La Brea Season 3 Episode 4 Review: Fire Storm

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Now, that was an emotional hour of television.

La Brea Season 3 Episode 4 was one of the season's most poignant and action-packed episodes. It intertwined multiple timelines and explained the urgency of retrieving that microchip.

Let's discuss how several members of the team worked together in multiple timelines to save the day and how all this time-jumping might affect the future.

Fire Near the Fort - La Brea

Intertwining timelines made this a fast-paced episode and brought back the message in the bottle method that worked on La Brea Season 1 Episode 5 when Gavin and Izzy received Eve's letter revealing that she was alive.

This time, Sam suggested sending a message to Gavin in 2021 to find the microchip that would save Eve's life. It's difficult to tell if the voice behind the computer was playing games with the men, but no one wanted to risk Eve's life by doubting it.

An Adventurous Plan - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

I appreciated how they had Scott intercept the letter in 2021, even if he was afraid he was in a darker place. Scott needed to be visited by Sam and Ty and sprinkled with some positive vibes.

The Scott in 2021 had given up on life and trusted no one and nothing, least of all these strangers who believed in time travel. It was almost amusing how determined Ty was to get Scott to trust him by preparing his favorite lunch because he thought Scott needed a friend.

Scott was suffering in 2021 as badly as Gavin was. His brother had just died, and he had just lost the girlfriend he had planned on proposing to. It made sense that he'd given up, but Ty needed him to see that he still had people who cared about him.

Sam: Scott, clearly, people haven’t given up on you. They sent you that message from 10,000 BC because they believed in you and were your friends.
Ty: I know it’s hard to see, but we are your friends. You can trust us. Please let us see the message.

I had initially hoped that Scott and Maya would be allies as they searched for Petra, but Maya appeared more shady as Scott's place in this plan was revealed.

Digging into Maya's Secrets - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

After Gavin had another memory revealing Scott's research paper at the base, Scott soon realized Maya had given it to Gavin.

While I love Scott, he should not have confronted Maya alone. That was a disaster waiting to happen. It was easy for her to pretend that the military guards attacked and kidnapped Scott and appear innocent.

Gavin had his own problems when he met his estranged sister, Helena. Helena made quite the first impression, wielding a gun as she kidnapped her brother. While I ended up softening towards her, I first disliked her since no one was allowed to hurt Gavin.

Gavin: Okay, what exactly is this? Who are you?
Woman: I’m the woman you’re going to follow out the back door. Move now!
Gavin: And if I say no?
Woman (pulling a gun): I don’t think you will.

Since Gavin had been drunk so often, he didn't remember her or the secret project. He couldn't believe he'd ever hurt people.

Gavin: I’m not that kind of person.
Helena: You are when it’s the only way to stop something worse from happening.

Mystery Woman - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

It soon became obvious that Helena worked diligently to get Gavin on the time-traveling project so they could dismantle it together. I don't blame Gavin for not believing her since he was still handcuffed.

It was so overwhelming for Gavin to learn he had more family. We must consider that this was before he met James, and he's suddenly hearing about James's ruthless plans to use this project.

Using Gavin's thumbprint to get the microchip was similar to how Gavin activated James's portal with his handprint in La Brea Season 2 Episode 8. There were many Harris family throwbacks throughout the episode.

Helena: Gavin, I’m your sister.
Gavin: You’re kidding me?
Helena: Half-sister, technically. You’re the only family I have in this world. Our father wasn’t a parent to either of us. What he really cared about was his work.

Once they'd obtained the microchip, the excitement began. Helena and Gavin found dual auroras. She wanted to take him through the red one to 1965 when the project originated.

Who Has Eve? - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

But Ty and Sam arrived, begging Gavin to give Ty the microchip so he could return to 10,000 BC and save Eve.

Helena sounded similar to James when she reminded Gavin that the project was bigger than his family.

She might be your family, but after what we’ve been through, I’d call us family, too. Deep down, you know I’d never lead you astray. Please give me the chip and let me bring it back.


I was relieved he gave the chip to Ty, but I don't think we've seen the last of Helena.

Sadly, the microchip wasn't the only problem. A massive fire broke out near the fort, which affected Sam more than most. He and Lucas led the rescue mission to get everyone closer to safety, but Sam was on edge for most of the walk.

We even saw the return of Lucas the Animal Whisperer. While Sam wanted to leave the injured wolf pup they had found, Lucas carried it with him and made everyone swoon.

Sam's Prayer - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

However, Lucas soon realized that Sam was off his game, and it was refreshing to see him support Sam. These two have such a strong bond, but usually, Sam acts like a father figure toward Lucas, so it was nice to see the support reciprocated.

Lucas: Dude, I don’t know anything about fire.
Sam: None of us do. It’s completely unpredictable. It takes whoever and whatever it wants.

As someone who also experienced a house fire, I related to Sam's trauma. It's something you don't forget, even if you manage to save everyone. Sometimes, it's by sheer luck and instinct since fire is blinding.

Even with how he felt about fire, when the wolf pup ran after the worsening fire, Sam chased after it. When Lucas caught up to him, he questioned why Sam would risk his life for the dog.

The wolf pup reminded Sam of the family dog he couldn't save in the house fire years ago. Sam still felt guilt about letting Riley down all those years ago, even though Lucas assured him he would only let her down if they died.

Into the Fire - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

Lucas has evolved so much. Was he wrong not to show support to Veronica? Absolutely. But it made sense why was concerned about her and the baby during the massive fire.

Veronica proved herself to everyone when came up with the idea of shooting Sam's gun at the dam to loosen the logs so it would loosen and flood the area and save the fort.

When Veronica found Lucas, Sam, and the pup, it only mattered that everyone was safe. Lucas and Veronica's argument was over. While that pup was initially Lucas's, he was now glued to Sam's side.

After a hard day, things became better when Ty returned and reunited with Sam and Gavin. But an enemy lurked nearby. How much danger is everyone in?

Protecting Their Own - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

Key Points That Changed in 2021

While the men successfully retrieved the microchip, Ty or Helena divulged information Sam and Gavin weren't aware of yet. Since I covered some changes on La Brea Season 3 Episode 3, these are all new.

  • Ty reassures Sam that his relationship with Riley is much better.
  • Ty and Sam tell Scott he has a better life with friends who support him.
  • Elena fills Gavin in on their family history, who doesn't know anything about James yet.
Izzy & Gavin - La Brea Season 3 Episode 4

Sometimes, knowing about the future can affect it. We're praying that everyone still exists. Knowing that the red aurora sent people to 1965 gives the men a hint that Josh and Riley were probably transported there, and they have a viable lead.

Hopefully, now that the dream team is back in 10,000 BC, we'll see them find Eve, Josh, and Riley. While I enjoyed the time-traveling arc, I'm ready for everyone to be back in one timeline working together.

Over to you, La Brea Fanatics. What has been your favorite part of the final season? Were you excited to see Scott in 2021? Did you enjoy learning more about Sam's backstory?

Tell us below in the comments.

Fire Storm Review

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La Brea Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Scott: Petra’s a really great kid – smart, kind, and all she wanted was to find you. I’d sworn I’d help her, and now she’s gone.
Maya: Which is not your fault. I am going to get my daughter back.

Gavin: Okay, what exactly is this? Who are you?
Woman: I’m the woman you’re going to follow out the back door. Move now!
Gavin: And if I say no?
Woman (pulling a gun): I don’t think you will.