Eric Beal is kind of the man. He's the tech wiz of the NCIS: Los Angeles undercover team, and fully embraces his nerdiness.

Do not attempt to hide from Eric. He will find you through your phone, GPS, bank records, whatever it takes.

And he'll delight in doing it.

Originally conceived as a recurring character, Eric has played a bigger role in recent episodes of the hit drama.

We can only hope - and criminals can only beware - that this uber-geek continues to excel in his flip flops.

Eric Beal Quotes

Hetty to Eric on how he stopped the video: How did you do that!?
Eric:(I was just as lost as Hetty so i didnt catch what he said lol)
Hetty:In ENGLISH Mr. Eric!
Eric: I broke the internet.
Kensi:Seriously? Like the whole internet?
Eric: Yep.
Deeks: Even Twitter!?

Eric: Gotta love that bureaucracy.
Nate: The bureaucracy we work for?
Eric: Like I said, love that bureaucracy.

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