Gloria: I didn't get your name.
Varga: True.

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Emmit: You know, I was thinking about it on the way over. I can't think of a single person who doesn't like me... Except you.
Ray: That's what they say to your face.

I'm not less than you.

Ray [to Emmit]

Perception of reality becomes reality.


A chicken is an egg's way of making another egg.


Nikki: We got video evidence of Emmit screwing a secretary. It's a fact.
Sy: It never happened!
Nikki: That doesn't make it any less of a fact.

Emmit: You've gotta fix this. Whatever it takes.
Sy: Shackles off?
Emmit: And throw away the key.

My husband made his first million in mortuaries. "Everybody dies, Ruby," he told me. "You can't just leave them on the sofa." One night, he was eating a three-pound lobster and he had a stroke and with it a revelation. Self-storage. That was the future. The two businesses are surprisingly similar when you think about it — a place to put the things you'll never use again.

Mrs. Goldfarb

You have made me the happiest woman ever. Now let's make a sex tape.


Yuri: [says something in Russian]
Nikki: What?
Meemo: He said, "Pretty girls should only open their mouths when they see a dick."

Varga: You have a fat wife.
Sy: Excuse me?
Varga: Which part of what I just said is giving you trouble?

In the favelas of Brazil, there are six year olds with Glocks. They rove in packs, stealing whatever they can find. Mexican lowlifes stream into this country like wolves, eyeing our women and children. In the Congo, a family of six live on ten cents a day. You turn on the TV, what do you see? Those people. Mass migration. You're living in the age of the refugee, my friend.


Fargo Quotes

Chief: Aww. Heck. It's Sam Hess.
Cop: Who owns the trucking company?
Chief: With the two boys both dumb as a dog's foot

Lorne: Just one word: Yes or No?