Riverdale Season 7 Episode 17 Review: Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat

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A familiar face is back in the Riverdale universe on Riverdale Season 7 Episode 17.

Josie McCoy, leader of Josie and The Pussycats, unveiled her 1955 counterpart in true Hollywood fashion. In this case, she's an award-winning Hollywood and Broadway star.

Her arrival to town was filled with big screens and big stage performances. But was the episode a grand return to form?

Josie Returns! - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 17

"Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat" was an enjoyable chapter that hit Riverdale 1955's campy flair. However, not much has changed in the trend of Riverdale Season 7.

Plenty of flash and fun references for the time, but there was no concrete or consistent plot tying everything together. 

Dinner & A Show - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 17

For instance, Josie's arrival in Riverdale for her movie project. It's another standalone story that breaks up any potential for an overarching plot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to see Ashleigh Murray, who plays Josie, return and get her screen time.

She was heavily underutilized in the early seasons of Riverdale, and her character deserved a lot better. She and the other Pussycat members got their redemption on Riverdale Season 5 Episode 15. However, it still wasn't enough long-term.

Her one-off guest appearance here was a reminder of what could've been. Ashleigh is a great talent, with or without her singing.

Fallen River Vixen - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 16

Now, back to the plot!

Josie's hesitation and care for her movie was understandable. She had a lot riding on the movie's success, and if it were mishandled, it would ruin the film and her.

We've seen movies and TV shows fumble for less because of bad marketing or not hitting it at the right time.

Josie has worked long and hard in her career. For her to entrust the future success of her movie in Veronica's hands, it showed how much she trusted Veronica and how powerful their friendship grew in the short time they were together.

A Chorus Line - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 14

Ashleigh Murray and Camila Mendes have great chemistry together.

Josie and Veronica's friendship was one of the best subtle pairings that made sense in Riverdale's early seasons. Like on Riverdale Season 1 Episode 6, they understood each other quickly and effortlessly.

Josie: You know how skittish studio executives can be.
Veronica: Unfortunately, all too well. I’ve dealt with my fair share. They’re fear-driven creatures.

Riverdale 1955's counterparts picked up right where they left off. Sure, they were both more exaggerated, campier, and had Hollywood flair, but they were pretty much the same close friends.

I loved how Josie challenged Veronica to show her a new side of the town.

A long time ago, on Riverdale Season 7 Episode 1, Veronica was the rebellious new girl in town. Now she's the one having to prove Riverdale's edgier side to the new girl; it was an interesting contrast to the past.

Josie's movie being a future success is a great ending to her story on Riverdale.

The destroyed movie reel nearly ruined everything, but the musical number and quick fix saved the day. Josie showed off all her talents and ended her time on Riverdale at a high.

Josie strived to be a superstar in her original timeline and make it big. She got those successes with her solo career and then the reunion with The Pussycats, but it was a journey of many highs and lows. 

So, you bet on yourselves? Yes, I can see that. Yes, I certainly can.


For her 1955 version, she's getting her accolades and shooting even higher in the sky than where she was before. The power was in Josie's hands, and she took it back to cement herself as the superstar she was born to be.

Those movie execs will look back and kick themselves for trying to replace her with Lana Turner.

Literary Society - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 13

Speaking of superstars, it's a shame that the morality group didn't move forward with Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Jughead and Pep Comics had a hit on their hands. The comic would've been fun, cheesy, campy, and easily fit within the tight rules of their morality code.

And we know it would've worked because Sabrina The Teenage Witch is a success in the real world! (You gotta love Riverdale's meta references.)

At least Jughead and Veronica can look back at their great idea and appreciate how it all got inspired. The power of Veronica can't be ignored and matched.

Rebel At Heart - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 8

In Betty's case, hopefully, she's ready for whatever comes by releasing her book. She's been anonymous with her newsletter, but putting herself on the cover takes the anonymity all away.

In Riverdale 1955, she might have to fight harsh words and slap back, like how she stood up to Alice on Riverdale Season 7 Episode 16.

Betty: I’m the “Girl Next Door.” I write The Teenage Mystique.
Cheryl: What?! I love The Teenage Mystique! The Girl Next Door’s advice is tops. It’s an honor to meet you.
Betty: Thank you!

But her journey during Riverdale Season 7 has shown that she's growing and becoming more attuned to her present timeline version. Betty is taking those risks and learning more about herself, like taking the pin-up photo or learning to masturbate.

Undoubtedly, she'll be so confident and push back against anyone who gets in her way. This book could be the start of her next phase.

Hot & Heavy - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 4

Archie's journey during "Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat" was a mixture of cringe and sympathy.

This is the version of Archie with his faults. The reckless Archie that makes continuous bad decisions.

Did he not realize reading the love poem about Mrs. Grundy to her at The Dark Room would be awkward?

She gave no indication that she wanted him. This was not the same Ms. Grundy from Riverdale Season 1.

Facing The Music - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

Archie made such a bad decision because he was horny and rejected by Twyla Twist. He needed to think more clearly.

Everyone in the venue was on the same page; if they could've made it stop, they would've tried. But what took the cake? His biting into the red apple.

Jughead Jones, do you have a thing for sexy teen witches?


Even I had to look away. He was so cringeworthy!

With everything said, Mrs. Grundy let him down in a good way that didn't hurt Archie. Sure, his feelings took a hit, but she handled it clearly, expressing her intentions and setting her boundaries.

Throwing In The Towel - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

It's a shame that the way Archie handled his hurt caused him to get hurt more severely.

What was Uncle Frank's problem? It was a poem for school!

His expectations and stereotypes have hurt Archie more than it has helped him. Mary asked Frank for help reining Archie in, but now he's stopping Archie from growing and exploring his passions.

If Frank is hurt about Fred's death during the war, he needs to talk about it. Archie wants to process his grief; it's time Frank drops his guard and learns to speak with his family.

Serpent Queen - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

Last Thoughts From Sweetwater River:

  • Betty had every right to be pissed off at Archie and the situation. She got dealt so much blowback for her striptease while Archie barely experienced a blip on the punishment radar.
  • Josie's visit to The Black Athena literary group was so beautiful and inspiring in their conversation.
  • At this point, Fangs is going to be a success. There's no way Riverdale would break Midge and Fangs up after he's tried so hard to make it big to be with her.
  • Veronica's reaction to the movie reel breaking spiraled faster than anyone could've realized.
Dating Options - Riverdale Season 7 Episode 3

Now, over to you, Riverdale fans.

What did you think of "Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat"?

What was your favorite musical number? Will Betty's book be a success? Will Jughead's cartoon be published anywhere?

If you missed the latest episode of Riverdale, you can watch Riverdale online via TV Fanatic. Come back here and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Four: A Different Kind of Cat Review

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Riverdale Season 7 Episode 17 Quotes

Jughead Jones, do you have a thing for sexy teen witches?


Josie: You know how skittish studio executives can be.
Veronica: Unfortunately, all too well. I’ve dealt with my fair share. They’re fear-driven creatures.