill the real one? No, I don't need anything from you, except for a way to win the game.

As her humanity further breached her psyche and proved its value, it became clear why Hope's so scared of it.

Yes, we can guess the obvious -- the pain will come rushing back, grief, complicated emotions, the like -- but really, most of all, Hope doesn't believe in the version of her with her humanity. She is terrified of turning it on, trying to save her friends, and coming up short. 

Hope grins - Legacies Season 4 Episode 14

Her humanity represents failure and weakness, in her mind, demonstrated when Hope started spiraling, yelling at her humanity in front of everyone that it would never be able to save those she loves. 

Sadly, she's not entirely wrong. MG told Ethan that two of them died no matter the outcome while facing the gods with Hope. Hope will lose again. She needs to come to terms with that, as awful as it is.

These students are extraordinary. If anyone can find their way, they can, including Lizzie.


Vardemus' simulation, coupled with Wade's stats of his classmates' powers, was more than a useful strategic tool for the Super Squad; it was a dress rehearsal of the impending god fight to which we were lucky enough to get premiere front row seats. 

It was pleasurable to see Wade take the reins, his passion for roleplaying games at centerstage. He and Vardemus make a fine pair. (They just need to learn how to coordinate a fist bump.)

Wade gasps - Legacies Season 4 Episode 14

The future is unclear, but the past is illuminating, Jen being this week's storyteller of ye god days of old. 

Introducing the third member of the omnipotent family whose names are terribly unique and sound nothing alike: Ken! Ken cursed Ben, but apparently, Jen let Malevore devour Ben and locked up Ken, so Jen is the real power player here. (See, not alike at all.)

The gods were a bunch of douchebags, except for Kronos, the god of time. Never once forgot my birthday. Get it? Because ... good with time. They all thought I was a freak because I didn't fit in. They were into war and destruction, and I was more into construction, as a blacksmith, an artist. My father hated me for that.


These flashbacks explained why Jen comes across as so contemporary but raised another question regarding her vocabulary. When Aurora was bribing her, she used words like "impudent" and "reverence," and Jen replied with a lost look and a "huh," as if she'd never before heard such eloquent speech.

We literally watched her say, "I'm pleased to find favor, my lord," to Ken. Have her special brownies spoiled her brain? Or is this a writing flaw?

Alaric upset -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 14

When Lizzie saw her father alive again, I did feel a flutter of emotion for her. She has come a long way, yet she still chose to stay the course with Aurora. I mostly don't fault her for that, given the branding complicates things, but it was a bummer to be deprived of a father-daughter reunion. 

We're trying to be better people, remember? No more revenge. No more bloodshed. We just want our family back.


Aurora had me fooled into thinking she was softening again when she graciously told Lizzie to go to her father, saying she'd awaken Kronos, the more reasonable god, on her own. Her retracting that and manipulating Lizzie into helping her awaken Ken was a blow.

She is not changing. She is getting better at playing nice. 

Lizzie is likely to survive the final battle on either side. Between her father's formidable love and MG and Ethan's pact, she should be well-protected. Though if MG or Ethan die to save Lizzie, I will have a fit.

MG in a gray sweater -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 14

I'd be remiss to leave out any mention of our pals in Limbo. The Necromancer and Landon's "ask me about getting to peace" stand was too cute for words. A shame the Necromancer got them fired. His work ethic leaves much to be desired. 

Poor Landon looks more exhausted with every episode. (Death -- and now cleaning a bathroom used by monsters -- will do that to a guy.) Yet Landon stays by the Necromancer's side, loyal 'til the end, even when he disagrees with him. 

The Necromancer: Our enemy has an enemy. What does that make him?
Landon: A thief and a bully. He's stealing coins that were rightfully earned.

However, to my surprise, Landon decided to join the Necromancer on Mulberry Street to get the attention of the bandit, sacks of coins in their hands. Did that moment have anyone else giggling?

I hope we get another Limbo-centric episode soon because Landon feels like an afterthought. Too many storylines can result in one being a throwaway, but that's not how the Limbo storyline feels. It's compelling, but I fear it will continue being overshadowed by the god plot. 

Will Hope turn her humanity back on with the help of her family? Who kidnapped Landon and the Necromancer? The bandit?

What will Aurora and Lizzie do with Ben? What power has Cleo retained? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

You can watch Legacies online right here on TV Fanatic if you missed the episode. 

Legacies airs Thursdays 9/8c on The CW.

The Only Way Out Is Through Review

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Legacies Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

What my antiquated friend is trying to say is we heard the gods are into offerings, so we brought a bribe. Shrimp tacos and some special brownies.


Alaric: Call me paranoid, but I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop.
MG: Unless there's not another shoe.
Alaric: There's always another shoe.