And in addition to all that other stuff, Kenny Powers still does not like children.

In Mexico a man can truly get lost. And if you're a bank robber, or maybe somebody who's committed a f*cked up crazy crime, than that's a good thing. But hiding takes its toll. First you don't realize it, but soon the identity you tried to shed starts getting pissed and knocking around at your insides.

Sometimes you gotta wash away the paint, and reveal to the world the jackass that is hiding beneath.

I was your savior. I was your knight in shining armor. In each of you, were the chinks upon my armor. Each of you were the chinks. You all were the chinks! Remember me, my chinks...

You know, Stevie, when I first met you, I'll be honest with you, you were a little bitch.... But now I'm looking at you, and to me you seem like a dude who knows what's up. You don't take sh*t from anybody, you smoke weed on the reg. Quite frankly, you're somebody I'm proud to know. And you're somebody who deserves whole hell of alot more than just being an assistant.

So as I was saying, the amount of money I am gonna be making would hurt your parents feelings. You remember the class where I taught you all how to make it rain? That's what I'm gonna be doing every single night - dolla, dolla bills, y'all...

I mean, no offense, but you got a sh*tty job, you're not quite as tall as me, nobody really respects you. You have me on the other hand. I got the glory, I got the fame, the money, the jewels, the cash, the Denali. Getting drunk on the reg, f*cking good times on the reg, yachts on the reg, sex on the reg... Basically all the sh*t that most guys fantasize about.

Kenny Powers' days of burnin' ass are done. And that's not a homosexual reference.

I'm laying down my new audiobook. No writing, just spoken words - the old fashioned way.

I just want you to know that I've been thinking alot, about, you know, what happened at the cookout. It's just that we were there, and then we were touching each other, and I saw those t*ts and I started feeling your ass and I started breathing heavy and almost got a headache. Then my vision started to go all colorful. Then I just came in my pants. But I won't do that again.

From this moment forward Kenny Powers is just like everyone else. Normal. Not special. No hopes. No dreams. Pretending to be happy when he's really super sad. Just an average guy with exceptional hair. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Stupid cookout. As if their f*cking cookout is any sort of big thing. You should see my f*cking cookouts, man. When I was back in Seattle, I had the goddamn Spoonman from the Soundgarden videos coming to my sh*t. I'm talking 6 grills burning at all times. Tiki torches, 3 whole pigs, sh*tloads of macaroni and cheeses, baked potatoes, collard greens, a horse, f*cking Puerto Rican chicks showing their pussies and tits off everywhere. They were amazing.

Eastbound & Down Quotes

Down there I fought and fucked my way to being the greatest gringo that country has ever seen.


It's better to be strangled by a necklace of Mexicans than to be strangled by no one.