Eric: Why is he on the coach?
Sam: New interrogation technique.

Guess we got hacked again!

It's like finding a supervillain's bucket list.

Hetty: She just hung up on me!
Beal: Rough call, wanna talk about it?
Hetty: No I don't Mr. Beal.

You know, if you mind this less of a teaching moment, you could get back to your work faster.

Oh man this is like the world's greatest Lego set!

How did a neanderthal like Rex know to go for high tech property that belonged to Weber?

I like your facial hair. It makes you look like a pirate.

Nell: Hetty knows everything I think.
Eric: That's what I thought.

Eric: It's bad.
Nell: It's all bad.
Hetty: Aww, bugger.

And then Sam is calling me Elfie McBeale.

Eric: Hey, hey wait. I'm gonna get my tights.
Nell: They're leggings. Oh and don't forget your ears.