Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies Boss Reacts to Cancellation and Removal from Paramount+

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In the aftermath of the stunning news that Paramount+ has canceled Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies after a single season, series creator Annabel Oakes is speaking out about the situation.

Oakes confirmed via Instagram that the show will not return for another season.

"In a particularly brutal move, it is also being removed from @paramountplus next and, unless it finds a new home, you will no longer be able to watch it anywhere." she wrote.

The Pink Ladies - Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies

"The cast, my creative partners, and I are all devastated at the complete erasure of our show."

The decision to end the series was a bitter pill to swallow for the show's passionate fanbase, but it's difficult knowing that shows are being erased from existence due to content write-downs.

Jane Facciano - Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies

"Thank you to our beautiful fans," Oakes enthused.

"The music will remain even after the show is taken down. I've loved your art, your tik toks, and even and especially your wild fan fic and ships," the creator wrote.

"People are already sending messages and videos about how much the show meant to them and I absolutely love hearing and seeing them."

The emotional message concluded with Oakes saying that she and everyone who worked on the show would love it for people to watch it before it's removed.

Different This Year - Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies

There is a chance the show could materialize at another outlet down the line.

Unfortunately, it's difficult to get shows picked up following cancellation, so there's a good chance the show will not stage a comeback.

"Before rock 'n' roll ruled, before the T-Birds were the coolest in the school, four fed-up outcasts dare to have fun on their own terms, sparking a moral panic that will change Rydell High forever," the logline teased ahead of the series' April debut.

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies starred Davila as Jane, Isabel Wells as Olivia, Notartomaso as Cynthia, Fukuhara as Nancy, Shanel Bailey as Hazel, and Madison Thompson as Susan.

The T-Birds - Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies

Paramount+ also canceled The Game, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Queen of the Universe.

What are your thoughts on the series' demise?

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