Dixon: Want to go with me to homecoming?
Silver: No
Dixon: Really? Why?
Silver: Because it's everything that's wrong with this place.... it's a big popularity contest set to music

This is Johnny Ramone? I thought it was Howard Stern.

Silver: How long you been sleeping?
Dixon: I don't know, I was asleep.

Dixon: This is a pretty disturbing moment between us, isn't it?
Annie: Let's never speak of it.

I kinda like when you're bossy like that.

Guys aren't like girls. We don't hold grudges. Life's too short.

I'm a black kid, living with a white family. It doesn't get any more different than that.

You know girls in Beverly Hills... I wanna roll in style.

I didn't grow up in the Cosby family.

Dixon: You do not have your own bowling ball!
Navid: What? It was for my Bar Mitzvah.

My own dad is [cock] blocking me.

Dixon: This place definitely doesn't suck.
Annie: Welcome to California.


We're not just friends, we're a family. And nobody messes with my family.


Adrianna: I think we've waited long enough.
Navid: For...?
Adrianna: Yeah.