Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 Review: I Do

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Fire Country fans had big expectations of the season finale, but did it work out how everyone wanted?

Yes and no, for this uber-fan.

The good news is that Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 started with our fav bad boy inmate getting sprung from prison.

Bode in an orange vest - Fire Country

That's right, Bode's back baby! And so is his trusty sidekick, Freddy. At least for the moment.

But being free from prison doesn't mean the problems are over for Bode.

Bode gets cake. - Fire Country

Now, he's got to find a job and a way to move on with his life. What will Bode be if he's not a firefighter?

Freddy: It's called Goat's Grilled Cheese Truck, and LA loves it.
Bode: You really did it, Freddy.
Freddy: Yeah. What are you going to do? Hmm?
Bode: I know what I want. I can't have it.
Freddy: Eve told me about Gabriela getting married in a couple of days.
Bode: I was talking about firefighting. It saved my life. Now that I might never get to do it again, it's, it's killing me.
Freddy: So? Do something about it.
Bode: There's Union pushback on former inmates joining CalFire.
Freddy: Since when do you let anything or anyone get in the way of what you want?
Bode: I, I need something now. That guy Rick said that he'd get me a job repairing a hospital.
Freddy: No. No. You're out less than 24 hours and already the Ricks of the world come knocking. You're lucky I'm here.

Sorry, Freddy, but it looks like your presence isn't enough to stop Bode from doing what he wants.

Firefighter or not, Bode still has his hero complex, as we see when he saves a young boy's life after a construction accident. Talk about an eventful first day on the job!

The verdict is still out on whether Bode's decision to join the construction crew of Rick -- the guy who got him hooked on drugs in high school -- is a good or bad move.

Everyone seems to think it's the wrong idea. But people do change, as Bode, Freddy, and Manny prove.

Fredy talks to Eve - Fire Country

Manny's current predicament, notwithstanding.

So, can we believe Rick when he claims he's two years clean? Could Bode be good for his sobriety and redemption?

Especially after the bombshell Rick dropped on Jake about why he's back in town.

Jake: Hey. I'm not sure if you heard my apology earlier.
Rick: Yeah. It sounded real sincere.
Jake: Well, I meant it.
Rick: Look, I know I was a tool in high school. So I get it. But I'm changing. It's actually why I'm back in town.
Jake: Oh, yeah?
Rick: Yeah. Do you remember Cara Masonite? I saw online that she had died. But then I heard that she had this little sister who ended up being her daughter.
Jake: Genevieve.
Rick: And Cara and I, we had fooled around. Just one time. So I don't have to tell Bode or anything. But, long story short, I think I'm here to meet my little girl.

Just as Jake was thinking of taking a job as a fire inspector so he wouldn't be putting his life at risk, he's in danger of losing Gene anyway.

Will Jake still make the career change from Superman -- as Eve and Sharon like to call him -- fire captain to fire inspector if he no longer has custody of Genevieve?

Or maybe that would be a better job for Vince since he's having heart problems that might make it impossible for him to return to fighting fires.

Vince in normal clothes - Fire Country

Sharon's still concerned for his health, even though his heart surgery went well, and he's on the mend.

Jake: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. Die?
Sharon: No. No, no, no, no. The procedure went great. And it's curative. I'm just -
Jake: Afraid he could die at work, because we all could at any minute on the job.
Sharon: That one.
Jake: Yeah. Gene is too. I mean, she tenses up every time that I leave for work. I don't know if I can keep leaving her.
Sharon: You're not thinking about quitting?
Jake: No, no, no, no. I was -- I don't know -- I was thinking more of the inspector route.
Sharon: Oh, okay. So Superman is going to become Clark Kent full time.

Vince isn't one for being idle, as we see when he and Bode start shining trucks at the fire station while the rest of the station is on a call.

Speaking of changing jobs, it was a relief to hear Eve turn down Luke's job promotion offer in Sacramento.

Maybe Cole's speech made her change her mind, but Eve realized that Three Rock (and we) needed her, especially since Bode is gone and Manny is no longer Captain.

Eve in the audience - Fire Country

Will Cole be the new glue that keeps the Three Rock crew in line?

Or could we see a new inmate arrive in Fire Country Season 3 that all the inmates gravitate towards?

Please let Manny become our new favorite inmate firefighter.

He's in hot water after (justifiably) punching Luke in the face for being the reason Three Rock nearly closed down in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 8.

This Manny advocate stands by his actions.

Luke's treachery deserved much more punishment, like a good swift kick in the nozzle. Sharon's decision to take back her job from him is a decent start.

Sharon looks worried - Fire Country

Sharon: What are you doing here?
Luke: I was invited here. As division chief.
Sharon: Ah, yeah. About that. I'm realizing that my mothering instinct is larger than one child. Feels more suited to like 12 firefighting battalions.
Luke: What are you saying? No. Mm-nmmm.
Sharon: Yeah. I want my old job back.
Luke: I have your old job. I like your old job.
Sharon: I see the job as a way to serve more people. You see it as a rung on a ladder. Kicking you off is just gravy.
Luke: Yeah, it's a great day.

Luke had an annoying way of showing up throughout the final episode. He might have been in more scenes than our favorite former Three Rock Captain.

Manny's absence could have caused fans to worry that he would miss Gabriela's wedding or, worse, disappear from the show altogether.

Showing up proved he's not the same man he was years ago when he was in the throes of his alcoholism and subsequent criminal phase.

Although seeing him escorted away in handcuffs certainly put a damper on the finale's celebratory nature.

Yay that he went without a fight, and double yay that the police officers let him be discreet and walk Gabs down the aisle before his arrest. Good job, Sharon, for talking him into going with them.

Sharon and Vince in church - Fire Country

Seriously, though, where was Deputy Mickey Fox?

She was again absent from a show that was supposed to set up her spinoff series. How are we supposed to like someone we never get to see?

It's a missed opportunity to have her be the one who arrested Manny.

It might have been better to have less Luke and a bit of Fox. Luke is a little bit of a lot with lurking ways and backstabbing tendencies.

Sharon: Hey. What are you doing lurking here? Well?
Luke: Lurking? I'm not a supervillain. Any word on Manny?
Sharon: Why? Want to gloat because the charges you pressed stuck?
Luke: That was the governor's aide. Not me.
Sharon: I guess you're a hero then. Maybe we should throw you a parade.
Luke: Yeah. Maybe you should. Since I didn't discipline you for undermining me in front of the governor.
Sharon: Oh, I'm sorry. Did I embarrass you in front of your new friends? I was busy handling a situation that you were in over your head.
Luke: You are speaking to your division chief.
Sharon: You are renting that title, Luke.
Luke: You know, I honestly can't believe I ever risked my relationship with my brother to make a move on you.
Sharon: I can't believe you thought it was going to work.

We saw Manny saying, "I do," as the officers read him his rights and put him in the cop car.

But did anyone notice that we didn't hear those uber-important words from Gabriela?

With all the twists and shocks of the second season's final episode, we didn't see her and Diego complete their vows.

Diego waits for his bride - Fire Country

She can't blame Bode if she did cancel her wedding.

Even though he's still in love with her -- and had encouragement from his best friend to speak his mind -- he kept his declarations of love to himself.

Bode: Honey, you waited up.
Freddy: Normally, I'd find that hellah charming. But listen, Bode, are you really going to let that wedding happen tomorrow? Gabriela still loves you. it's so obvious dude.
Bode: Diego's the guy you marry. I'm the guy who kisses her on the job while she's engaged to someone else.
Freddy: You kissed? Dude, you are so much deeper in this thing than you let on.
Bode: She's getting married tomorrow.
Freddy: You need to go to that wedding.
Bode: So I can stop it? I'm supposed to be staying out of trouble.
Freddy. The first 72 are up. You stayed out of trouble. Now you need to start some. In the name of your whole life's happiness. Go get your girl Bode.

It will be a long wait until Fire Country Season 3 returns to give us all the answers we desperately need for closure.

Seriously though, did Gabs and Diego get married or not? Does Bode have a shot with the love of his life?

Is Rick Gene's father, and will Jake be okay if he loses the child he's come to love as his own after losing her mom?

And what will happen to our sexy ex-con if he can't fulfill his life's purpose -- and family trade -- as a firefighter?

Bode rescues a boy. - Fire Country

Luke keeps saying that CalFire resists giving former prisoners a spot in CalFire.

We've seen it done with previous inmates, so we have to wonder if Luke is telling the truth or if he's just being his typical shady, immoral, selfish self.

Luke: Hey Bode. Breaking up the wedding? Cause I'll get the car. I'm with you man. I'm your guy.
Bode: No. I do need your help. But it's not ruining Gabriela's wedding. I need to fight fire. Fast. Out here. Out here as a free man.
Luke: I know Bode. But with all the red tape.
Bode: Pull some strings. Hey, pull a rope. I don't care, man. Firefighting is my first healthy addiction I've had in my life. I'm ready to claim my legacy as a Leone. As a firefighter.

If Sharon is taking her job from Luke and Vince has stepped down as Chief while he recuperates from heart surgery, is it possible that Luke will relocate to Station 42 and become everyone's new commander?

How would that affect Bode's chances of becoming a firefighter on CalFire while he still has a criminal record?

Let us know your predictions for Fire Country Season 3, due to air in its regular fall lineup.

And if you can't get enough of the Leones, Edgewater, and inmate firefighters, set a reminder for the Fire Country spinoff Sheriff's Country, which will air in 2025, and remember that you can rewatch the entire series so far on Paramount+!

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Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Eve: You're going to need these.
Bode: Couldn't have done it without you, Captain.
Dispatch: Vegetation fire. Three Rock.
Eve: What, you a little jealous?
Bode: A little bit.
Eve: Your ride's here.

Jake: Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. Die?
Sharon: No. No, no, no, no. The procedure went great. And it's curative. I'm just -
Jake: Afraid he could die at work, because we all could at any minute on the job.
Sharon: That one.
Jake: Yeah. Gene is too. I mean, she tenses up every time that I leave for work. I don't know if I can keep leaving her.
Sharon: You're not thinking about quitting?
Jake: No, no, no, no. I was -- I don't know -- I was thinking more of the inspector route.
Sharon: Oh, okay. So Superman is going to become Clark Kent full time.