Here’s what’s bothering me. I know that you’re having sex with both Dad and Ben and you’re lying about it to both of them.


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The Conners Season 2 Episode 3: "The Preemie Monologues"
The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes, The Conners Quotes
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Becky: The baby’s coming home Friday.
Darlene: Oh, that’s fantastic. Right? I mean, that’s great. Your face isn’t saying it’s great.
Becky: My face just read this letter from Assistance For Needy Families. I was approved and then they said I made too much because of my tips at Casita Bonita. I failed at being poor.

Louise: Sitting in that NICU all night. That’s rough. I did it for a cousin. It just breaks your heart.
Dan: Well, a free beer would certainly help me deal with it.
Louise: Lucky for you it’s preemie grandpas night.