Pablo: Is that a chainsaw I hear?
Demon Ash: Why yes it is. Where you come from they're better known as "motosierra."

Ash: Whoa, another dumbass double. Are you what used to be little me?
Demon Ash: That's right. I'm all grown up now. Ash I'm so disappointed in you, you've gone soft.
Ash: Soft? I can hold my own pal.

Kelly: [after seeing Ash hide duck for cover] What's the matter?
Ash: Oh, the cops. They get all squirrely when they find a demon baby in a trunk.

Ruby: Hundreds of years I spent looking for that book. And two years in this shithole of a school.
Brandy: [to Ash] Oh my God, you were right!

I can't believe this. A week ago I was cramming for midterms and now I'm running from the cops!


Sumeria Woman: Poor Gary, at least he died battling evil.
Ash: Actually he picked a fight with my 75 year old dad.

[after eating heated Pop-Tart] Oh my God, this is so much better toasted!

You're almost there. Once that idiot Ash Williams is dead, you and I will go on to immortal glory.


Do you know what evil is Kelly? It's power without fear ... without guilt ... without pain.


You keep your hands off of my boom stick, you got that!?

Pablo: How about a ride on the Pablo-stache Kelly?
Kelly: You're not tall enough!

Kelly: I thought I lost you, for real this time.
Pablo: Shit, where's Ash!?
Kelly: Wow, okay!

Ash vs Evil Dead Quotes

Eeeeaaaaaaaa! We are near! You're time comes again!


I'm getting a little winded. Mind if we take a break and focus on me for a minute?