Bree: Are you freaking kidding me? Is that really it? You're not even going to tell me why you're leaving?
Luke: You know why.
Bree: Oh, because you're not good enough for me because you're bad luck?!
Luke: You are a wonderful person, Bree. I don't, I don't want to burden you with my troubles.
Bree: Burden me! OK? Be bad luck! I don't care. I'll, I'll, I'll smash a mirror! I'll walk under a dozen ladders! It doesn't matter! I love you. And I think, I think that you love me, too.
Luke: Don't you see? It's because I love you that I have to go. Your life would be so much better without me, Bree.
Bree: Stop it, stop it, stop it! Do not dress this up as if you are doing me a favor, OK. You do not get to make decisions on my behalf. I make my own decisions! And I know that my life is better with you in it!
Luke: I'm sorry.
Bree: What? At least come to the wedding. I think you owe me that much.
Luke: No. If I go to the wedding, that would mean I'd come back to the O'Briens, to you. It's better if I make a clean break. Goodbye, Bree O'Brien.

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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 10: "All or Nothing at All"
Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Evan: I understand you offered Mandrake a job.
Abby: He was available. So you talked to Mandrake.
Evan: I did.
Abby: Did you unfire him?
Evan: I tried to. He's weighing his options.

Little Mick is perfect, and he has a perfect name.