Danny, you're a good man. That's who you are.

Lexi [to Danny]

Nice work technique.

Aiden [to Lexi]

Danny: We all want the same thing.
Aiden: Money.
Danny: To stop a terrorist attack.

It seems like [Farouk] wants people to suffer like [Zara] did.

Father Chuck [to Anna]

Danny: We'll make our case and you tell us which one of us is crazy.
Aiden: Just one of you is crazy?

For a priest, this Father Chuck sure does live large.


Shaw: And here I thought we were friends.
Vega: We are. That's why I'm going to let you live.

I can't wait until that smug look is wiped off your face when this all blows up in our faces.

Lexi [to Shaw]

What? I watch a lot of Discovery Channel.

Shaw [to Danny]

Don't let your suit define you.

Jay [to Danny]

Lexi: Gwen, I just knew we could be friends one day.
Gwen: OK. I'm hanging up now.

Harper [to Lexi]: How's your Spanish?
Danny: Better than her Croatian, worse than her Italian.

Blood & Treasure Quotes

Danny: You should call the FBI.
Jay: I would if you still worked there.

Danny, there's no one better at tracking blood antiquities than you.

Jay [to Danny]