Maybe that’s the key, to let go of some ideal. To live the life that you have, not the life that you thought you would have. To finally just accept what is.


What if you did it because you wanted me? What if that was the reason?

Libby [to Robert]

George: It’s going to come up in court, in front of the judge, the fact that you watch people fornicating.
Virginia: Fornicating?
George: Fucking. That you’re having an affair with your boss.

When I first saw a picture of Jackie, I thought now I know what the American Dream is. And John Kennedy? He is livin’ it.


Art’s not supposed to be clever, it’s supposed to be true. True to life.


George: Why can’t I have changed?
Virginia: You have changed, changed for Audrey. While I’m so pleased that she has managed to acquaint you with fatherhood in these past six months, lets not forget that I’m the one who has been here for them since the beginning.

I never got to be that, dumb maybe, but never a kid. They called me “the little grown up” and I was so proud of that, of being good and following the rules. Anything to be the teacher’s pet, but then you grow up and there’s no teacher to please. Just some idea of what people expect from a pretty girl. You make a nice home and you raise well-behaved children. You don’t make waves, you don’t make trouble, you keep your voice down. And you go along like that and your wanting to be good makes you quiet, so quiet that you forget the sound of your own voice, people forget that you’re there, your husband forgets that you’re there. Maybe you aren’t and you meet someone who doesn’t like you very much, who doesn’t think that you’re kind of you’re good, who thinks that you’re ignorant or prejudice even, which maybe deep down you are. And this thing that you have been afraid of forever, someone thinking ill of you, it is almost a relief because at least someone is seeing you and you are not invisible.


Bill: We tell people we're married to the work...
Virginia: ...Just not each other.

She owes calls to nearly everyone. Best chance of gettin' through is saying you can orgasm listening to the traffic control on the radio. Never stops working that one; round the clock.

Betty [about Virginia]

Oh we're wearing the same color you and I. Do you think it'll look like a uniform? Like what all of Bill Masters' women wear?

Libby [to Virginia]

I'm sure they'll just want you to tell them I don't touch myself at the dinner table or wire you up to the machines when we make love.

Bill [to Libby]

For a guy who dips his wick as much as you, you don't really get women at all.


Masters of Sex Season 2 Quotes

How could you possibly interpret what's happened here?

Virgina [to Bill]

Ever since the presentation I'm propositioned a dozen times a day. I get notes on my windshield. Just today somebody left a dildo on my desk.