Detective Joe West is Barry Allen's surrogate father and the father of Iris West. He works for the Central City Police Department.

Detective West is fully aware of Barry's secret identity but asked his stepson to keep Iris in the dark about The Flash for her safety. 

Detective Joe West Quotes

Alright, the only red-suited guy I want in this house right now is Kris Kringle. You got it?


Barry: I think maybe they got... whammied.
Joe: Did you just say whammy?

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The Flash Quotes

Iris: He's on my three list.
Barry: What's a three list?
Iris: My list of three guys I'm allowed to cheat on Eddie with. You usually don't meet people on your list but now here he is and I just cannot stop staring at him.

Gypsy: It had to be today.
Cisco: Why today?
Gypsy: Because today is 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: 1-1-what?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day!
Cisco: What is that?!
Gypsy: 1/1/1 day on my Earth's the day that you celebrate with the one you love! Alright?! It's one soul plus one soul equals one soul.
Cisco: That zappy.
Gypsy: Yes it's zappy, it's stupid, it's smoopy, but there is something about you that makes me want to do stupid smoopy things. And I hate the word smoopy and people who use it.
Cisco: Wow, that is the sweetest and angriest thing you have ever said to me!