Andy: How are you? How's Carina?
Bishop: She's convinced she's not pregnant because she's had so much trouble, and I don't know how to help her.
Andy: Just be there for her. That's all you can do.

Beckett: So how's the IVF stuff going; any news?
Bishop: Just waiting to see if it took.

Carina, Liam's social worker called. She found his bio dad.

Maya: I found my, uh, my brother. He's so hateful! And I thought, I thought a little piece of him was still left, but, he's gone. Oh my God, I cut him off. How could I do that?
Beckett: Maya...
Maya: I'm a horrible person!
Beckett: Maya, you did what you needed to do.
Maya: Why does it feel like somebody died or something?
Beckett: That's actually apparently a real thing. It's called ambiguous loss. It hurts like hell, but you had to make a choice, and it was either him or you.

Maya: Stupid idiot. I ruined it. I ruined everything. I ruined the window!
Beckett: May I help you? I used to help my ex-wife with hers.

Maya: Oh my God, you're dad. You've become dad.
Mason: Don't pull that crap on me.
Maya: No, actually, you're worse. I came here trying to save you or something, but now I get it. That's not possible. You can never be a part of my life, Mason, not like this. You're not allowed to touch the beautiful life that I created because you would ruin it. I have love that we never knew existed as kids, and I wanted you to have that too, but you don't want it. And I won't risk losing it, so...

Mason: I matter to these people. No one ever told me that I mattered.
Maya: You matter to me! Just let me get you out of this place, and see how it feels.
Mason: And go where?
Maya: Move in with me. You don't know what real family feels like. Let me show you!

Mason: Why do you care so much about a gay parade?
Maya: Because they're my people, Mason! You're harassing me and my community!

Mason: I matter to these people. No one ever told me that I mattered--
Maya: You matter to me, Mason!

Mason: Maya, what are you doing here?
Maya: I wanted to talk to you.
Mason: I've got nothing to say to you.
Maya: You don't have ten minutes to spare for your own sister?

Maya: Oh, I get it, whereas mine, my shots, and shots, and shots, make me feel terrible. We're doing IVF, my eggs, her oven, and it's awful! It's awful! It's like I can feel my own follicles growing my eggs, it's like grape jelly. It's like grape jelly just sloshing around inside of me! I love how your shots make you feel incredible, while mine make me feel like a bloated chicken coop!
Beckett: Chicken coop?
Maya: Because I am a freaking egg factory, Beckett! IVF, keep up!

Carina: you're going to be a great mom.
Maya: I didn't know I needed to hear that.

Station 19 Quotes

This is going to get worse.


Maya: At least I won't be transferring to 23 anymore.
Dean: You won't?
Maya: Instead I'll be going to jail for harboring a fugitive.