Legacies Season 4 Episode 15 Review: Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found

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There's nothing quite like a Mikaelson family reunion. 

On Legacies Season 4 Episode15, we finally got to see all of our favorites together again, united under the common goal of helping Hope turn her humanity back on.

And it worked, mostly. The question now is will it stick?

Marcel and Hope - Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

Having the reunion staged in New Orleans ramped up the nostalgia factor to a hundred. It felt like an episode of the Originals, music filling the streets, purple and red painting them. More trips to New Orleans on Legacies, please!

Bringing in Rebekah, Freya, Marcel, and Kol one by one was a successful method of reintroduction, granting Hope and us, as rapt viewers, quality time with each, though Kol sadly didn't get much screentime. 

Beginning with Rebekah was expected and welcome. She has developed a deep well of patience inside her, seen in practice when she interacts with Hope, even when Hope lashes out like a daughter berating her mother with teenage angst.

Rebekah: We're trying to be honest, Hope. You should do the same.
Hope: Okay. Honestly, I understand why my dad used to dagger you all the time.

It was amusing when she explained to Hope that she was astral projecting, not inside a memory or dream. It felt like the writers were very obviously putting our minds at ease. I know I was peeved when I initially thought it wasn't real. The writers sure know their audience!

Rebekah Returns -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

Marcel's part in saving Hope was the most powerful of the New Orleans scenes. Maybe it's because Marcel was always my favorite, alongside Elijah, with his great capacity for love and charming smile. (That man has not aged a day!) But I think an unbiased party would feel the same. 

Hope seemed at ease with Marcel. She was still wary and irritable, but I felt a shift in her. When she commented on Marcel's suit, she sounded like a child. It was a brief return to innocence that allowed me to believe Hope's humanity would prevail.  

Hope: You look silly in that suit.
Marcel: Thanks. It's one of Elijah's old ones.

Marcel and Hope reviving their old point system for good behavior was a sentimental reminder of their strong bond. Marcel was there for Hope when the rest of her family wasn't. It's easy to forget that now that Marcel isn't around as a series regular. 

Marcel and Rebekah -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

The explanation that they spent three years searching for Klaus' ashes was a bit unbelievable. Yet, given how family-oriented they are, there wouldn't have been many other valid reasons for them to have abandoned Hope, never dropping by to see how she's faring. 

And what better way to weaken humanity-less Hope than presenting her with an urn of her dead father's ashes and asking her to decide where to spread them? That would test the resolve of even the most odious of monsters.

Hope's humanity: You feel plenty of powerful things too: anger, resentment, rage. Humanity is just the strength to not give into them. So make no mistake, you are the most emotional person that I've ever met, and I know Lizzie Saltzman.

It wouldn't have been a Mikaelson gathering without their death-defying declaration of love, "always and forever," yet even with that familiar phrase, I was left unsatisfied. I would've liked an entire episode dedicated to the reunion rather than a handful of scenes. It was like watching the trailer for a movie but never getting to see it.  

Family Dinner -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

Aurora and Lizzie's escapades continue to be entertaining and helpful in advancing the god plot, though I pity Jen's role as "the used." Jen desires real friendship after years of being deprived of that type of connection -- as far as we know.

A lonely god is an easy god to manipulate. Jen's childlike enthusiasm when Lizzie took her to see the monster truck show and feed horses was painful, given we knew it was all a distraction to keep her away from her shop. 

Lizzie pulling the wooden basket of apples from her trunk was overkill, so it wasn't surprising that Jen finally picked up on the charade. What confused me was why Jen still helped Lizzie by debriefing her on Ben's past and convincing her to go home to Alaric.

Was it out of the goodness of her heart? Jen doesn't owe Lizzie anything. Is Jen as easygoing and trustworthy as she seems? Or is she playing her own game? I'm leaning toward her being trustworthy, but time will tell. 

Lizzie Outside -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

Since this was a reunion-centric episode, Lizzie listening to Jen and returning to the Salvatore School was a lovely moment to include, especially right after Alaric had started fresh by shaving and emptying his liquor cabinet. 

It was the hug we'd been waiting for, and it didn't disappoint. Having MG there as Alaric's crutch made it even sweeter. He is starting to feel more and more like a son to Alaric. I could see MG taking over the school in fifteen years.

Alaric's consistent dedication to becoming the best version of himself brings us back to Aurora and how she's changed. She had no trouble wounding Ben and grabbing the key from his kidney, but she second-guessed further harming him, suggesting an iota of personal development. 

Aurora: I suppose I should kill you now, make certain you don't follow me.
Ben: That won't slow me down for long.
Aurora: Although, killing you would somewhat hamper my personal journey from villain to savior.

Lizzie's despair at losing Aurora to Ben and seeing her blood pooled on Jen's floor was worrying. Lizzie's back with her father, but will she stay there if Aurora remains planted on the other side, contingent upon whether or not she can rid herself of Aurora's brand? She's been sucked in by Aurora's prickly charm, so I have doubts.

Lizzie and Aurora on a car -- Legacies Season 4 Episode 15

Ben went from hero to villain in record time! I got whiplash seeing him switch personas, from the sweet guy flirting with Jed to the ruthless demigod with ax-murderer eyes. They do say love makes people crazy, but it's been centuries. Shouldn't he be over his dead boyfriend by now? Is that harsh?

I hope this doesn't squash Ben's budding relationship with Jed. Or maybe I do if he's secretly unhinged and cutthroat. What if he fights Jed in the war? What if he kills him, even if by accident? Things are not looking up, that's for sure.

Cleo and Kaleb's date in Atlanta should have been reserved for a later episode where it could've had more time in the sun. It was jarring to go from them being all cute and romantic while eating pancakes to Cleo and Mavis shaking Mavis' house earthquake-style.


Kaleb: Cleo, what you saw was the future, and I need you to tell me about it, please.
Cleo: Our school was in rubble, Mystic Falls in flames. Many innocent people will die if we don't stop the gods from returning to this world, including our friends.
Kaleb: As scary as all that sounds, there's no way I'm letting the world end without getting my second date.

Cleo's vision was not newly concerning, given we already know students will die, but it would be if she saw who those students were. I hope she reveals a name or two to put students on edge and add some drama.

Will Hope's humanity remain intact? Did Ben awaken his father?

Will Jen and Lizzie stay on the side of the Salvatore School? Will Cleo's vision come to pass? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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Legacies airs Thursdays 9/8c on The CW. 

Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found Review

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Well, going to extremes for the people we love is kind of our business model. So what do you say? Are we hiring?


Rebekah: Everything that can be lost may also be found.
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