Why, all of the sudden, are you asking these deeply probing questions? No offense but you have the emotional intelligence of a 9-year-old.

Rick [to Magnum]

Magnum [looking at strollers]: When you said you wanted me to go with you for a test drive, this is not what I had in mind.
Rick: Oh. come on. Get a load of this bad boy!

Magnum: I know I don't make it easy.
Katsumoto: You never do.

Go honor your friend's memory, Magnum. I'll honor the facts.

Katsumoto [to Magnum]

Magnum: Nuzo didn't do this.
Katsumoto: And I hope you're right. But by concealing evidence, you've made him that much more of a suspect.

What an exciting life you do lead, Thomas.

Higgins [to Magnum]

Female cop: Nice ride, detective. Mid-life crisis?
Katsumoto: I've had this bike since I was 29.
Female cop: Wow. Yours hit early.

Don't let the years slip between your fingers like we did.

Danny [to Magnum]

Any excuse to put on my favorite suit.

Rick [to Magnum]

Magnum: First I get Fun Higgins, then I get Sweet Higgins.
Higgins: Don't worry. I'm sure Drunk Magnum won't remember a thing tomorrow.

Magnum: I am gone for one day and you bring Fun Higgins to work.
Higgins: I'm always fun.

You gonna let a dying man drink alone?

Bob [to Magnum]