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Jackie’s making Becky crazy at the hospital so Dan takes the night shift at the NICU watching Bev. When Louise, the woman who runs Casita Bonita offers to come with Dan, he balks. Dan tells her he’s not ready for anything more than friendship but Louise assures him that she can wait for more. 

Harris is angry and sarcastic with Darlene after she forgets to buy toilet paper and they run out, but Harris’ attitutde seems more pointed than usual. 

When Darlene asks Harris what’s wrong, Harris tells her she knows she’s having sex with both Ben and David and if she doesn’t make a decision between the two of them she’s going to tell her father. Darlene continues to try to stall for more time.  

The baby’s coming home on Friday and Becky is freaked out about the bills. She thought she was eligible for financial assistance but once they factored in her tips it showed she made too much for any assistance programs. Becky goes back to work too soon, breaks down and causes a scene. She doesn’t know how she’ll pay rent and buy food and diapers, never mind pay the hospital bills.

Darlene and Dan tell Becky that she and little Bev will move back home. They turn the basement into a bedroom and nursery. Becky is delighted and grateful. Later, she video chats with Emilio who is relieved she has her family to take care of her as he tries to figure out how to get back to Becky and the baby. 


The Conners
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The Conners Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Becky: The baby’s coming home Friday.
Darlene: Oh, that’s fantastic. Right? I mean, that’s great. Your face isn’t saying it’s great.
Becky: My face just read this letter from Assistance For Needy Families. I was approved and then they said I made too much because of my tips at Casita Bonita. I failed at being poor.

Louise: Sitting in that NICU all night. That’s rough. I did it for a cousin. It just breaks your heart.
Dan: Well, a free beer would certainly help me deal with it.
Louise: Lucky for you it’s preemie grandpas night.