Eddie: Choices have consequences. I'm afraid we can't let you make anymore choices like that.
Barry: Wally is just a kid.
Eddie: He's a Flash. He made his choice. Now he has to live with it. Just like you do.
Barry: I'm not going anywhere until Wally's free.
Eddie: Then be prepared to spend an eternity in here.

Iris: What could he possibly have shown you to make you change your mind about us?
Eddie: The future. He showed me the future, Iris. We don't get married. You and Barry do.

Iris: You were kidnapped for nearly two weeks and your first thought was to go back to work?
Eddie: I just needed something constant in my life.
Iris: I thought that was us.

Eddie: You know they're gonna find me. And you. You're not as smart as you think you are.
Harrison/Eobard: Oh really? 'Cause I'm a genius where I come from. Imagine how smart that makes me here.
Eddie: The future? With a name like Eobard, I guess you'd have to be.
Harrison/Eobard: Eobard is a distinguished name for a distinguished member of a distinguished family.
Eddie: It's depressing to think all of my descendants are as crazy as you.

Eddie: I don't suppose you brought lunch.
Harrison: Do you know human beings can survive up to two months without food?
Eddie: Is that how long you plan on keeping me here?

Harrison: My name is Eobard. Eobard Thawne.
Eddie: I don't understand. Why do you have my name.
Harrison: Because we're family, Eddie.
Eddie: Funny. I haven't seen you at any weddings or reunions.

Eddie: I know the timing might seem off with everything that has gone on, but I want to propose to Iris and I want your blessing.
Joe: No.
Eddie: [chuckles] Come again?
Joe: No. You do not have my blessing.

This isn't like your dad, Barry. When your dad was put away, you were a kid, there wasn't anything you could do. But you're not a kid anymore, you're a scientist. Hell, you're The Flash! You are gonna find Bates and you are gonna clear me, so go do it.

Felicity: What is wrong with you? Is everyone in Central City in a bad mood? I thought Central City was supposed to be the fun one!
Eddie: It's not...
Barry: Felicity knows.
Eddie: Wow. So everyone but Iris.
Barry: Feels that way.

I didn't like the way I felt watching you and Barry last night.

You know you can come around any time, Joe. Just give us a heads up. Or not. Whenever. You want a key? [chuckles nervously]

Eddie: Why did it not kill me?
Joe: I don't know, Eddie.
Eddie: But you know more than you've been telling me.
Joe: They're called metahumans.
Eddie: Metahumans.
Joe: People with very powerful abilities. You and me are the only guys on the force who know what's really going on and we need to keep it that way so nobody else gets hurt. Can you do that?
Eddie: [node] And The Flash? Do you know who he is?
Joe: Yeah, I do. He's the guy that saved both of our lives tonight.

The Flash Quotes

Holy Baby Grogu.


Abra: I see you're finally Mecha-Vibe.
Cisco: Mecha-Vibe? I know he did not just name me.