As for me, I'm done with being the nice guy who finishes last.

Silver: What are you doing?
Navid: Yea I'm being sexy. What does it look like?

You invited a drunk priest to a bachelor party?

Good thing you're in a doctor's office. You won't have far to go when I break your face.

Navid: It wasn't some stranger. It was you. You slept with Silver.
Liam: Wait..she told you?
Navid: No, you just did, you son of a bitch!

Guess I'm destined to raise a stranger's baby.

Sometimes you want something so bad you don't care about the consequences.

Caleb [to Annie]

You're stuck with a Persian Woody Allen.

Why is it so hard to be the strong, silent type?

You know what'll help with that? Some sloppy down and dirty rebound sex.

Silver: I want Navid.
Navid: Well if you want me, I'm standing right here.

We're out of toilet paper again. What do you guys do...throw that stuff out the window?


I'm gonna kill Dixon.


Ah the instinct to run, I know about that.