Philip: Kimmy, When, um, when you're in Greece, if, if ... if someone tries to get you to go to a Communist country with them, don't, OK? Don't. go.
Kimmy: What?
Philip: Go to Greece, stay in Greece, and then come home. You hear me, Kimmy? Goodbye Kimmy.

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The Americans Season 6 Episode 5: "The Great Patriotic War"
The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes, The Americans Quotes
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 5 Quotes

You gotta try. You gotta try. There's someone in there that knows how to see. But you gotta put in the time.That's what time is for. No one. No one, no one understands that.


Erica: Is this it?
Nurse E: I don't have much free time.
Erica: Free time? Kind of a funny phrase. Is that what you call this? Free time? There should be dozens of drawings in here.