East New York Season 1 Episode 14 Spoilers: A Murder at Raskin Gardens

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What's going on at Raskin Gardens?

When East New York began, it seemed like this housing project was a high-crime area full of residents who didn't trust cops -- especially a white cop like Quinlan, who was policing her neighbors instead of getting to know them.

That storyline disappeared for a while, but East New York Season 1 Episode 14 spoilers say that Killian and Morales will investigate a murder there -- and it could get Quinlan in trouble with her neighbors again.

Season 1 Episode 14 Spoilers - East New York

The official synopsis for the hour says that Killian and Morales turn to Quinlan for insight while solving a murder at the Raskin Gardens housing project.

Their thinking makes sense. Quinlan lives at the housing project. So when the cops hit a dead end during the investigation, they wonder if she's seen or heard anything or knows anything about her neighbors that could help explain who killed the victim.

Quinlan's worked hard to gain her neighbors' trust. She's had to let go of her police training and integrate herself into the community. She's also solved cold cases and demonstrated that she gives a damn about what happens to Raskin Gardens residents.

If she gets involved in this murder investigation, it could undo all that, depending on what she does to help bring the truth to light about this suspicious death.

Her neighbors might appreciate her protecting them from a killer, but they might begin seeing her as a snitch if she shares secrets or exposes truths they want to remain hidden.

That's the same problem she had before when her neighbors thought she was a nuisance that needed to live elsewhere because she ticketed a bunch of kids who were making noise instead of approaching the issue like a fellow tenant.

Needing Insight - East New York Season 1 Episode 14

Bentley also lives in the projects, or he used to -- is he still living with his parents? He and Quinlan slept together on East New York Season 1 Episode 13, so it seemed he was back to his usual abode.

If he is back at Raskin Gardens, he'll likely resent Killian and Morales asking Quinlan for insight instead of him. Since his shooting, he has been overly sensitive to being left out or treated differently.

That could lead to problems in his relationship with Quinlan. Their romance is already unraveling because Quinlan is trying too hard to help Bentley overcome his trauma when he doesn't want her help.

If Sandeford or other cops get involved in "protecting" Bentley because of his PTSD, he'll resent that too.

Meanwhile, Suarez has to help his brother with a challenging situation. While it's unclear exactly what's happening, this situation likely involves legal trouble since a promo clip depicts Suarez talking about rolling the dice.

How will this affect Suarez's political ambitions? Lately, he's all about doing whatever Sharpe wants so that Sharpe can get elected and, in turn, appoint Suarez as commissioner.

That whole thing seems unethical -- aren't quid pro quos illegal? And Suarez is less likely to put up with Sharpe's demands if it means throwing his brother under the bus.

Regina won't like that. Suarez has been less than loyal to her lately and keeps undermining her attempts at police reform. How will she react if Suarez is willing to stand up to Sharpe for his brother's sake but not for hers?

Murder at Ruskin Gardens - East New York Season 1 Episode 14

Spoilers also say that Regina will take on an unexpected role. What's that about?

While it sounds like this spoiler involves work, it might not. Regina had therapy at the end of East New York Season 1 Episode 13, and decided to begin talking about her complicated feelings about her father.

Her therapist might encourage her to try new things to help her heal from this relationship, especially since Regina realized that her fear of being intimate with Sean stems from her problems with her dad.

Regina's new role could involve helping or caring for her father. It could also have to do with deciding to proceed with her new relationship, even though it scares her.

Helping His Brother - East New York Season 1 Episode 14

If it is job-related, it could relate to Jordan's podcast. While he began as Regina's enemy, she forged an alliance with him to pressure Sharpe to accept the solo cop foot patrol program.

She might work with Jordan or other community members in some unexpected way. Additionally, since the solo foot patrol program was her idea, Suarez might dump it back in her lap, demanding that she supervise the cops in the street to ensure they are safe and are treating residents properly.

It also could be something else altogether. Sharpe isn't above pressuring Suarez to offer Regina a job that sounds attractive but will keep her out of his way.

If that's the case, the idea will likely blow up in Sharpe's face, but that won't stop him from trying!

Regina's New Role - East New York Season 1 Episode 14

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East New York Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Suarez: I don't think there's a lot I can do.
Mrs. Suarez: You could call your brother.
Suarez: Not for nothing, but he could call me too.
Mrs. Suarez: So you don't call him and he doesn't call you?

Bentley: Sorry to call you out here for nothing.
Regina: It's all right. Anytime shots are fired in a place where two of my officers are living, I need to know about it.