The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 2 Review: Three Franchise Veterans Return!

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Was Zach Shallcross the right person to lead The Bachelor Season 27?

After The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 2, one of the franchise's most excruciating installments, we can safely say that he might be the most boring lead yet.

On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 1, he was very present and looked like he wanted to be there.

A Date With Everyone - The Bachelor

Unfortunately, that all fell apart in the second episode as he had practically the same conversations with all of the women and locked lips with most of them to boot. It made me question what any of the women see in him.

He's easy on the eyes but not that interesting on the TV screen. He doesn't take risks, which may hinder his love story this season.

Zach Shallcross Poses for the Camera

His decision to send Tahzjuan home without even giving her a shot at the competition seemed like his way of keeping the peace in the mansion.

Tahzjuan has been through this process before and has appeared in some of the spinoffs, so she knows how tricky these situations can be.

Credit where credit is due: Tahzjuan realized there was something worth chasing in Zack, and she understood she would have to be cutthroat to get back into the mansion.

It's sad Zack didn't give her a chance, but there would have been plenty of drama inside the mansion had she been given the green light to join the competition.

Zach Shallcross on Night One of The Bachelor 27 Season 27 Episode 1

Tahzjuan was robbed of a chance this season, and hey, maybe some wild twist will bring her back further into the season.

The despair on Cat's face when Tahzjuan interrupted her chat with Zach isn't one I'll forget soon.

The resulting chaos as Cat relayed the information to the other women on the group date was reality TV gold, but the rest of the overstuffed two-hour episode failed to live up to those scenes.

Tahzjuan recognized the women on the date were intimidated by her, and I gagged when she said that she didn't care if the women hated her because, at the end of the day, they were not there to make friends.

Christina Mandrell - 26 - Content Creator - Nashville, Tennessee - The Bachelor

What surprised me was Tahzjuan telling the women that some of them didn't make much effort during the date.

Tahzjuan clocked in from her first scene, even though she wasn't an official cast member.

A part of me thinks the ladies would have strongarmed Zach into getting Tahzjuan out of the competition, and maybe he didn't think that was worth it.

He seems to forget that viewers love when the drama switches into high gear when you least expect it. Look what you've taken away from us, Zach!

Shallcross, Zach

Giving Christina the sole one-on-one date of the week was a bit out of the left field, but I can't deny she has a connection with Zach.

That being said, Zach was interested in hearing about her daughter, but he was also blindsided.

Is he ready to be a stepfather at this stage? That's the bigger question coming out of the episode, but hey, at least Christina got to meet his parents. 

Was anyone else bored to tears during that segment? It was far too early to bring parents into the mix, and is far more effective when these relationships have, you know, matured.

Zach Shallross With a Rose

Christina was undoubtedly flattered about the date and meeting the parents, but we are so early in the process that this kind of date could have been detrimental to her.

What if Zach asked his family their views on her before they formed an attachment, and they aren't fond of her? If anything, it was cruel.

The random exchange between Brianna and Christina was something, but it's hard to tell whether there was any malicious intent behind Christina's comment.

For Brianna, coming into the house after winning a rose on live television during The Bachelorette finale had a lot of caveats.

Brianna - 24 - Entrepeneur - Jersey City, New Jersey - The Bachelor

Would people look differently at her because she got this advantage before filming started?

It played an impact in Brianna's actions throughout the episode. At many points, she thought she was in a good place with Zach and then wondered if he liked her every time he got close to someone else.

I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like vying for the heart of someone who is dating countless other people, but I'm glad Zach gave Brianna another week.

There could be something between them, but it's hard to tell whether the two of them think there should be a connection, but there isn't one.

Kimberly - 30 - Hospitality Manager - Los Angeles, California  - The Bachelor

Cat, Kimberley, and Victoria J's eliminations were not surprising.

Zach didn't seem interested in Cat, despite her continued attempts to get close to him.

Kimberley was heavily present during the season premiere but pretty much disappeared from this installment until the end.

The bonkers trailer at the end of the episode was far more exciting than the episode we watched, which is never a good sign, but hopefully, The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3 has some more gas in the tank.

Kaitlyn “Kaity” - 27 - ER Nurse - Austin, Texas - The Bachelor

What are your thoughts on the drama throughout the second episode?

Do you believe Tahzjuan should have been given more of a chance?

What's your take on the Brianna and Christina drama?

Hit the comments.

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