Jess: Why are you yelling at me?
David: I'm not yelling at you. I've never yelled at you my whole, entire life. What's wrong?
Jess: Why are you marrying me?
David: Uh because you're awesome. I love you.
Jess: Don't you think it's irresponsible to jump into a marriage with reasons like that?
David: OK. What's going on. Talk to me.
Jess: I think that you should know that I might not be a very good mother.
David: OK, but I think you might be wrong about that.

Connor: I find it shocking that people who were supposed to be my colleagues would go through my correspondence. I have no choice but to offer my resignation immediately, which I happen to have on me. I quit. These documents prove that Mr. Dilphor forged Mr. O'Brien's signature on 27 different contracts, and this letter proves that this law firm spied on a junior associate in an attempt to get intel on his family. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I'll be reporting this to the Bar Association. Thank you. Thank you, very much.
Mick: That's my son! The lawyer!

As long as we have each other, nothing else matters.


Connor: Three words! All you can eat!
Abby: That's four words.

Megan: I hope they'll be OK.
Abby: What? Mom, this was your idea. You said you wanted them to come out here work things out.
Megan: That's before I thought about two men in their sixties lost in the woods for the weekend.

Thomas: Face it, Mick. We're old.
Mick: Ah, old is in your head. I feel like I'm 18 inside.
Thomas: Me too, but then I walk by a mirror and I see dad lookin' back at me.

This is good. It works. This is only slightly agonizing.


Judge Martinez: Well, Connor O'Brien, don't you agree that people of the male gender tend, on average, to have greater upper body strength than those of the female gender?
Connor: Well, yes.
Judge Martinez: And we're dealing specifically with, as I understand it, warehouse workers, lifting things. Am I correct?
Connor: Yes, your honor.
Judge Martinez: Alright then.
Connor: But.
Judge Martinez: Mr. O'Brien, you better make a cogent argument or pack up and leave.
Connor: Uh, yes, your honor. I, I, I.
Judge Martinez: I'm waiting, Mr. O'Brien.
Connor: Yes, I, I have three sisters, your honor.
Judge Martinez: That's your argument? You have sisters?
Connor: Yes, sir. Three of them.
Judge Martinez: And...
Connor: And I find that women are capable of doing anything men can do.
Judge Martinez: That's a matter of opinion, Mr. O'Brien, and not a mitigating factor here.
Connor: Isn't it, though? Your honor, I'm talking about a deeper strength, one not represented by physical labor. I mean, when women are presented with a problem, they don't just solve that problem. They think three steps past it, and they get the job done.

Mick: He's stopping by.
Abby: Oh, joy.

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This is what women are always told when they want equality, like in the Newsweek case, they were forced to assume a subsidiary role simply because of their sex. It's the same with McCloud Industries. I mean, yes, in general, men are stronger. Men can lift more than women. But at McCloud, most of the men use a forklift, and we have evidence that every female that applied for forklift training was not allowed to pursue it. And let's be honest, the forklift is the great equalizer here, is it not? So, this isn't just about equal pay for equal work. This is about the fact that females are denied the chance to become higher-paid forklift operators at McCloud. To quote the 1970 Newsweek case, "Simply because of their sex."


The rich are different.


I'm a huge patron of the under-ten-dollar arts.


Chesapeake Shores Quotes

Mick: So, you and Conor still not speaking?
Kevin: Uh, not really. Ever since he moved out, we just haven't seen each other all that much.

Abby: Between his experience and Kevin's education, running the B and B will be a piece of cake.
Megan: I'm not cleaning up!